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Chapter Nineteen

Relg gets mad when anyone touches him. When they leave the caves, Hettar starts off to Algaria to tell Cho-Hag to wait for the troupe outside of Cthol Murgos. Relg has a problem with wide, open spaces and it is odd.

Chapter Twenty

Relg thinks he is corrupt and it is quite amusing. Silk explains the procedure of Grolim sacrificial rituals. A random Tolnedran guy tells the troupe that Taur Urgas is completely insane. Nobody cares.

Chapter Twenty-One

The troupe meets a Nadrak named Yarblek, who tells them that Taur Urgas is coming to Rak Cthol. Silk runs away. Taur Urgas shows up. So does Brill the Ubiquitous One. Brill takes Silk prisoner and hands him over to Taur Urgas.

Chapter Twenty-Two

Yarblek tells the troupe that Silk has been put into a pit. Relg goes through the rock and rescues Silk. Silk has a problem with traveling through rock. Nobody cares. Silk wonders if anyone loves him anymore.

Chapter Twenty-Three

The troupe enters the desert land of quicksand and geysers. Six Murgos and a Grolim attack. Not surprisingly, they are all defeated without a single injury to the troupe members.

Chapter Twenty-Four

Garion helps Polgara and Belgarath make camouflage with sorcery. Polgara makes a random Grolim guy go insane. The troupe arrives at Rak Cthol.

Chapter Twenty-Five

Relg shows them an entrance into the caves under Rak Cthol. They find a Marag woman named Taiba. Relg thinks she is sinful. Nobody cares. Silk, Barak, and Mandorallen kill some random Murgo guys so that they can use their clothes for disguises.

Chapter Twenty-Six

Brill the Ubiquitous One shows up once again. Silk throws him off a parapet. Brill is ubiquitous never more. Barak laughs at Brill's misfortune. They get closer to Ctuchik of the Unpronounceable Name.

Chapter Twenty-Seven

They meet Ctuchik of the Unpronounceable Name. Ctuchik finds out that Ce'Nedra isn't there. For reasons unknown, he can't possibly kill any other member of the troupe. A kid in the room has the Orb. Belgarath and Ctuchik start imitating Gandalf and Saruman. Ctuchik idiotically tries to destroy the Orb before the kid, a.k.a. Errand, gives it to Garion. Ctuchik is no more. At least not until Belgarath the Sorcerer.