Here is beloved chapter five. This was difficult to write. Not in the sense of creating it. In the sense of thinking about death and losing someone. I kept bringing up memories. But I finished it. I also got a complete visual for this chapter. You know how they are all lined up for seasons of love? Well, that's how I saw them. No hype. No gloss. Nothing more. Just them. And so everyone knows, this was not meant to be too long of a fic. Hence short chapters. And so everyone knows...MARK DOES HAVE A HEART!

Disclaimer: I'm being unoriginal and using other people's characters! Happy now! please don't sue me.

P.S. I divided this up into POV


I can't believe she's gone. Mimi. Bright, light-up-an-entire-fucking-room Mimi. I normally would try not to curse, but this is too much. I guess I'm just in denial, but not as bad as Maureen.


She can't be dead! No! This is all some crazy, sick-minded joke. Ha ha! Not so funny guys! Now come out with Mimi. Wonderful, cheery, someone-who-actually-understands-me Mimi. This isn't happening. My friends aren't going to die off one by one. Seriously, this joke isn't funny. Come back with Mimi!


Oh God. How is Roger going to deal with this? It was hard enough when he lost April, but now…now we might have big problems. One loss is hard enough, and I know too, but a second? I'm not sure Roger can cope with that, with this. I'd better hurry.


After all this, after everything. Mimi's dead. She's really dead. After losing her and winning her back, Roger has lost her again. After meeting her, taking her to the Life, losing her to Benny, having her almost die, and now…She's really gone after everything. I should check Roger again.


I-I woke up next to Mimi's body. She was cold as ice. She just laid there lifeless. Like a life size porcelain doll. She's dead and it's my fault. I should have taken better care of her. I can't take this pain. I don't deserve to stay. I can't take this!

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