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I don't know what's happening to me. I suddenly find myself picturing Gippal cradling me in his arms. These feelings just popped up out of nowhere. Strange. Cloud came over earlier. He asked me out again. I was really happy, honest, but I turned him down.

"Well, why not? I thought you had fun last time." He said to me sincerely.

I nodded, "I did have fun," I reached up and grabbed his shoulders, "it's just that, there's a lot on my mind and I need to think it through."

He insisted on staying awhile. The impression I took from our date, he was loyal and obedient. Didn't think twice. I guess it takes awhile for him to feel comfy around you. He was really nice. He helped me with all my daily chores and offered to help me bathe. Eew! I just got to know him and already he's thinking dirty thoughts…okay, that's not exactly what had happened. I asked him if he wanted to stay awhile and help me with my chores. But, hey! Every girl can dream, and dream, and dream. He left a few minutes ago. Said he had some work to do of his own.

With all my work done, I had nothing else to do except sit. Nothing. Sheer silence. I felt like bothering Brother or Buddy or tease Shinra. I could've, I should've, I would've…I didn't. I felt light-headed. The first thing to come to mind was Gippal. Gippal?! How I thought of it still gets me. I shook his image from my mind and immediately thought of him. Tidus, I was pretty sure I was over him. I guess not. His porcupine blond hair, his luscious blue eyes. It was like slide show. After him, I thought of Cloud. I was a little freaked the first time I had met him, actually the second, on our date. I took a bona fide look at his eyes and shuddered. They glowed an eerie blue-green appearance. It was either the lighting of the restaurant or he was wearing messed up contacts. But I gazed to them once more and contemplated, they were unique. It made him look all the better. I made a perturbed glance at the alarm clock lying on my dresser drawer. It was hard to make out the numbers for the sun's rays reflection made me squint. It was still early, nearing two. I've been preoccupied on my 'friends' for almost an hour.

"I think I'll sleep for a few."

I closed my eyes gently and drifted off to sleep. The alarm went off. Making the most annoying beep ever. My eyes opened partially. I reached to press the snooze button but my arm got heavy and so did my eyes. I went to sleep, succumbed by darkness and silence. A smile played across my features, I wasn't sure why.

"I love you Rikku."

"No! I do! Don't listen to this heathen!!"

What, what's going on? Who's there?

"Please, Rikku, I've known you since we were kids. I deserve you!"

"No I do!"

"Why you, one date doesn't make a difference."

"Hey, you're with her cousin, why should you get two and I get none?"

"Because I'm me, Tidus, Star player of the Zanarkand Abes."

Hey, what's going on?

"Oh please! There are no more Abes or Zanarkand."

"Well, you broke it off with her!"

What?! Who's talking? Tidus, Cloud, GIPPAL?!?!?!?

"Never eat raspberries."

"Aah! Grand pappy? What in the world?" I looked around and sighed to myself.

What a strange dream. Did I just have a dream with Grand pappy? That really was strange. But what did that all mean? I decided to just think later. The sun had set and all I heard was the calming clatter of gears turning and pipes pumping. Well, it was soothing to me anyway. I went back to sleep quickly, just as before, I was sheathed in nothing but darkness. Shrouding my frail body in its arms.

You must choose


Choose or else

"Who's there? Hello?"

Choose, choose, choose

"Stop saying that! What must I choose? Who are you?"


"Wha? I asked you a question!"

A ghostly figure draped in black sheets with smog emitting from his lower half appeared. It walked closer to the frightened girl and unveiled his face. It was of a man, a man with blond spiky hair. His eyes shut. He leaned closer to Rikku and opened his eyes.


"Aah! Oh no, not again."

Rikku struggled to get up, the morning beams softly caressing her pale face. She felt some sticky liquid on her left cheek and gagged.

"Grosso to the max! I drooled!!"

She quickly got up and went straight to the bathroom across the hall. She turned on her silver faucet. The sink gleamed and sparkled as the cool, rich, purified water rushed down it. She grabbed her bar of pink soap from its spot at the top right corner and washed her face. Rikku stopped abruptly.

"I think it best if I just took a shower. I have nothing else to do anyway."

Rikku grabbed one of the towels hanging off the rack and slung it over her tiny shoulders. She yawned slightly when she heard voices coming from outside the door. She shrugged it off and turned the knob for the shower. She let the tub fill up, I like bathes better when there's nothing else to do, she thought idly. She added some bath mixtures and fragrances so it smelt like strawberries and it was lavished in pink, foamy suds. Rikku stripped of her clothing, a small powder blue shirt and short gray sweat shorts. She yawned again when she heard the door open and two gasps. She whirled around and blushed furiously.

"S-Shinra?! TIDUS?!?!?! Aah!!" she shrieked. She quickly grabbed her towel and covered herself up.

"I-I'm s-sorry!" Tidus spun to face the small boy, "Shinra, why didn't you tell me she was going to bathe?" he asked angrily.

Shinra shook his head, "Oh! That's the bathroom, and over there," he pointed to the door across from them, "that's Rikku's room. Oops!" he laughed.

"OOPS!?" the two blondes asked in unison.

"Shinra, you've lived here for more than two years! How can you not know?" Rikku queried as her face became redder, more with anger than embarrassment.

"Hey, I'm just a kid." Shinra shook his head again and departed.

Tidus' angry complexion disappeared and his gaze fell on Rikku once more. He stared, and stared, and stared till a shampoo bottle met his face.

He winced in pain, "Ow! What was tha-" he broke off running down the chrome hallway.

"STOP STARING AT ME YOU PERV!!!" Rikku screamed at the top of her lungs.

Tidus turned his head around narrowly dodging another shampoo bottle. He screamed out sorry and sharply turned around the corner. He did so too quickly he slipped on the slick metal floor. He skidded and fell flat on his butt sliding until his hard body hit the wall. Again he winced as pain shot throughout his body. He quickly arose to his feet and ran off.

Rikku sighed depressingly once more and went back into the bathroom. She unwrapped herself and slowly lowered herself in the sparkling white tub. She grabbed a pink shower cap and pulled her hair up in a bun placing the cap on her head. She sunk deeper and, the suds filling her small nose. She arose abruptly, grabbing a tissue on the pedestal next to her and blowing hard. She felt relaxed. Closing her eyes, she dozed off giving into the tempting catnap.

"Rikku, Rikku wake up."


"Rikku, come here. I have something to show you."


"Look, isn't it beautiful."

You're holding a pyre fly. How amazing.

"Look closely. See it, it's green and has small green swirls in the middle, like you're dazzling eyes."

Wow, it does have swirls! Where'd you find it? Hey, where are we. I don't remember coming here. But it's beautiful nonetheless, such vibrant gold poppies. Oh, and butterflies. They're so pretty!

"Rikku, I want you to know, I love you and I always will, no matter who you choose."

Choose? Choose what?

"Your heart may no longer be mine, as I see you're in love with someone else, forgotten all about me. I just want you to know, I'll always be there for you, to bring you up when you're down, cradle you in my arms."

What a clichéd line, but sweet anyway. Look, I can't really deci-hey! Where are you going! Don't leave!! Stop!

"Stop!" Rikku rubbed her eyes gently.

Wow, what a heartwarming dream…maybe I should rethink all of this. I think I'm rushing with Cloud, but he is sweet and lovable. Always puts himself last. Tidus I've known for sometime now, but Yunie loves him. Gippal, we have a history together. I haven't seen him in ages. Okay, just three months, but still, that's long. Why am I thinking of Gippal anyway? Oh, all this is hurting my poor mind. Not saying I'm stupid…but I have been called ditzy before…what does ditzy mean again? Oh yeah! Duh! Hmm…what should I do? You know, I haven't seen Paine much lately. Where is she? In fact!

"Oh my gawd! Paine's been gone for…one…two…three-three days and I haven't noticed!!" Rikku jumped out of the tub and nearly slipped on the fuzzy, cream-colored carpet when she felt a pair of strong warm hands grab her waist. She flushed furiously and looked behind her.

What the fudgey-deli? How-how did he get in here? And how long has he been there?


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