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Set in no season in particular, AU : ) Spike Evil, Angel not, but hey, it's Spangel!

Spike sat at the couch, he was watching TV. It was raining out, so Spike didn't really feel like hunting. He wasn't that hungry either, just a slight naw at the pit of his stomach, but hey, that's what refrigerators and microwaves were for, right? So Spike had heated up some human blood, and sat at the couch, drinking it. He was all comfy in his nice warm crypt. Feet up on the coffee table, one hand casually behind his bleached head. Yeah, he was bored, but that beat wet.

After about 15 minutes of doing nothing, unless you counted the numerous prank calls he gave the Scoobs actually doing something, he got up from his couch. Spike loved that couch. So what if he had found it at the dump? So what if it was falling apart? And so what if it was ripped in a lot of spots? He loved that couch. And had good reason to do so.

It was the first place he and Angel had reestablished their relationship. In more ways than one. Whenever Angel was in LA, or out, Spike would stretch out on that couch, and just lie there. It always smelled of Angel, of peaches and cream. His poufy sire. He didn't care what anyone thought. He was happy, and that's all that Spike cared about.

Sure, once the Slayer had found out that her 'soul mate', spike snickered at that, soul mate? Well, when the Slayer had found out that Angel was with Spike, she nearly had a heart attack! On spike's heart, that is. Then as she was about to do it, Angel steps in and they duke it out.

Whenever he comes to Sunnydale, Spike is the only one to know. Buffy couldn't take it, saying that they disgusted her. 'Give me a bloody break, Slayer. Like Solder Boy didn't keep you warm at night?' Spike thought. She and her little groupies, the whelp, and Red, they sided with her, but Giles, he already knew the score. The watcher was smart, keeping his trap closed on what had happened before, or he'd have to listen to little whiney slayers.

Spike sighed contentedly as he heard a noise behind him. "Spike? What are you thinking about?" asked Angel, coming out to kiss him. "Nothing, just how so naïve some people can be" Spike said, cryptically. Angel raised an eyebrow at that.

"OH, I guess you're too busy thinking then to…" Spike cut Angel off with a quick kiss. "Never to busy, Pet" Spike said, smiling wickedly.

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