A/N: This story takes place years before the movie. I'm saying that Achille's mother sent him to Ithaca to be trained by Odysseus. This is when he's just learning how to use a spear and sword. He'd be about 12 years old I'm thinking. This was inspired by Odysseus comment: "You have your sword, I have my tricks". I figured it wasn't that black and white. Odysseus can clearly use a sword, and Achilles has a few tricks of his own, taught to him by Odysseus. Next chapter will be Eudorus.


Achilles grinned in triumph as his spear hit the target. He looked to Odysseus to see his mentor's reaction.

"Very impressive, my young friend."


"Strength and skill alone are not enough to make you a warrior. You not only need to know how to hit a target, but how to know what to target. And sometimes knowing when not to throw the spear is more important than being able to do it. Any fool with muscles can throw a spear. That makes the person strong, but not a warrior. The same could be said of wielding a sword. Come, I'll show you."

Achilles followed Odysseus to the edge of the training area. The older man picked up two wooden swords, and threw one to Achilles, who easily caught it. 'It's as if he was meant to have a sword in his hand,' thought Odysseus, as he led Achilles back to the center of the training area.

"Alright. Attack me," Odysseus ordered.

Achilles raised his sword and charged his teacher. Odysseus easily parried the blow, and hit Achilles arm with his wooden sword before Achilles could move out of range. He then turned to face his student. "Why did you come at my right side?"

"That's how it's done. That's where your sword is," answered Achilles.

"Yes, that is how it is usually done. Which is why you should do it differently. It also put you in range of my sword. Most men will expect you to do what you just did, so let them see what they expect to. Act like you are aiming for their right side, and their sword. Then move to the left and attack from there. If they don't have a shield their side will be unprotected. If they do have a shield you can still strike their shoulder, above the shield. It will also keep you away from your opponents sword. Now try it."

Achilles did as instructed, he feinted to the right, then attacked from the left, scoring a hit on Odysseus shoulder.

"Very good," Odysseus praised. "We'll make a warrior of you yet. The most important thing I can tech you is this: A warrior most powerful weapon is not his sword or spear. It's his mind. Use your head when you fight, not just your muscles."

Achilles nodded in understanding.


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