Pine Trees

[Halloween, Malfoy Manor]- Narcissa Black is smoking leisurely with Lucius Malfoy, both leaning against the base of a pine tree, the sweeping branches shielding the pair from view of any guests that may stray from the riotous festivities within the manor. Narcissa loved the smell of pine. They are taking turns puffing vast clouds of smoke into one another's faces, clearly reveling in annoying one another. Narcissa is dressed in a Gladrags Wizardwear silk and chiffon skirt that billowed out and an elegantly printed corset- both were naturally imports from Paris. Lucius can't seem to stop looking at her chest, though Narcissa doesn't mind- he had good taste.

Are you going to ask me out on a date?

He was a prominent Ministry Official- he had power (power is good).

No, Lucius said, You're too young for me.

Influential men were the only ones Narcissa dated.

Only seven years difference.


That's still quite a bit.

Don't you like me, Lucius?

Of course.


You're very good in bed, though, Lucius said as an afterthought.

Well then, my age doesn't stop you from fucking me, does it?

Laugh- resonant, tenor (sexy)… Do you want me to fuck you, Narcissa?

No, I want you to make love to me.

That can be arranged…

His debonair demeanor was fascinating (turning her on).

If you're not going to court me, why did you dance with me?

What are we, in the eighteenth century? He asked. Bellatrix asked me to ask you, there are no underlying implications…

I thought you liked me.

He does.

I do.

… do you plan on marrying me?

He laughed again (turning me on…).

I suppose so- it's practically been arranged by our parents.

But you'd like me even if it wasn't arranged, right? Narcissa asked (worried).

Yes, I believe so...

Then why won't you take me out on a date?

There was a silence (silence is good; it means nothing stupid is being said…)

Alright, I'll take you on a date…

It had better be nice, she warned.

I'll take you to Merlin's, he said.

Merlin's was fancy, and a very nice place- only the rich (jewels, silk dresses…) went there.


There was a silence.

You can fuck me now, Narcissa said.

And, laughing, Lucius fucked her slowly against the pine tree, her cream-colored silk and chiffon skirt lifted around her waist and blonde head rubbing roughly against the bark, her legs wrapped around his waist (mine)… and Narcissa knew she would never smell pine again without feeling that uncontrollable and primal feeling of lust…

A/N: Totally pointless, but simple and fun to write...