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Ok This is a story about what would happen if One Tree Hill Characters met the 7th heaven characters. It is suppose to be funny so please don't take anything I may make a character say to heart. It is all in good fun. This story is supposed to be over dramatic...so I will make the OTH people WAY more wild than they really are and the 7th heaven people WAY more prude. I do love both shows...

This starts off where One Tree Hill ended with Lucas moving to Charleston with Keith and all that good stuff. I am more of an OTH fan than a 7th Heaven fan so it is based more about One Tree Hill only because I don't watch that much 7th Heaven.

Brooke Davis sat on her bed staring up at the ceiling. It had been a long year between Lucas Scott the love of her life cheating on her with her best friend and then the whole pregnancy scare... It was more than she could handle. It was time for a change. She had all summer to do whatever she wanted. Then it hit her. Road Trip. That was all she and Peyton needed to do to make their summer awesome. She leaned over to pick up her phone and call Peyton.

"Hey friend... Guess what we are going to do this summer... I'll tell you... Road trip!" Brooke squealed into the phone.

"Are you kidding me Brooke? Don't you think we have enough to deal with without leaving Tree Hill?" Peyton whined on the other end of the phone

"Peyton... Please... Pretty please! We can bring tutor girl with us and it can be like a party, please! Besides tutor girl already said she would go so if you don't go you will be a party pooper!" Brooke begged. She knew Peyton would crack though... She always did.

"Alright... If Haley is going too... Where are we going?" Peyton asked suspiciously


"No... Brooke..." Peyton started but Brooke broke in.

"What better way to get over our boy troubles than to take a trip to the other side of the country... No Lucas, Lots of cute boys and clubs and Brad Pitt" Brooke pleaded.

"Fine" Peyton caved

"You're the best!" Brooke said hanging up the phone. Now she just had to talk tutor girl into going... That was going to be the hard part...Haley wasn't the kind of girl to just pick up and leave on some random road trip, she had to plan things out first to make sure that everything went according to plan. But she had to try because Peyton thought she was already going.

Brooke picked up the phone and dialed Haley's number.

"Hey tutor girl! What's up?" Brooke said in her usual cheeriness

"Brooke... What did I tell you about calling me drunk?" Haley seemed annoyed

"I'm not drunk! Anyway you are coming with Peyton and I on a road trip to LA... got it?" Brooke said not giving her a choice.

"And why would I do something like that?"

"Because my grandma died and I am really sad and I have to go to the funeral?" Brooke asked.

"Try again" Haley answered.

"Because you are really cool and you make road trips fun?"

"Nope...again?" Haley said getting irritated

"Because I already told Peyton you were coming so that she would come?" Brooke said telling the truth for once.

"Bingo... But Brooke I cant just pick up and go to LA"

"Why... Nathan is at Basketball camp for 3 weeks... Tutor girl PLEASE... It will be fun! You know you want to" Brooke begged. She was really getting annoyed with the whole begging thing. It was an honor to go on a road trip with Brooke Davis and they should be happy.

"No... Right now the only thing I want to do is hit you over the head with my geography book...Wait... can we sight see on the way there?" Haley said obviously realizing that this could be fin after all.

"Uh, sure whatever... Just meet Peyton and I at my house tomorrow morning at 6:00, I will make you a fake ID tonight. Bye!" Brooke said hanging up the phone. Sex, beer, and parties... This was going to be an ok summer after all.

"Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, Ruthie, Sam, David... Wake up... I have made breakfast for everyone!" Annie Camden yelled through the house. It was 6:00 and all of her children had strict schedules.

Her seven children were as follows;

Matt her oldest was married to Sarah but was home for the summer while Sarah stayed in New York to take a class

Mary her oldest Daughter was married to Carlos but was down for a few weeks with their new baby.

Lucy was married to Kevin and they lived above the garage. They were getting ready to have a baby.

Simon was next and he was a handful. 18 years old and he didn't have the morals that some of her older children had.

Ruthie was a strong sophisticated girl of 14. But she could be a handful too.

Plus there was Martin who was living with them while is dad was at war in Iraq.

And then there was Sam and David, her and Eric's twins who were 5. They were angels.

She had a happy family and they were all home for 3 weeks. They could go to church and thank god for everything that they had been given. This town was the perfect place (Glen oak) to raise a family. It had their church; all the kids could hang out at the pram nod and not get into any trouble, and everyone here was a good person. All the families were good religious over all nice people and that is just how they like it.

"Who is ready for 3 weeks of non-stop sex, parties and beer?" Brooke yelled excitedly. She couldn't wait to get this show on the road. This is exactly what she needed to get over Lucas Scott. Of course she had told Peyton and Haley she was over him but the truth was it still hurt.

"And site seeing remember?" Haley added

"Sure... whatever... Oh here's your ID" Brooke said handing over the fake ID she had made her using her yearbook picture.

"Bernadette? Bernadette Lewis?" Haley asked seeing the name on her ID.

"Yup! If you have an older sounding name like Bernadette or Gretchen then they automatically think you are older than you are! Cool huh?" Brooke said very proud of herself.

"Did your parents drop you on your head when you were a baby?"

"Ha, ha... Your funny you know that..." Brooke said climbing into the drivers seat.

"Can you two stop cracking on each other for like 5 minutes while I count our money" Peyton said grabbing her wallet.

"No need... I got daddies credit card..." Brooke said flashing the platinum Visa card.

"Brooke what is the limit on that thing" Peyton asked not surprised that Brooke had once again stolen from her parents.

"Credit cards have limits?"

"Lets just get out of here before I start to regret this." Haley said climbing into the backseat.

Eric, Annie and the rest of their family sat at the breakfast table before getting ready for church.

"Did you all hear about Lisa Carter down the street? She is 16 and they caught her watching Dawson's Creek with a boy... Can you believe that?" Lucy said sipping her milk.

"I know, I know, She even missed church last week" Annie said giving the twins more pancakes.

"Not everyone lives in the perfect world of Glen oak... Some people do have parties and drink" Simon said. Sometimes he hated it when his family was like this. Sure he was a Christian and he lived by all of the rules but he knew that not everyone did.

"That's very true son... But it's our job to help people live in a better world. That is why Lucy and I are ministers and Matt is a doctor and Kevin is a cop. We help rid the world of evil." Eric said patting his son on the shoulder.

"It scares me to bring a baby into this world sometimes with it being like it is" Lucy said patting her stomach.

Brooke, Haley, and Peyton were now on their way. So far they had only stopped in the city of Greenville to get gas and load up on food and beer. Haley of course threw a fit saying that if they got pulled over that they were so dead but Peyton bought it anyway.

"Ok... so I called the Hilton and we have reservations in LA..." Haley said writing something down in her planner.

"Coolness so now we just need to find where the best clubs are... Have I told you guys I love my life lately?" Brooke asked smiling. She did love her life mostly... Of course it could be better if she had parents who actually cared and if Lucas was still her boyfriend but they didn't need to know that.

"Even with the whole Lucas thing?" Haley asked

"His loss, besides who needs a boy when I have you too and LA?"

"She's in denial..." Peyton said eating the last of the M&M's.

"Ok you don't get a say in this..." Brooke said shooting a look at Peyton.

"Right... Sorry"

"Ok back to sex, boys, and boos." Brooke giggled. She really wanted to change the subject because she knew that if they stayed at this rate she would probably say something to Peyton she would regret. This trip was for fun. Not fighting about boys.

"Mom we want to sing you a song" Sam said walking into the den after they had gotten ready for church.

"Yea sing you a song" David repeated.

"Ok boys let me hear" Annie said smiling.

"Dip it low" Sam sang

"Dip it down slow" David echoed.

"Boys! Where did you hear that?" Annie said all the blood rushing out of her face.


"Yea Simon was listening to it"

"SIMON!" Annie screeched.

Finally after driving for about a week they finally reached California. The drive had not been easy though. Between Peyton's driving and Haley's site seeing obsession they had had to stop almost every hour on the hour.

"I swear to god Peyton if you wreck this car I will kill you!" Brooke yelled as Peyton ran the 3rd red light that day. Peyton was the worst driver ever. Everyone knew this but Brooke and Haley were way to tired to drive so she had to let Peyton drive.

"Calm down Brooke..."

"I do want to live through this trip..." Brooke complained more

"Where are we anyway?" Haley asked waking up and looking around

"Glen Oak... Damn it!" Peyton yelled as she smashed into a mailbox.

"Peyton what the hell! Great... Just great... Its midnight and you just smashed my car... as if steeling my boyfriend wasn't bad enough" Brooke whined getting out to look at the damage.

Brooke looked around. At least were in a nice neighbor hood. The mailbox they hit belonged to a big white house that had toys in the front yard. A man was walking out the front door towards him. He wasn't old but he wasn't what Brooke had hoped for.

"Hi... Are you guys ok? My name is Eric Camden..."

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