A/N: This chapter takes place after Priam and Achilles talk in Achilles tent, and then Achilles goes out and is knelling by Hector's body. This is my version of what Achilles might be thinking as he is beside Hector's body. The next chapters will deal with the Achilles friendships with Eudorus, Odysseus and Patrolcus.


Moments ago Priam said that even enemies can show respect for each other. But I'm not sending your body home for the burial honors out of respect for an enemy. I'm doing it to honor a friend. . . a brother. If we were not on opposite sides of this war we would have been friends, brothers. I know it.

You are the best I have ever fought. You came the closest to killing me. I honor you for your ability, and for your own sense of honor. I'm well aware that you could have had your archers shoot me outside the gates, and avoided our fight. But I also knew that you wouldn't, because you are a man of honor.

I was impressed that day we met in the temple. At the end, when my Mermadons had you surrounded, your eyes showed a slight fear. That meant you were intelligent. I've more than once heard wise Odysseus say that only a fool is never afraid. But you didn't let that fear control you, or your actions. You were still ready to fight, even against hopeless odds. That meant that you were also brave. Another quality I respect.

Yes, in this world we were fated to be enemies, but when we meet in the next world, we will change that.

"I'll see you soon, Brother."