Hello! I am so so so sorry I haven't posted in a while. My computer(s) [all the computers in the house forged an alliance created a war against the organic beings in the house] went crazy and you can't create documents at the library which is where I was reading/reviewing from. I saw RENT and it was AMAZING!! Wow. So, I am now going to also write fanfics concerning RENT. ENJOY!!

Not Only Does Time Die

The musician crashed on the couch. His head felt as if it had its own heartbeat, it was throbbing so much. He had pretty much carried his girlfriend, Mimi, from the loft to the doctor's and back. He felt so physically and mentally drained he couldn't do anymore than sit in silent agony.

He heard a knock at the door. Roger didn't move. If it was important they would continue to knock. If it was one of his friends they'd probably pull out a key or screech for him from behind the door.

After a little jingling of keys and cursing, Mark walked through the doorway carrying a tape and -his trademark- a camera.

"Hey Rog! Remember New Years when I thought I had no juice in my battery?" the filmmaker asked his roommate.

"Yeah," Roger answered from the sofa, massaging his temples.

"Well, I was wrong. Only by a bit though!" Mark said, trying to make sure he wasn't mocked in future by admitting he was actually wrong, "But I did capture a moment. Here I'll show you."

After a few minutes of Mark messing with the projector, he got the new-found footage to play.

"Let's always stay friends!" flashed across the screen. Mark quickly paused the picture of everyone-excluding the filmmaker. It was a crooked shot of Roger and Mimi fighting, but you could see everyone as clear as if Mark had purposely filmed it.

"That's all I got, but I thought you might just want to see everyone, including the one that's no longer here,"

Mark pointed out angel.

"Soon to be two,"

"What are you talking about?"


Mark's jaw dropped.

"I thought she was doing better!"

"Well, the doctor wasn't thinking that," replied Roger.

Mark stood completely stupefied at his friend's words. He had no idea how he should respond. If he brushed it off, his friend would become angrier than ever. If he made a big deal, his friend would push away from him. Doing nothing didn't seem like a good option either.

"Mimi," said Mark softly. He wasn't exactly bawling at her death. He never really clicked with her. There was just never a time for them to really get to know each other. Right now Mark was worried about his friend. Mimi was a key piece to the puzzle. If she fell, Roger fell. If Roger fell, Mark would too. If Mimi fell, everyone else would slowly deteriorate.

"I-I'm going back out," Mark stammered. He decided all he could do was avoid.

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