Written: August 18 2004

Warning: This story contains male/male relationships, mild lemon, as well as swear words. You have been warned.

Disclaimer: Saiyuki is (c)Kazuya Minekura, Enix Co., Tv Tokyo, etc. I do not claim to own any of these characters, though the views expressed within my story are my own. All original characters and ideas in this story are (c)kitsune-oni (userid:289468), and use of my stories and/or any original plots, themes or characters will not be tolerated. This disclaimer applies to the entire story, "Lividi".

A/N: This is a not very complicated and not very long fic that I wrote in the space of two days. So, expect updates every other day (roughly) as all I need to do is edit the chapters. Also, for once this is not angst-filled. There's only a mild bit of angst, especially if you compare it to other fics like -No Regrets- and such.
I was just having fun... this random plot bunny came to me while rereading some of my poems (which is where the title came from--a poem called Lividi. Lividi means bruises in Italian.)
The pairings you'll see: Sanzo/Goku, Hakkai/Gojyo, & one other that's a surprise.

Chapter 1

It was probably the fact that Goku was wearing a towel that pretty much covered every inch of his skin that alarmed Sanzo.

He narrowed his eyes as Goku walked across the room, dripping the whole way. He didn't specifically want to see Goku walking around with just a skimpy towel around his waist, but something was just wrong.

Goku never wrapped a towel just under his armpits. Goku was never that modest around him. Around Gojyo and Hakkai, sometimes, but him? Never.

"You're dripping," Sanzo said, keeping his voice flat.

Goku grinned nervously. "My bad. I'll just grab my clothes and go back to the bathroom."

Sanzo had the distinct impression Goku was hiding something from him, and he didn't like it. Why would Goku want to cover his body? Unless... Was he injured?

"What are you hiding?"

Goku looked up at him, startled. "Me? Hiding? Nothing." Goku's eyes flicked away to the left before returning to Sanzo's face.

Liar, Sanzo thought, annoyed. Normally, he wouldn't have bothered trying to figure out what had happened, but something unsettled him. Anyhow, if Goku was injured that stupid monkey would slow them down, and Sanzo couldn't deal with any unnecessary delays.

He put out his cigarette and blocked Goku's path. "What are you hiding?" he repeated.

This time Goku's voice was firmer. "Nothing."

"Don't try fool me with nonsense," he snarled back.

Goku winced.

With one quick movement, Sanzo reached out and grabbed the top of Goku's towel. He dragged the towel down, 'til it sat around Goku's hips like a long skirt.

Goku refused to meet his gaze as Sanzo took in the blue-black bruises on Goku's sides. There was also one right in the middle of Goku's chest, dark purple in color. Sanzo reached out to make sure no ribs were broken.

Goku shivered and half-pulled away. "Your hands are cold."

"How did you get these?"

"From fighting."

The answer seemed to make perfect sense, but a nagging sensation still remained in the back of Sanzo's mind.

"Why didn't you say anything about them before?"

"They don't hurt that much." Goku shrugged.

Sanzo quickly poked one of Goku's sides, raising an eyebrow when Goku yelped.

"Idiot," Sanzo finally responded. "Go get Hakkai and have him heal them for you, and then send him over here. Gojyo and him have had enough time to talk and I don't plan on being stuck with your snoring. And tell them next time they want to talk, they'd better make sure not to kick you into my room as a result."

Goku nodded, obviously not in the mood to protest to any of his insults. Sanzo tried to analyze how Goku was feeling, but whereas once he could read the boy like an open book, now all his mind came up with was confusion. He couldn't read Goku anymore, and that grated on his nerves.

Goku finished getting dressed quickly and slipped out the door without another word. Sanzo watched him leave, and then walked over to his bed and sprawled out on it. Was fighting really what had caused Goku's bruises? What type of an opponent would grab him around the waist?

"Ch'." It didn't concern him. If Goku wanted to keep secrets, well he damn well wasn't going to poke around and bother trying to find out.

Hakkai walked in at that moment and sat down on the other bed. Both of them remained silent for a few moments before Hakkai spoke up.

"I saw to Goku's bruises. They're gone now."

Sanzo didn't respond, and closed his eyes.

"I was just wondering..." Hakkai continued, trailing off and looking at him expectantly.

It aggravated Sanzo to no end that Hakkai did this. It was Hakkai's way to make sure he was paying attention, but did he really have to have his eyes open to listen to someone?

He kept his eyes closed but demanded roughly, "What?"

"Didn't those bruises look... a little suspicious to you?"

Yes, as a matter of fact they had. But he couldn't say that because he refused to admit something was suspicious unless he had proof that it actually was. For all they knew, Goku really could've gotten those bruises fighting.

"Ch'." It was his standard noncommittal response, and he heard Hakkai sigh heavily.

"I just don't know how he could have been bruised when all we fought yesterday were some rather weak demons."

Sanzo thought this over. That was true. He opened his eyes and glanced over at Hakkai. Hakkai was sitting on his bed, his head resting on one hand as he stared into space.

"Unless, perhaps, Homura...?"

"Maybe," Sanzo finally spoke up. It made sense. Homura was strong enough to bruise Goku, and they'd had another fight with him nearly a week ago.

"It's just..." Again Hakkai let the silence hang between them, this time because he was mulling things over.

"What?" Sanzo demanded again. It was rare that Hakkai got on his nerves so much, but he still felt rather uneasy for some unknown reason, and that irritated him.

"Oh nothing, Sanzo." Hakkai smiled. "I was just thinking aloud. Anyway, if something is wrong with Goku we'll find out. It probably was because of a fight or something. I'm just surprised he didn't come to me before."

Sanzo sighed, exasperated. He wasn't even sharing a room with that damn monkey, yet all he was thinking about was Goku. He tried to push the matter from his mind.

"I think I will go to bed. Can I turn off the light?"

Sanzo nodded and lay down on his bed as Hakkai got into the other.

"Goodnight, Sanzo."


Pretty soon, the sound of Hakkai's even breathing filled the room. Sanzo stared up at the ceiling, trying to will himself to sleep, but it was of no use. Something continued to bother him.

Then it struck him. Sanzo closed his eyes and reached out with his mind. He touched the connection between him and Goku gently, as he sometimes did when Goku went missing. It helped him tune in on Goku's feelings, as well as his location.

His mind coiled back when Goku shrank away from his touch.

Sanzo's eyes snapped open. Something was definitely wrong.

To Be Continued...