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Married Life

Chapter 1

Miki's wedding day

"Miki, you look so beautiful! I hope you'll be just as happy as I am with Nachan." Complimented her best friend, Meiko Akizuki.

"Thanks!" Replied Miki standing before a mirror in a lovely wedding gown.

Am I ready to be married? Thought Miki as she gazed at her dress through the mirror. I've been in love with him ever since I met him. This has to be true love. Yes. I'm ready.

Just at that moment, Jin walked through the door along with Youji. "I'm going to give Miki away!" Screamed Jin.

"No! I want to! She's my daughter too!" Retorted Youji.

"Who's her birth father? ME! Not you! You can give away your son!" Snapped Jin turning away with his arms folded across his chest. "Besides, you're only her stepfather. Not her real father." He muttered over his turned shoulder.

Youji ran in front of him to capture his attention. "You can't give away your son only your daughter! And so what if I'm her stepfather? She wants me to give her away."

They both turned to Miki who was staring at them with a smile on her face.

"Who do you want to give you away? Me or Him?" They both asked simultaneously.

Finally it was time. The wedding march began and Miki slowly walked down the aisle. With Jin linked on her right side and Youji on her left, she knew that everything would be okay. Both of their parents were totally cool about them getting married, which surprised both Miki and Yuu.

As she walked, she saw both her moms holding tissues and tears running down their cheeks. Beautiful flowers everywhere. All her friends were smiling supportively as she walked past.

They were there for me during my best and worse times. I hope getting married won't change that. Miki thought.

She passed Nachan, Ginta, Arimi, Tsutomu, Ms. Ryoku, Anju, Michael, Jinny, Brian, Takuji, Bill, Yayoi, Rei, Akira, Suzu, and Kei.

She saw Kei and winked at him.

Kei helped Yuu's and my relationship get stronger. Even though Kei didn't want us together, I'm glad they did this because now I know how strongly Yuu feels about me. Miki reflected.

Suddenly reality shot back to her and she saw her groom. Yuu was standing there before her. He looked perfect. Miki looked nervously at Yuu. But to her surprise, his expression in return was a reassuring smile.

Miki, Jin, and Youji stopped at the altar. They both kissed her on the cheek and went to sit down with their wives. She walked up the alter. She looked over at her maid of honor, Meiko, and smiled nervously. From the corner of her eye, she saw the best man, Satoshi Miwa, nudge Yuu. Yuu held her hand to help her up. He continued to hold her hand all through the ceremony.

Their Honeymoon

They had decided to go to Hawaii. Their parents had met there so they both thought it would be romantic for them as well. On their honeymoon, they spent lots of time in each others arms, walking along the beach, and other stuff. Since this is PG-13 I can't discuss it.

On their last day of their vacation, Miki and Yuu decided to go surfing before the plane arrived that night.

"Honey, are you sure you want to do this? The beaches here are dangerous!" Miki shouted and ran after her husband, who was carrying a surfboard and already paddling out into the ocean.

"C'mon, sweetie! It's fine. The water is perfect! I just wanna do this so when we go back home, I can say that I did it!" Said Yuu. He stopped and sat on his board, waiting for Miki to catch up with him.

"Just remember what the instructor taught us. And if we somehow get separated, meet at the tiki hut near that coconut tree over there." Miki pointed and looked at her husband to see if he listened.

"Ok, ok, ok!" Yuu said impatiently. "Let's go!"

Yuu paddled out into the flat ocean. Where are all of the waves? The confused Yuu thought. He looked over at Miki whom was surfing a killer wave. Maybe I should go over to where she is; this place has no waves.

As he was paddling toward Miki, a huge monsoon wave towered above him. Miki had just finished riding her wave and was wringing out her short, salty hair when she looked over at Yuu and saw the wave.

"YUU!" Miki cried out.

But it was too late.

The wave had caught him. His surfboard and his body flew in the air as if the wave seemed to be juggling with him.

"Yuu! Somebody help please!" Help!" Miki screamed as she paddled out toward him and the wave.

Tourists and islands gawked at the sight of Miki desperately looking for help and trying to save her husband at the same time.

"C'mon everyone! Somebody has to help them!" A tourist shouted and ran to the lifeguard's tower. He grabbed a floating device and jumped into the ocean.

"That is one brave soul." A tourist woman said as she watched him.

"Yeah. He is." A man next to her said. "We were talking a few minutes ago. And he said he didn't know how to swim."