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It's Been You All Along

Chapter 1

It was odd how he always had such an affinity with murder cases and so on, no matter where Conan Edogawa went. Today, was no exception and he had once again, met with an unfortunate murder case in the bungalow of some rich relative of Sonoko.

Solving the case proved no mean feat for him for the murderer had left quite a trail for him to follow. The difficult part of the entire thing, however, proved to be the part where the murderer was to be exposed. For despite the number of policemen present at the scene of crime, none had discovered the true identity of the murderer regardless of how obvious Conan had tried to point the clues out to them.

So once again, it was left to little Conan Edogawa to solve the case. But he couldn't do it alone, of course…

Who would believe the words of a little kid? He smiled grimly as he eyed Ran Mouri's friend – Sonoko. The girl was eyeing the evidence and clues that had been gathered and spread across on the tabletop, with a frown upon her face. Her blonde hair gleamed brightly in the harsh fluorescent lights as she pondered over the killing of one of the guests that had been invited to her relative's party.

He raised his left hand up as he flicked up the wristwatch he wore, so that the panel that helped him to focus his aim would target upon the bare neck of Sonoko. Squinting as he aimed carefully, Conan finally fired his shot.

And despite the bright lights of the room, no one noticed the sleek silver needle that shot out from the wristwatch as it whizzed through the air silently, glinting briefly in the beams of the lamps as it finally landed upon its target.

Sonoko's expression changed almost instantaneously as her entire body went limp and fell to the floor in a sitting position with her back slumped.

The sudden thud of her abrupt descent was followed by an awed hush and total silence. Behind the wall, out in the corridor, was the little Conan, taking his handy bowtie down as he twiddled with the controls that were on the other side of it. As the minutes ticked by, he began to hear whispers erupting from the crowd within the room.

"It's Sonoko!"

"Look at her posture… it's just like all that has been said in the newspaper… She's solved the case!"

"Yes… she must have uncovered the true identity of the murderer!"

He finally got the dials to the right position. Raising the mini voice changer to his mouth, Conan spoke, his voice altering to a sharp female's voice that was of Sonoko's.

"Silence!" came the clear voice from the slumped Sonoko.

"The riddle of the case… I have solved it."

And on he proceeded on, to explain the minute details of the case and finally to reveal the identity of the murderer as the crowd occasionally fired questions or otherwise, listened on eagerly in awed silence.

About an hour later, Conan brought the bowtie down as he let out a deep breath that came as a sigh. He was done. The case had been solved and the policemen had apprehended the murderer already. The evidence was all present and accounted for and every part of how exactly the murder had been conducted had been explained.

Yes. His job was done and it was time to resume his other identity as the little kid, Conan Edogawa. How much longer would he have to continue with this tirade?

Involuntarily, he sighed once again as he got up to his feet slowly, with the heavy knowledge that there was no way of recovering his identity as Shinichi Kudo, until the members of the Black Organization were caught.

His eyes slowly flicked up as he gazed ahead and stop short in his tracks…

A tall slender figure loomed before him, her lengthy shadow, casting half of his face in darkness. Even without waiting for his eyes to adjust to the darkness, the boy could already recognize the familiar silhouette. His vision sharpened as it adjusted. The expression upon the other girl's face became evident.

It seemed to be a mixture of confusion, shock, surprise, mild anger and joy?

Yet in between… there seemed to be something else too…

There seemed to be a quiet underlying sense of realization.

It seemed almost as if she had always known…

The boy, dwarfed by her height, took a step back as a thousand and one thoughts raced through his mind.

What had she heard?

What had she seen?

Did she know?

Had she known?

What will she say?

What will she do?

How shall I react?

Such were the thoughts that ran through his mind. But even as he considered the possibilities to the answers to the questions, Conan Edogawa found all answers he had thought of to be useless, a futile attempt at Ran's next words.

Her long thick black locks swayed slightly as they came out of place, dancing gently across her face towards the rhythm of the gentle teasing wind that had entered through an opened window down the opposite end of the corridor. Yet amidst the glossy strands, Conan could still see… The glassy eyes of the girl he had tried to protect so hard turn teary and moist as the blue eyes began to fill up with a multitude of emotions, which he could no longer differentiate.

And in the lonely corridor, her voice echoed as a soft whisper that rung in his ears.

"It's been you all along…"

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