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Chapter 1

A man named Keitaro Urashima, age 19, started his journey up the seemingly endless steps of the infamous Hinata-sou. With determination, and kindness in his eyes Keitaro carefully made his way up the steps. each step he took was done with delicate movements, and he was also very cautious about himself falling.

Keitaro needed a place to stay. Considering he was going to takethe test in order to finally enter Toudai. An inn, owned by his grandmother, seems to be the best place to stay at for now.

"I hope Grandma Hina can spare me a room for a while. It would be a real bummer if she doesn't." Keitaro thought after taking a break from climbing and observe the Sakura trees to his right and left.

"Forgot how pretty these trees can get this time of year....." After he took in the site of the pink leaves flowing freely in the wind, he then went back to climing up the stairs and finally reaching his destination. Keitaro could not help but stare at awe at the sight of the Hinata-sou. He hasn't been here since the time he made that promise long ago.

A promise that he intends to keep, to meet the girl he promised it to. Even though he has no clue who that someone is. Keitaro would do anything to reach up to Toudai. Keitaro shrugged the thought off and went to the front door.

"Hello is anyone there?.....Anyone...Hello!?!" He shouted while knocking on the door. However when he knocked on the door, the door opened slightly revealing the living room of the gigantic house. However no one was there.

"It seems that the front door is unlocked." Keitaro thought while stepping into the house.

"Hello! Anyone here! I have come looking for a room to stay in!" Keitaro continued to shout out, but it was heard by deaf ears. No one seemed to be home.

"Hm, thats funny, someone should atleast be here, to greet someone, this is an in after...all...." Keitaro stopped in his track when he saw the hot spring in the middle of the inn. The hot steam pouring out of the water, inviting Keitaro for one quick releaxing bath.

Keitaro was itching to relax after coming all the way here, and could not resist going to the changing room and go into the spring. When he arrived into the changing room, he went andtook out a towel out of the rack.

"Ow man, I really need to relax and get rid of the tension in my stiff shoulder muscles." With that Keitaro, changed and carefully put himself down unto the spring, and relaxed in the calm, soothing water. He let out a sigh of relief, and looked straight ahead of him.

"I wonder where everyone is. Kind of wierd for an Inn like this one to have no one in it." Keitaro thought while scrubbing his hands and arms very gently.


A splash to his left caught his attention and he looked to the source. The sight of a pretty, young, naked women started to enter the Spring greeted him as he turned around. After she got into the spring, Keitaro watched her nervously as she saw him sitting in the spring as well. Keitaro, could see every inch of this women's naked body and started to get a slight nosebleed. He could only manage to cover his nose and watch as she crept up closer to him.

"Ah hello Kitsune, thought you were coming into the spring a little later, ow well." The women said, inching closer and closer to the already nervous and turned on Keitaro.

"um..um..um..ano...I think you have the wrong person ..miss.." replied Keitaro very nervously

"Hey..that sounded like a guys voice...." The women said and had a worried face on her. She then pulled out a pair of glasses out of no where and proceded to put them on. She then looked at Keitaro and her eyes widen in surprise. A deadly silence came threw the springs


"....KYYAAA!!!! PERVERT!!!" The women shouted causing Keitaro to jump alittle, and quickly ran out of the springs with only a towel covering his lower region. Only one thought went threw his mind.

"Oh crap, oh crap oh crap, have..to get out of here!" But that thought was thrown into the trash can when a women suddenly appeared not to far away, blocking his way. She came out of the changing room after hearing Naru yell out Pervert.

"What do you mean Pervert, Naru" the women spoke and and turned to look his way. When she saw the half naked man coming torwards her, she just froze on the spot.

Keitaro, in an act of desperation jumped to the right at the last minute in order to dodge her.


However he landed hard on his right foot and a faint crack that came from Keitaro's right foot could be heard only to himself.

"Ah, Crap!" Keitaro said while still running in the halls, gritting his teeth in pain. Now Keitaro started to run with a limp. However all this running proved to me futile when he reached a dead end up in a patio outside, two stories up.

"Aww man, a dead end!" Keitaro muttered looking down at the patio. He turned his head, and to his surprise, five women were there looking at him. One was the the girl she met at the spring, however she had clothes, but was red with anger. Another was the women who he almost ran into in the hallways, there were two smaller girls also there.

One looked shy and timid, with a short haircut, while the other one looked excited and energetic, and had tan skin. But the last one looked to be more of a threat then the others with her gi uniform, and her sword.

"You vile disgusting perverted male, how DARE you come into this GIRL'S ONLY dorm and defile Naru-sempai!! I shall punish you!" The one with the sword said, while unsheathing her sword.

"WHAT!, A girls dorm, I thought this was an Inn! My grandma's Inn!" Keitaro said trying to defend himself. But failed miserably

"What a typical excuse for a perverted male like yourself" said the women with the sword now being held above her head. "Ill make you pay for coming here! Rock Splitting Technique!" She shouted while sending a Ki attack torwards Keitaro's body.

"Crap, that is going to kill me if I do not evade! Especially with my condition" Keitaro thought while attempting to jump to the side. However he was to slow becuase of his already injured foot, he succesfully evaded the shot from going to his chest, but the vortex caught him in his arm.


"AAAAAAHHHHH" Keitaro shreiked

When the vortex hit his arm a sickening crunch could be heard loud and clear by all the girls and the piercing scream that followed along with it. However the girls could not feel the unbearable pain Keitaro was feeling. It felt like a thousand of cars ran his arm over 50 times over, and put it back together just to get runned over again.

The girls however, could only watch, dropped their jaws and cringe, when they saw Keitaro kneel on the ground, clutching his Limp, bleeding arm. Some pieces of bone could be seen popping out of his arm, making everyone sick to their stomach. Keiatro could only continue ro scream until he was in the verge of collapsing from the pain.

"I ...am...sorry..for intruding...but..i meant..no..harm nor perverted..actions" Keitaro said heaving badly and then suddenly collapsed onto the patio


The girls could only watch as he collapsed and in their brains they tried to figure out what happened to the stranger. Then 4 of the girls started to look at Motoko, in a suspicious way.

"What..My attack wasn't suppose to hit him THAT hard!?!" She replied when she saw the stares she was recieving. Then a steps could be heard coming from behind them. Keitaro's Aunt, Haruka Urashima, came up the stairs curious on whats that scream was.

"Ok.who screamed and...." Haruka stopped herself and the cigar that always was on her mouth dropped on the floor while her jaw dropped when she noticed who it was.

"OH MY GOD, KEITARO!" She shouted and blurred past the girls. "What did you do girls?!?!" Haruka shouted at them while observing Keitaro. The girls were a little shocked when they found out that Haruka knows this person.

"I..I don't know..he was at the springs and we got mad. Then Motoko launched one of her attacks at him which hit his arm, then he screamed in pain and collapsed." Naru said looking down. "What..what is wrong with him.."

"WHATS WRONG WITH HIM!! WHATS WRONG WITH YOU!!" Haruka shouted causing the girls to cowar in fear. They have never seen her like this. She was usually calm and collected. But this was different.

Haruka calmed down a bit and picked up Keitaro's limp body and went to the Kannrin's room. She dropped him unto a futon and wrapped a splint around Keitaro's injured arm. The girls could only watch as she carefully splinted his arm, and observed it. She then stood up and went outside the room, closing the door in the process.

"Now ..you girls....Su...Motoko...Naru..Kitsune..Shinobu.." She said with coldness in her voice that sent a shiver downeach of their spines. "That man's name is Keitaro Urashima he is my nephew, and he is the kindest person I know. Now, to answr your question Naru, he has an illness that struck him since he was born...." Haruka said telling the story of of her nephew's predicament

The girls could only help but listen to what Haruka had to say and look at Keitaro's motionless form.

============Keitaro's Birth==========

"There you go Kaiko! Just a little bit more, and, I see the head! You can stop pushing now, Kaiko" Said the docter, who was supervising the birth of Keitaro Urashima. The crying of a baby was introduced to the room and this brought a smile to Keitaro's parents, Kaiko (Keitaro's mom), and Kurama (his dad).

However the babies cry got louder and louder, which worried the two happy parents, and the docter.

"What is it Docter? Whats wrong with my baby?" Kaiko asked eyeing the docter

".....Im going to have a talk with you two in a minute" the docter said while preparing another room for the baby

After the Docter came back, the parents took one look at him and knew something was wrong.

"What's wrong with our baby Docter! WHATS WRONG!" Kaiko shouted but was then calmed down by Kurama.

The docter took a long sigh and prepared to tell this distraught parents the truth.

"It seems you child has what we call Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type 2. This disease causes the person to not have as much or does not make enough collagen in the bones. This causes the bones of that person to break easily, and/or fractured easy. It seems that your son has the most severe case..which is Type-2.

During the middle of the explanation Kaiko started to sob more and more, after hearing more of the information. While she sobbed, Kurama was there with a serious look on his face and comforted his wife as best he can.

"This case is so severe" Continued the docter "That your son seemed to have broken his left arm, both his legs, and a couple of ribs, while being born from Kaiko's contractions alone. If this keeps up, your son's life span will be 2 years MAX!" He finishes waiting for his responce.

Kaiko, after hearing that last peace of information cried even more, and buried her head into her husband's shirt. Only one word kept escaping her lips.

"Why....Why....Why.....Why.....Why....Why?" She kept on repeating softly

Kurama only had one answer to that question.

"I..don't know.."

---End of Chapter 1----

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