A/N: I'm REALLY not happy with the fact that the War Games storyline seems to say that Bruce doesn't know what happened with Dick recently. (Namely the stuff Blockbuster did to him, and Blockbusters death, and his relationship with Tarantula.) So this is my take on why Bruce acted like he did in Nightwing 96. Hope you all like it.

1I know that both Dick and Barbara will handle themselves as professionals. I hope that if I can make them get their working relationship back on track their personal relationship might have a chance. Dick loves Barbara, and so I will do everything I can to help fix their relationship. Would any father do less?

I wish I could do more for Dick, but at the moment, I can't. Not until he lets me. It's why I asked him what's wrong when I already knew. I was hoping he would trust me enough to tell me what has happened. The fact that he didn't trust me. . . hurts. Hurts more than I care to admit. I gave him another chance to tell me when I asked if he knew what Tarantula was doing in Gotham. Again he didn't tell me the real story. I was hoping that my comment on his reputation would give him the hint that I know what happened. That didn't seem to work either.

The fact that Dick believes that I don't already know what happened tells me just how off balance Blockbuster had him. Normally he would realize that I knew the things that happened almost as soon as they happened: his apartment building being blown up, his circus being burned. And most of all Blockbuster's death at the hands of Tarantula.

When I told him to make sure that whatever he wasn't telling me about didn't follow him here, it was not because I didn't care. Right now we both need to focus on the gang war, not recent events in Bludhaven. Once the war is over there will be time to deal with what happened with Tarantula and Blockbuster. And I will have to find a way to reassure him that he still has my love, respect and trust.

But for now I must get back to this gang war. As has happened all too often over the years, my son will have to wait for my full attention. I hope that he understands. And perhaps, in this case, it is for the best. Dick needs something to distract his mind from recent events. I'm sure he feels guilty about Blockbuster's death, and believes he should pay for it, serve some sort of penance. I hope that helping save Gotham can help him feel that he's done his penance; that he's done some good to balance out what he sees as the evil he allowed to happen when he let Tarantula kill Blockbuster.

Now back to this war.