By Chaoseternus
For the record, I do not own Harry Potter (JKRowling) or Labyrinth (JimHenson&Company) nor do I claim ownership of them.
Chapter 1: Revelation

Sarah gasped out in pain as she fell hard to the wet concrete of the path, quickly struggling to her feet she ran on, cursing the ache in her side and her shortness of breath, she wasn't fit enough for this.

Moaning, she sped up as the shouting behind her got ever louder, her pursuers were catching up and she was pretty much ran out. She was in trouble.

She skidded to a halt suddenly as the leader, a tall coal black skinned man appeared in front of her, a malevolent grin on his face.

"Well, little lady. How you gonna run now?" he smirked.

Glancing desperately around she noticed quickly that she was surrounded, no hope of escaping this time.

"Boyz, lets have us some fun"

Her eyes wide with fear, Sarah looked desperately around for a weapon, a form of escape, anything.

There was nothing.

She looked into the leaders eyes, desperately seeking reassurance that this was some kind of joke, that she would wake up soon.

She found none.

A hard round object appeared in her hand as if summoned and she threw it desperately at the leader, groaning she heard a tinkle of breaking glass and she realized she had missed.

Then the screams started, and she looked up shocked as her attackers vanished, dropping through concrete slabs she could have sworn were there a minute ago. She walked forward to the edge of one of the missing slabs, and grimaced, holding her nose at the stench wafting from it.

The bog of eternal stench, Jareth must have saved her.

She smiled as the slabs reappeared, leaving no trace of the hole through which the gang had disappeared and turned relieved to go home.

And stopped.

"You did that, not I" Jareth said, walking rapidly towards her, "Do you really think you could defeat me and not be changed by it?"

Sarah looked at him shocked, "You have no power over me" she replied, a little dazed.

"No, but you have power over me, you have my power now, illusions and trickery" Jareth stopped, gazing at her through dark simmering eyes, "It may have taken this for you to tap into that power but now you have it will come easier and easier every time, you need to train, to learn how to control it"

"And where can I do that?" Sarah asked, shocked and wearied by the frantic chase through the streets of London .

"The best place would be a school for Sorcerers I know of in Scotland , your powers will mark you out but you will be safe to practise there. You will however need to be introduced to the headmaster" Jareth flicked a crystal ball to Sarah, which turned in her hand to a sheet of parchment, directions written over it, "Go to Diagon Alley, my Goblins maintain a money laundering operation and quite a successful one for me there called Gringots Bank, give them the letter and they will see to everything"

Jareth started to leave, but turned, halting for a moment, "And Sarah, be careful. I may be many things but Evil is not one of them, and evil is afoot in the wizarding world"

Shaken and surprised, Sarah only nodded before beginning the long trek back home.