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What Is Art

AU, everyone is human.

Angel walked home from the museum, feeling really depressed. Cordelia, she just didn't get his art. Sure she was his best friend, in the whole world, but she couldn't get his art. It hurt.

So he walked up to his studio apartment that he shared with Wesley. "Hello Angel, Angel? What's wrong?" asked Wesley, sensing Angel's bad mood. "It's nothing, it's, well, Cordelia, she doesn't get my art. No one does." Angel said, sitting onto the couch, gloomy. Wesley sat down next to him, "I do" he said.

"You do? I mean really?" asked Angel. "Of coarse I do. Art's about emotions, turmoil, ecstasy, joy, pain, forgiveness. It's about hope, and devastation. An inner struggle to deal with life, and to cope with death. To show feelings so primal, so hidden, that words would demean them. That it's about why we're here, and where we go when we leave. It's everything, and nothing at the same time. It's what your heart and mind fight over. It's what the unseen forces do, what they make us do. It's love, and (pause) unrequited love" Wesley said, his hand covering Angel's. "Wow, Wesley, that was really beautiful" Angel said, tears in his eyes. Wesley smiled, feeling himself lost in those eyes. Being swallowed alive. 'It's what I think of, when I think of you' Wesley thought.

"Wesley,?" Angel asked, as Wesley brought his hand up to Angel's back. "Yes?" he asked, dipping his head down to Angel's. And they kissed in the heat of the moment. "OH, Wesley, I love you" Angel said, letting out all his rage in tears. Wesley smiled. "I love you too." Wesley said, wiping away the tears with his fingers.

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