A soft knock was heard on the Peacecraft Estate's door, and the thumpings of someone racing to the door was heard. "Hello!" Duo Maxwell cried, opening the door at the same time as his loud voice echoed both outside and inside. He stared at the person in front of him with mild shock before his eyes narrowed.

"Hello," A sweet and sincere voice said, a slow and unsure smile crossing the girl's features and she hesatated in brushing a stray lock of her hair away from her face.

"Duo Maxwell, correct?"

"What are you doing here?" He questioned coldly, his whole demeanor changing in front of Miyyuuki who looked down with sorrow at his actions. Her eyes almost filled with tears before she blinked them away.

"I invited her here." Another voice called, getting another look from Duo before his face broke out in a smile. "It's good to see you, Duo." Mnemosyn commented, giving him a sweet smile. "How are you and Hilde getting along?"

Duo blushed before laughing, "Eh, it's all right." The booming voice of Hilde was heard in the living room, causing Duo to 'eep' and sher everyone inside.

As it was, Relena had decided it would be wonderful for a little reunion after about a month of the uprising that 'Lethe' had caused. Mnemosyn still seemed to shun that subject, trying to forget it and put all the blame upon herself.

Trowa Barton looked up from his stop next to his sister, Catherine. He raised an eloquent eyebrow at one of the figure's walking into the room close to Mnemosyn, as if hiding in her shadow.

"Looks like everyones here then, eh?" Duo questioned, plopping down into a plush sofa in the brightly colored room next to Hilde who scowled at him.

"What took you so long?" Duo flinched at her tone of voice.

"Ah, Hild'! I would never flirt with anyone other than you, babe!" He proclaimed, getting a unbelieving glare from Hilde.

"I'll have to hold you to your word then." Duo smiled until she added, "Or else…" Everyone in the room stared at Hilde, an ominious feeling as to what would happen to the braided baka if he did otherwise. She smiled sweetly at him, giving him a kiss on the cheek before snuggling back down into the warmth of the couch.

"Miyyuuki?" Heero questioned, walking into the room with confusion, Relena following him as she blinked and looked from Mnemosyn to Miyyuuki. "What are you doing here?"

"I invited her to come along." Mnemosyn stood in front of the girl who looked hurt a everyone's reaction to her. She sighed, "I believe she has something she want's to say to everyone of you, Heero and Relena in particular."

"Miyyuuki?" Relena questioned, hoping to put the past and their rough beginning behind them. Her and Mnemosyn were very close friends despite her knowing the fact that any moment, Lethe could reappear when angered too much. All the pilot's knew not to mess with her. Relena had to admit, she did come in handy when Zechs questioned her about Heero since Mnemosyn thought it was fate they were put together.

"I wanted to say," She apused, biting her lower lip and felt the eyes of Quatre, who was sitting next to Dorothy who was pestering him on 'kindness and war' in an odd way, on her. "I wanted to say I was sorry." She lowered her head.

"What else, Miyyuuki?" Heero questioned, taking a step towards her with a wary look in his prussian eyes. Everyone looked at him in shock, thinking 'wasn't sorry enough?' in their minds. "Something's troubling you."

Yuuki smiled lightly at him. "It's nothing." She said with a soft smile, giving Heero and Relena and loose embrace before standing next to Mnemosyn again.

'It wouldn't be fair if I told them. They'd get worried over nothing and I couldn't do that to them.' Miyuuki thought.


Deep in Mynemosyn's mind, Lethe stirred, blinking red eyes in the darkness as she looked at a mirror showin the world through Mnemosyn's eyes. "Perhaps they don't know…" She whispered, gently touching the water. She sighed, "Mnemosyn, sister, I love you true but I cannot help you for this task."

Mnemosyn's unsuspecting gaze turned to Miyyuuki and Lethe stared at the girl with a hard gaze. "She's wise not to warn them, but is it for the best that something's are better left unsaid?"

She closed her eyes and imaginary water spilled over her as she lavished the feeling of it on her warm skin. "Perhaps they are…perhaps they aren't…" She opened her eyes again. "Come on, Skuld." She whispered to the Norn of the Future, "Let's see what you can do…"


'I promise not to tell,' Miyyuuki whispered.

"I hope that fate is kind to you." Miyyuuki said, blessing them with the gift of a pot of blue and white flowers. "These are Forget Me Not's, to remember all the memories that tie you two together."

Relena smiled at her words, "Thank you. I hope that we can be friends."

'And I hope you bring him happiness like I could not.' She whispered in her mind.


Author's note: Awww….such a "sweet" ending. Man, I'm turning into some sort of…sap writer, naw I'm just kidding. Though I am going to try writing some romance things with the whole drama twist involved.

Now time for the sequel! Woo! Those of you who suspected one, you have good intuition.