Hello thought I should post this because there isn't a lot of fiction for the 1978 Dawn of the Dead movie. I just gave this one an update and fixed a lot of things after I got a review from LordCthulhu, which I appreciate because it got me moving. I wrote this story a long time ago and I think and hope my writing has gotten a bit better since then so this one is reworked, to flow better. Enjoy once again!

Francine Parker was trying to get some sleep, more then she had in the past three days. She had been laying restlesson a stack of old boxes and musty papers that were in an old run down storage room she and her partner in survival, Peter had found.

Three days ago she wanted to be free again. Not to be held up in a little room when the rest of the world went to shit, but now she would do anything to be back there. It never hit her before but she did feel safe in that room on top of the mall she lived in for months. And she would do anything to be with her lover Stephen once more. He was the man she once thought would take her out of her small country girl life, and into a big city where the both would start a new life together and have a bunch of crying, cute kids. But that dream was over now and her new future was unknown...the last time she saw Steve, his once soft brown eyes became misty with death, his clothes were in disarray, and full of blood. He became one of the living dead!

She woke up with a gasp! Her eyes hurt as she strained to look around and see shapes in the darkened room. She saw Peter posed by the door, standing guard with gun in hand.

Peter was a very tall, strong and kind man she met over six months ago When they had gotten out of town in a news chopper. That night Stephen had come to her job at WGON-TV (in which she was assistant station manager) and told her to meet him on the roof at nine. It was his plan to leave the city in the stations traffic helicopter.

He was always thinking on his feet, and it got him in also lead to his death in the last case, but Fran didn't want to think about that now. She got up from her cardboard box sleeping bed slow and put her hands on her back. Looking down, she saw her stomach was getting bigger and bigger every day. Maybe she should have got rid of this poor soul when she had the chance....

Peter looked at Fran and gave her a smile. She could tell he was deep in thought. "Did you have a good rest?" the tall man asked. Fran pulled out a cigarette and lit it. She took one out for Peter as well and put it in his hand. "I've had better...I got some sleep for once" she told him looking behind her she saw a large crate and sat down on it, taking a puff of the smoke. Peter also puffed his cigarette and looked out the small window on the side of them. "You know we cant stay here too long..." he said.

"I know"

"We have to try and find gas for that bird out there. I think I saw a station a block from here, we should take a look."

"Is it too dangerous on foot?" Fran asked. "Staying here too long could be even more. We have to act fast before those things find were in here, and then we can't get out." Peter took in the smoke of the cigarette one last time and threw it to the ground, stomping it out with his big heavy boot.

Fran knew he was right. But the thought of having to go out there and run away from those things when she was carrying a baby wasn't the best idea to her. "Peter, I think I should stay here...I would slow you down and we need to get it fast". She felt bad. It was like she was sending him out to get killed, while she stayed locked up. But she knew Peter didn't think that. "Your right, it would be a mistake to send you out there now. I'll go and try to get back here fast...but if anyone...or thing comes here when I'm gone; you get the hell out of here. You don't forget that!"

He took his gun and cracked the locked door open. He gave the woman one last strong hopeful look and ran out. Fran went to the door and watched at Peter set out for his quest. Before she shut it, Fran said "Good luck..." in a soft tone, almost to herself more then anyone. When she got back inside it hit her! A pain stabbed her gut....

Peter's travel didn't lead him to that much luck. The city was hit badly. Man the only thing he saw for blocks and blocks were broken cars, and junk. There was also a smell in the air; Peter had remembered it clearly from the shopping mall he was held up in. The place was full of those dead things, and when he, Stephen, Roger and Fran took them all out with a bullet in the head, they left a reeking smell of death and decay.

After more walking he came to the gas station at last. Peter ran over to the pump. He was beyond happy that there was still gas left in it! Not much, but enough to get them out of this dead area.

Back at the office, Fran sat on the floor holding her tummy. Why was it happing now? She felt water running down her leg. Her water had broke! Peter was gone...Maybe I could hold on and wait for him? She thought. But then she felt her first contraction. She was about to go into labor!


Out in town it was around 12 and Peter had filled up a tank of gas and was on the road back "Home" There was a sound of small footsteps coming from all sides of him. "What the hell?" He looked around The living dead were coming toward him; mouths wide open, and ready to rip him apart. Peter put his gun up and aimed at the head of the one right next to him. This zombie was in an old yellow shirt that had been blackened with dirt and full of its own blood. Peter pressed down on the trigger and the thing feel to the ground in a pile of blood! There were four more near him that he could see. Who knows how many may be coming toward Fran!