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"Brooke... Come on! We're going to be late!" Lucas yelled down the hall. She had been in the bathroom for 3 hours getting ready.

"I am coming... Your so worrisome Pimpy!" Brooke giggled walking out of the bathroom and into a bedroom.

"Brooke... The kids are already in the car waiting. They are going to die of heat exhaustion..."

"Or Allie is going to drive Austin off a cliff...Oh! Then we would be childless again!" Brooke laughed.

"Brooke... they are 3"

It had been almost 4 years since they had left the Camden's and so much had happened. Of course Brooke had ended up pregnant that night before they left, after all Lucas was a Scott. Not only had she ended up pregnant, she had had twins. Allie and Austin who were now 3 and probably the most educated 3 year olds you would ever meet. They had known about sex, beer and everything else since they day she brought them home from the hospital. She had also managed to graduate high school and was now surprisingly in Law School. Who would of thought? Lucas on the other hand was drafted for the Chicago bulls right out of Carolina, leaving them no choice but to move to Chicago with their kids. Brooke didn't mind though, Chicago had a great nightlife. Now they were headed for Glen Oak once again for Simon and Cecelia's wedding. Oh the fun Brooke was going to have with this one.

"You 2 ready to go get into some trouble?" Brooke asked Allie and Austin once she got settled in the car

"Yea!" Allie giggled shaking her head up and down making her Auburn hair swish.

"Sweeite... What has mommy told you about shaking your head like that?"

"It give her brain damage like Tim!" Austin yelled

"Right... Now, before Daddy gets out here. Do you guys remember what we talked about?"

"We tell the old lady about sex" Austin said as if it were no big deal

"And we was accidents... but good accidents" Allie added in blowing a kiss to Brooke

"Of course you were good accidents, the more people in the world like me the better! How did you 2 get so smart? Ok Daddy is coming; now at least pretend to be angels while he is with us... Kapeesh?"

"Kapeesh" The twins giggled. The defiantly inherited Brookes need for fun and sneakiness.

"Hey... You guys ready?" Lucas asked climbing into the drivers seat

"Ready to spend the next 7 days in hell and listen to them preach about how we should have just fought our urges? Sure why not"

Nathan and Haley drove down the rode heading towards California.

"Haley... we are 21 and we are married... Can we have sex now?" Nathan begged

"Nathan! I got you the fish! Be happy" Haley laughed

"You know we could just avoid all of this baby thing if we just tried to have one"

"I'm not ready to have sex! You said you would wait" Haley said playing with the baby girl in the back seat.

"Brooke and Lucas already have 2. No telling how many more they will end up with. We only have one and she was made by that fake spermination thing! I am not doing it in a cup again Haley! Not again! I couldn't drink out of one for weeks after that"

"But our one is precious and sweet and perfect and nothing like Brooke and Lucas's little perverted monsters" Haley cooed at the baby

"You don't know they are monsters... you have never seen them! I think I like the fish better than the baby. At least he does something other then shit, sleep, and eat"

"Nathan Scott! Serenity is our child how can you say that?"

"Yea... I got to name the fish too! Unlike that Serenity, why not just Mary or Lisa... Serenity?" Nathan laughed

"It means peaceful and you love her."

"Of course I love her, I'm just saying that I figured that Brooke would be the one to name her kids strange things like Sukina Weiner... Not Allie and Austin." Nathan said shaking his head. This was the same fight they had everyday.

"And I am sure Lucas had a huge part in naming those 2. Besides they don't mean anything special. Lucas and Brooke didn't even want kids. If it had been up to Brooke they would have had names like Brooke Jr. and Brooke the III" Haley laughed

"Yea, but you have to admit Brooke had become quite the mommy"

"Right because telling your children what sex is and not to have it at the age of 1 makes you a good mother"

"Well whatever your mother said to you worked because I am still not getting any!" Nathan muttered under his breath

"Hey... Just be thankful you aren't like Peyton and her hubby!"

Peyton, Jake, and Jenny, Jessie, and Josie drove into the Camden's drive way.

"Jake... All I am saying is it was ok to have Jenny with Nikki, and ok so you made a mistake again and had Jessie with Nikki, then you made one more mistake by having Josie with Nikki, but Jake come on! Not another one!"

"Peyton... she bought me the ice cream! What was I suppose to do? Say no? Turn down the ice cream? It doesn't work like that!" Jake yelled

"This will be 4 kids that Nikki has dumped on you and I! I can't take it anymore!" Peyton screamed getting out of the car.

"Aren't you going to help me with the kids? Peyton..."

Annie skipped around her kitchen with her cooking with the help of all of her Grandchildren from Lucy. There were Andy, Candy, Dandy, Mandy, Tandy, Randy, and Sandy who were 4, Tracy, Pacey, Macy, Lacy, and Casey, who where 3. Logan and Hogan who were 2 and Howard who was 1. Lucy was also pregnant again with quintuplets. She and Kevin were so happy. All of the children were very well behaved and only spoke when they were spoken too. Such a sweet family, she was so happy.

Now Simon was getting married to sweet Cecelia. It was going to be the perfect wedding. She wasn't quite sure who was coming yet because Simon was still working on the invitations but everything was going to be just perfect. Ruthie was now 19 and going to college to be a marine biologist. Her love of Fish never seemed to go away. Then there were the twins who were now 9. Such sweet boys they had turned into after those Tree Hill kids had gotten out of the picture. Of course they had to be sharing their room with all of their nieces and nephews. Life was wonderful.

"Allie, Austin... Please stop singing" Lucas said rubbing his eyes

"But we wike it Daddy." Allie said blowing him a kiss. Brooke had taught her that she could get her way with anyone just by being sweet.

"Mommy taughted us... Mrs. Landers was a health nut she cwooked food in a wock" Austin continued singing

"Mr. Harris was her boyfriend, he had a great big cock a doodle doodle" Allie giggled. The song sounded hilarious since they were only 3 and mispronouncing words left and right.

"How can you 2 remember that but you cant remember your ABC's?" Lucas asked laughing. Allie and Austin were smarter than he gave them credit for. Much like Brooke but because of their looks people judged them and treated them like idiots. Allie had long straight Auburn hair just like Brooke's with bight green eyes. She was prissy and hated to get her hands dirty. She also craved way more attention than her brother. Austin had a little darker hair with the same green eyes. He was quieter like Lucas. He thought everything out before he did it, even if it was some evil plan that he and Allie had come up with. He loved to play basketball and was a total daddy's boy while Allie was a mommy's girl. Needless to say Brooke and Lucas both spoiled them totally rotten.

"Are we there yet?" Brooke whined

"Almost...Sleep good?"

"Yes... Especially with the lovely music my babies were singing... Let me hear more" Brooke giggled

"Otay... wheres was I? Oh yea Cock a doodle doodle the Rooster just wont quit!" Allie sang out in her squeaky voice

"And I don't want any breakfast because it tasteses like Shitsitzus make good house pets" Austin giggled

"Beautiful! Make sure you sing that to all the children at the party... They will love it!" Brooke said clapping her hands.

"Buts Mommy! I not frough" Allie whined

"Ok... continue my little Mini Me"

"Balzac was a witer... He wived with Allen Funt, Mrs. Roberts didn't wike him because he was a contaminated water" Allie started

"Can really makes you sick... Your bladder gets infecidtied and blood comes out your dictate what I am saying" Austin finished

"Ah Brooke! What have you done to our sweet children who couldn't say the word animal so they called it aminal?"

"I have educated them on the finer points of certain songs. All 3 year olds know their ABC's but how many know what song huh?" Brooke asked giving Allie and Austin the thumbs up

"Just don't let them sing it near Haley... she already thinks they are evil"

"Yea, I know, she's just mad I got into law... Maybe if we get a chance we can corrupt that kid if theirs... Serendipity or whatever?" Brooke laughed

"I think its Serenity and she is like 6 months old"

"So? I had ours giving people the finger at 7..." Brooke said

"Maybe ours are just talented"

"Of course they are! Now drive faster Granny! I have to pee"

Haley and Nathan parked beside Jake and Peyton's van.

"I can't wait to see Brooke and Peyton! It's been like forever since we have seen each other face to face!"

"Yea... This brings back some memories..." Nathan laughed

"Tell me about it, God I was so wild back then"


"Well I was Semi wild right?"

"Tutor girl!" Brooke squealed jumping out of the car

"Brooke! Oh My God! How are you?" Haley asked hugging her

"Great! Well other than the fact we almost got run off the road by some idiot in a green station wagon" Brooke laughed

"So where are these kids of yours?"

"Allie... Austin! Come here! Meet aunt tutor girl!" Brooke yelled at the car

"Daddy twaped us!" Allie screamed in laughter was Lucas tickled her

"Wow! She looks just like you Brooke!"

"Acts like me too! Hey baby boy is daddy torturing your sister?" Brooke asked as Austin jumped into her arms

"Wow... Brooke they are so cute! Nothing like I imagined" Haley laughed

"Of course they are cute! Broody and I made them! What else would they be? Oh my God Guess what? I'll tell ya! I got accepted to Law School!"

"You! You got accepted to Law School?" Haley asked puzzled

"Yea... apparently I am good at Law or something! Cool huh tinker belle! Where's Goldilocks?"

"She and Jake were fighting" Haley laughed

"Ah... How is Jakie Wakie?" Brooke giggled

"In hot water"

"Mommy holds me" Allie whined tugging on Brooke's legs

"That's the problem with having 2 at a time..." Brooke laughed

"Brooke!" Peyton yelled running toward Brooke and Haley

"Ah Mommy! It's grim reaper" Austin cried hiding his face in Brooke's chest

"No baby! That's just Aunt Goldilocks"

"What numbers is your hairs?" Allie asked tugging on Peyton's jeans

"Once a fake blonde always a fake blonde" Brooke laughed

"Funny... These your monsters?"

"Of course! Did their good looks give it away?" Brooke asked kissing Austin on the head

"Looks or attitude... Not sure which" Peyton laughed

"So tutor girl! Where's that baby of yours? Sarapod or whatever"

"Serenity! Nathan has her... Oh god Nathan has her! Nathan! Don't you use her as a football again! Nathan!" Haley screamed running towards Nathan and Lucas

"So Goldilocks... How's life?" Brooke asked putting Austin on the ground and hugging Peyton.

"It's life. Nikki is having another kid. They have decided on the name Jamaica. That will be Jenny, Jessie, Josie, and Jamaica" Peyton laughed

"She gave him the ice cream again?"

"Oh yea... So you and Lucas seem to have built quite a life... Sweet kids"

"Dictate whats I say cause it will bring you luck" Austin sang

"Ands if you don't wike it I don't give a flying ducks live in the water" Allie finished

"Yea... like I said sweet kids" Peyton laughed

"I love them!" Brooke giggled taking both their hands and pulling them towards the house

"So is Annie going to flip or what when she sees us!" Peyton laughed

"More like Cecelia! I can't wait to screw with their minds!"

"Oh Annie! We're here!" Peyton yelled as they walked into the kitchen.

"Oh my god! It's a sea of children!" Brooke screamed seeing Annie with all of Lucy's kids.

"What on earth are you doing here? You cannot be here! Here you can not be!" Annie cried

"What no hug?" Peyton asked

"Where did you steal those children from?"

"Yea... I didn't steal them. I had them and it was quite painful from what I remember. The drugs helped a lot though" Brooke laughed. The expression on her face was priceless!

"We know what sex is" Austin told Annie

"And we was accidents" Emma giggled winking at Brooke

"My god! I can not figure out for the life of me why god would feel it appropriate to bless you with children when we all know you are just going to fill their minds with sins" Annie cried

Everyone spent the rest of the night talking and catching up. Annie tried her hardest to sway Allie and Austin to her side scaring poor Allie to the point she wouldn't leave Brooke's side for an hour. Austin on the other hand decided that he would show some of Lucy's kids how babies were made with 2 Barbie's. Lucas and Nathan spent the night playing basketball while Haley held Serenity tightly in her arms so that Nathan could not get his hands on her. Now all they were waiting for was Simon and Cecelia to get there.

"This is taking forever! Lucas... Lets go have sex to pass the time" Brooke whined

"No Mommy! Sex is bad" Allie said pointing her little finger at Brooke

"Not for mommy's and daddy's. Don't you want a little brother or sister?"

"Brooke... give it a rest" Lucas laughed

"I see you are still trying to corrupt the world" Lucy said walking into the room

"I see you still weigh 300 pounds and look like a man... See Peyton I told you she would never be able to wear those dresses we cut up again" Brooke laughed

"I am having Quintuplets" Lucy said proudly

"Interesting... I had twins and it hurt like hell"

"Mommy said she cusseded a lot" Austin giggled

"And I almost broke daddy's shoulder again too"

"You think it is funny what you are doing to these children? Wait until one day when they hate you" Lucy said wiping a tear from her cheek

"They wont hate me! And if they do I will sue them for causing me a 48-hour labor... Right babies?" Brooke asked and the twins nodded their little heads

"See... They wont hate me. You know why? Because instead of spending all my time and energy on having more of them I spend time with them. They are happy and healthy and smart"

"My children are happy and healthy and smart!" Lucy cried

"And each about 20 pounds over weight" Brooke said smiling

"Daddy!" Lucy screamed leaving the room crying

"Don't you mean Crack daddy?" Brooke yelled after her

About 3 hours after the Lucy incident Lucas went to put their little night owls to bed while she, Haley and Peyton talked.

"So you 2 still haven't done it?" Brooke laughed

"No... I get scared!"

"Wow... Give him Nikki... She, excuse me he would do it with a wall" Peyton said rolling her eyes

"I have found when you have 2 kids it's harder to do it..." Brooke laughed

"I know! But when I tried to cook I was afraid I was going to burn down the house, especially with Nathan helping"

"Yea... Nathan is missing a few screws" Brooke giggled

"Mom! We're home!" Simon yelled from the front door

"Oh! Gotta go! My true love awaits!" Brooke said running towards the door

"What they hell are you doing here!" Cecelia screamed

"I am here to fight for my man!"

"I invited her" Simon said quietly

"Why? Why? Why would you do this to me Simon?"

"Because he still loves me and my cute butt, and because I had his babies!" Brooke laughed


"Ok That was a joke, I had Lucas's babies... But I could so have Simon's" Brooke joked. God how she had missed this.

"Hey Simon... Brooke come on" Lucas said pulling her away from the door

"But, but, but! I wanna torture Simon and Cecelia!" Brooke whined

Lucas finally got Brooke up to bed so that they could get ready for the wedding the next day. Haley and Nathan were in the room beside them with their screaming baby and Peyton, Jake, and the 3 devils were in the living room.

"Mommy! Mommy! Wakes up! We founded a chicken!" Allie giggled tugging on Brooke's shirt

"His name is Hasty!" Austin whispered

"That's nice kids" Brooke groaned rolling over

"Can we cook him?" Austin asked

"And make breakfast? Allie giggled

"I don't care... Just don't kill anyone" Brooke whispered falling back asleep

"Ok Brother... lets go" Allie said picking up the chicken by the neck.

About 10 minutes later Brooke heard someone scream from the kitchen

"Wait! You are going to kill Hasty!"

"Lucas...Lucas... Your kids are doing something bad" Brooke whined

"My kids..."


Lucas walked downstairs to find Tim pulling Hasty out of the oven with a few burnt feathers.

"We was just trying to help" Allie smiled

"And he tried to bite us" Austin cried

"Tim... You still have that chicken?" Lucas asked scooping Allie up in one arm and Austin in the other.

"Yes! He is my child! Much smarter than your 2! They almost cooked him!" Tim cried kissing the chicken

"Mommy sayed we could" Austin said wrapping his arms around Lucas's neck

"Stupid Chicken" Allie giggled

"Tim... They didn't mean too. Allie, Austin tell Tim you are sorry" Lucas laughed

"We're sorry" Allie said blowing him a kiss

"That one right there has the charm of Brooke Davis... how long before she is 18 dude?" Tim asked

"Tim! That is wrong man... This is my daughter! You are not to get anywhere near her..."

"Not for me... for Hasty! He needs a woman"

"I no marry a chicken... I marry Tom Cruise" Allie giggled

"He is not a chicken! The stork just hasn't some to turn him into a real boy yet!"

"Dude... there is no stork" Austin laughed

"What have you been teaching these kids!" Tim yelled taking Hasty into the other room

"You 2 have way too much of her mother in you" Lucas laughed carrying them back upstairs

Brooke and Haley listen as Jake and Peyton went at it.

"Peyton! I'm sorry! She wasn't supposed to come"

"Bite me Jake!"

"I did last night remember!"

"Well lets do it again!"

"What are you guys doing here?" Martin asked walking up beside them carrying a doll that looked just like Peyton

"Listening to Jake and Pey... Oh My God you made a sex doll of Peyton!" Brooke squealed

"I did not!" Martin said hiding the doll

"Yes you did! Dude that is gross!" Brooke giggled

"Haley... could you tell her"

"Sorry Martin...that looks an awful lot like Peyton!" Haley agreed

They spent the next few hours getting ready for the wedding.

"Great! Now Hasty is going to be too brown to wear his tux!" Tim complained

"He is a chicken!" Allie giggled

"You no dress a chicken" Austin agreed

"That's right... let's see if you two can talk some since into him, Now Allie, Austin look at Mommy. I may do some slutty things at this wedding just to make Simon squirm but I don't mean any of it ok? I love daddy..." Brooke laughed

"Ok" Both kids agreed

"Brooke!" Sam yelled

"It's Brooke" David repeated

"Wow... you 2 have grown up a lot!" Brooke said in amazement seeing the boys

"We are 9" Sam said proudly

"Yea 9" David repeated

"And still copying each other..." Brooke laughed

"Mommy says we have too"

"Yea mommy says we have too"

"Hello boys" Allie said blowing them a kiss

"Sorry... we only like boys"

"Yea Sorry"

"I knew it! You are gay!" Brooke giggled. She had always had a pretty good gaydar. But that was amazing she had been able to tell with them at such a young age

"Don't wook at me" Austin said hiding behind Brooke

Everyone piled into the church. Brooke made sure she, Lucas and the kids sat front and center so that she would make Simon as uncomfortable as possible.

Eric walked out to his podium smiling, obviously totally stoned.

"Everyone welcome... we are gathered here today to celebrate a life lost" Eric started

"Dad... Its not a funeral!" Simon whispered

"Right! I totally knew that... We are gathered here to celebrate the marriage of Matt and Lucy"

"Simon and Cecelia" Simon whispered


They sat in the church for 3 hours listening to Eric get the names and words wrong. The whole time Brooke winked at Simon making faces telling him to call her when it all when to hell. Finally Eric finished and Simon kissed Cecelia. They all walked to the fellowship all for the reception and Annie stopped Brooke with Allie and Austin.

"Can we talk?" Annie asked pulling them to the side

"Oh God" Brooke whined

"I was thinking last night and I have 2 questions I would like to ask your kids" Annie smiled


"Alexandra, Austin Do you love your mommy?" Annie asked kneeling to the children's level

"Yes" They both giggled at the same time

"Why?" Annie asked

"Because she plays with us!" Allie laughed

"And she kisses out boo boo's and makes them bwetter" Austin said showing her his scraped knee

"And she makes monsters go way from my cwloset" Allie said

"And she stays home all days with us when we are sick"

"Thank you" Annie said smiling and standing up to face Brooke who was standing there in total shock.

She knew her kids loved her but she didn't know that was why. She had always figured it was because she bought them stuff and taught them dirty songs.

"You see... You are more like me then you think. I remember when we met you said you would never have kids or be like me. Here you are with 2 kids who love you for all the right reasons. That girl I met 4 years ago would have never done any of those things that your kids said about you" Annie said hugging Brooke

"Ah Personal Space!" Brooke laughed stepping away

"You know what I mean" Annie smiled

"Yea I think I do... Now lets go get slobbering drunk and have us a party! Allie, Austin... Who wants some whine?" Brooke asked grabbing their little hands and pulling them towards the party.

"Wait! You can't give those children Whine! That is so sinful! Brooke!"

The End

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