Confessions & Consequences

I had a confession to make. But I don't think it would be a good idea. Oh, why did I wait until now? This is so horrible. I can't contain my feelings in any longer. They need to be heard. What to do? What to do? Should I just tel-

"Rikku?" came the sweet innocent voice that is Yuna, "Rikku, what's wrong?"

"Wrong?! Nothing's wrong! Why d'you ask?" I said simply.

"Of course something's wrong!" Yuna stated, "We're all at the bridge enjoying ourselves, while your stuck in your room pacing. I sense that something's definitely wrong!"

Oh, that's so like her, always trying to help everyone out! Can't she tell when you wanna be alone? Geez!

"W-what? Nothing's wrong! I'm just thinking!" I didn't know what to say.

"You! Thinking! Ha! Don't make me laugh! And I mean it." Paine remarked.

"Well, you came out of nowhere. Hiding in the shadows as usual, thinking of Gippal! Or is it Baralai? Nooj?" I barked back.

"Why you little- whatever, I'm going to rest. And if anyone needs me...don't bother me." With that said, she walked gracefully to her room.

"Seriously, Rikku, come talk to me about anything, whenever you like, okay." Yuna hugged her cousin and left her alone.

Yuna...she's always playing innocent! How can I tell her that I like him? If I say that to anyone, it'll ruin our relationship. I can't believe this. I should've confessed my love when I first met him. These feelings towards him! Why? Why now? Why me? Why someone so close? Why him?

Hello, I've decided to discontinue, my previous stories. And I hope this catches your interest. Please R&R! I hope this one is better.