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Chapter 16

It was a dark and damp Saturday morning in Sanctuary (Japan). Isaac stared out of the bedroom window with determined eyes. He had been in Japan for about month and he had yet to sway Hyoga's feelings in his favor.

'That stupid slut of a boyfriend he's gotten himself…he's obviously much stronger than I had thought' Isaac said to himself as he watched the raindrops sliding down the glass of his window. He had not thought of Shun as loose until last night since he lost sleep due to the green eyed youth's loud moans and whimpers. He was sure it was done on purpose, for he could not imagine that someone could be that loud normally during lovemaking.

He narrowed his eyes and gritted his teeth. It wasn't only Shun who had been loud, but Hyoga also. One could easily tell from the noise level that the couple was obviously enjoying themselves.

Many times he had felt that he should give up on Hyoga and move on, but there were still strong feelings of love residing within him. It had been Hyoga who had ended their relationship years ago. He had been totally satisfied with their relationship and had not wanted to separate, but Hyoga insisted that he could not handle a long distance relationship and that it made no sense for them to remain lovers. Then Hyoga moved to Japan and had not contacted him for about two years. It would not lie to himself and say that Hyoga cutting him off angered him, and there had been many instances where his love had been overshadowed by anger and hurt, but even after all that he still could not let Hyoga go.

He had decided that this would be his last effort and if Hyoga did not change, he would return to Russia immediately. He had come for Camus and his lover's upcoming engagement ceremony, but that didn't matter much to him anymore. He wanted Hyoga back and he wanted him back soon.

There were several loud knocks to the door and then Hyoga entered the room. "Hey…" the blond said softly with a smile on his face. Isaac narrowed his eyes. "Sorry about last night. We weren't aware that you had gotten home as yet. Shun's really embarrassed about it all." Hyoga scratched at his head in a nervous manner. Even though he could not clearly see past the blond, he caught sight of a beet faced Shun standing outside the door.

"Doesn't really matter…what else did you come to ask me?"

"Heh…you really know me well. These twin brothers in school are having a party at their place tonight. Wanna come along with us? They told us we could invite extra people."

Isaac stared at Shun's face. He wore a slightly annoyed/bothered expression on his face. 'Heh…I really won't give you the satisfaction' he thought to himself wickedly. "Sure! I don't have any plans for tonight so I'll tag along."

"Ok! Then we're set! Oh…there's some weird rule about wearing black…though Shun is wearing white so…anyway, don't forget to wear all black!" Hyoga said excitedly before leaving the room. Isaac smiled wickedly. Maybe tonight would be the night for that plan.


"You're glowing Misty!" raved Sorrento. He was currently in Misty's store in the mall acting all excited. Kannon was nowhere in sight but that didn't really bother the blonde bishie much.

"I-I am?" Misty asked shakily, trying to hold back a huge blush that was threatening to spread across his face. Sorrento stared at him for a while and then he let out a cute cry.

"Kyaaaaa! You had sex didn't you? You're all pretty and glow-y and there's nothing else that does that to you! So…who was the stud?" He wrapped his left arm around Misty's shoulders and then brought his right hand up to caress Misty's cheek and then ear. "You're blushing to the top of your ears! Was he that good?"

Misty didn't know what to say. He really didn't want to tell anyone about what happened between him and Aldebaran just yet, but Sorrento was his best friend forever so…he didn't really know what to do. "Uhh….yeah, I met this great guy."

Sorrento stared at him before narrowing his eyes. "You think you can hide this from me? Who was the first one to come tell you about Kannon's bedroom antics?"

"You were." Misty said flatly. He'd never forget that conversation. It was either that Sorrento was a dramatist or Kannon was the living and breathing sex God of the twenty first century. He figured it was a bit of both.

"Come on Misty-chyan! Tell me please?!" Sorrento begged with puppy dog eyes. Misty knew that Sorrento's puppy eyes were among the deadliest in the world. He had no choice but to surrender. Besides, Sorrento would never spread any weird rumor about him or Aldebaran.

"Oh alright already! Follow me to the back!" Misty said loudly. He quickly flipped the sign on the glass door to 'At lunch' and then hurried to the small store room at the back of the shop with Sorrento in tow.

"Aldebaran?!" Sorrento yelled out in surprise. Misty nodded his head and then turned a deep red.

"Really? That big ol' guy? Isn't he a bit…too manly for your tastes?" Sorrento asked quickly. Misty stared down at his hands which were folded in his lap.

"Y-yes…but he's a really good man! He's very kind, a good listener and he's got a cute personality."

"Cute personality…holy shit! He's not the uke is he?" Sorrento asked with panic in his eyes. Misty gave him a hard slap to the side of his head.

"Don't be dumb! I was never a fan of bear uke in the first place! If I'm topping, then the person has to be cuter than me!" Misty said with a huge grin on his face. "Iyada! I'm so cute I'm always uke! Of course, if Siren would be my uke, I'll show you my skills!"

Sorrento pressed his cheek against Misty and then rubbed himself against the blond as though he was a cat. "You're such a sweetie saying I'm cuter than you!"

"It's because you're adorable! I'll rape your cute ass!" Misty said jokingly before pushing Sorrento down to the floor and getting on top of him.

"M-Misty!" Sorrento cried out in surprise. "Our little jokes and sexual harassment are enjoyable, but…"

"I pushed him down on the bed like this." Misty said huskily as he looked into Sorrento's eyes. Sorrento's mouth dropped open. Not only was Misty going to tell him the story, but he was going to punish him too. He decided he wouldn't protest but listen carefully. It had been a long time since Misty had been this excited about someone.


Misty pushed Aldebaran down onto the bed and climbed on top of his lap, rubbing his ass against the hardness in Aldebaran's pants.

"I don't want to turn back." Misty said in a husky voice. He pressed his lips to Aldebaran's once again, and the nutrition teacher quickly grabbed a hold of Misty's waist.

"Misty…" Aldebaran said softly when their lips parted. Misty had this really intense look in his eyes. Not to mention that his slightly bruised and plump lips, the soft hair that fell into his face and pooled beside his own cheek and the crystal clear blue eyes turned him on even more.

Beautiful things excited him greatly. He had known that from a young age and it held true all throughout his teenage years into adulthood. If he wasn't admiring some artwork somewhere, he was admiring the beautiful humans he found. He always resented Misty for his beauty. Not even his strong feelings for Mu could sway his opinion. Mu was indeed beautiful, but in his eyes, Misty was the most beautiful human he'd ever laid eyes upon.

Aldebaran slowly but surely reached out and caressed Misty's cheek with his hand. It was soft and warm and the eyes above it made his knees go weak from the intensity.

"Beautiful…" he whispered as he kissed Misty's cheek. He kept muttering 'beautiful' as he kissed along the smooth skinned jaw line and then down a slender and sensitive neck.

"Aldeba---" Misty began to cry out, but said person silenced him with a kiss. He immediately opened his lips to allow Aldebaran's tongue entry. It was explosive as soon as their tongues met and Misty's already red face turned an even darker shade of crimson than before. His head was boiling. It had never been this intense before.

Aldebaran pulled away slowly, a thin line of their liquid passion hanging between their faces. Misty stared at Aldebaran with a dazed expression before focusing on the string of passion slowly falling away from them. Aldebaran slowly inched closer and then licked away the spit that slowly trickled down Misty's mouth.

It was all too much. It was too intense too early and Misty's body threatened to completely shutdown under Aldebaran's ministrations already.

"Aldebaran…" Misty said softly when the Brazilian began working on taking off his outfit. Aldebaran quickly glanced at him before returning to his task; however his task was over rather quickly. It seems that the designer for Misty's little bunny outfit knew that it would cause that person to be ravished quickly, so the clothes were easy to remove.

Aldebaran slowly removed Misty's little shorts, marveling at the creaminess of the blonde's legs. There wasn't a single blemish on the smooth skin and they were perfectly shaped. When he had removed the mentioned shorts, he found that he couldn't release the beautiful legs in his grasp. Beginning from the toes, he slowly kissed his way up north stopping short of central. Misty's inner thighs were not only phenomenal, but what they lead to was also breath taking. At Aldebaran's bold stare, Misty quickly squeezed his legs together.

"D-don't look!" Misty stuttered out cutely. Aldebaran, like a child denied its candy, quickly looked up at him to complain…only to get distracted by the pink perky nipples that were staring him in the face. They sat amongst the creamy skin of Misty's chest and stomach, erect from arousal and looking absolutely delicious. Before he knew it, Aldebaran found himself nipping at the left nipple.

Misty cried out loudly. "A-Aldebaran…don't lick there!"

"Delicious…you're really delicious." Aldebaran said as he gave Misty a heated glance. He swirled his tongue around the pink bud, nipping and biting at it ever so often while his hand took care of the other nipple. Five minutes later and he found himself buried in Misty's chest with a very swollen and abused little nipple between his lips. Misty was shivering and shaking like a leaf in a storm. The clear drop of dew shining from the mouth of his sex glistened attractively and it wasn't before long that Aldebaran noticed it.

The Brazilian kissed his way down Misty's chest, past his now red nipples and down to his belly button and then lower. Misty tried in vain to squeeze his legs together more tightly, but Aldebaran slowly and gently pried them apart with his strong arms.

Aldebaran couldn't believe his eyes. Everything was a lovely shade of pink…a really lovely shade of pink. Unable to control himself any longer, Aldebaran began to shiver slightly.

"Alde? What's wrong?" Misty asked worriedly. It was worrying that someone would look at your private parts and then zone out and shiver as though in shock. "I'm sorry that I've not…I've not lived up to your expectations!"

"Baka!" Aldebaran shouted. Misty nearly flew out of the bed.


"It's pink…like a rose…pink…very pink…" Aldebaran muttered as he stared at Misty's nether regions. His face kept getting closer and closer until his mouth was buried between Misty's manhood and his ass.

"Aldebaran!" cried out in shock. When Aldebaran started licking at his perineum, he cried out weakly but this only encouraged the Brazilian even more. Soon enough Misty's cock was steadily leaking sweet nectar. Aldebaran licked at the engorged organ hungrily, lapping up the sweet cum that was leaking from the tip.

He didn't know why, but every little reaction Misty's body had just got him harder and harder. It was actually becoming a bit painful to be that aroused.

"Aldebaran…Aldebaran…" Misty called softly. Aldebaran felt soft hands slipping beneath his shirt and caressing his neck. Suddenly Misty sat up and then bent over so that his upper body was covering Aldebaran's head. "Aldebaran…I can't take it anymore. I'll cum." Aldebaran ignored him and continued sucking and licking the hot organ that was in his mouth. Misty grabbed a hold of Aldebaran's head and then as gently as he could, pushed him away from his cock.

"What's wrong with you?" Aldebaran asked angrily, clearing acting like a spoilt child whose favorite toy had been taken away. Misty did not allow him enough time to express all of his annoyance. He had already ripped off his shirt and was pulling down the zipper to his jeans. Creamy hands found the extreme hardness in Aldebaran's lap and pulled it out and fondled it. As soon as Misty's eyes landed on his lover's cock…his mouth dropped open.

"W-what's that?" Misty stuttered out in awe. He pointed at the big hard member and then covered his mouth with his other hand.

"Um…it's my penis?!" Aldebaran said while scratching at his head. "Never mind me, let's get back to yours right now!" he said excitedly as he tried to grab a hold of Misty's waist.

Misty slowly reached out and took a hold of Aldebaran's cock. It was extremely hot and hard and he didn't know why, but his own already hard cock swelled up even more. To put it simply, nothing aroused Misty more than the sight of penises. Aldebaran suddenly found himself on his back on the bed with Misty licking and kissing at his stomach.

"Oh my…oh my!" he cried excitedly as he rubbed his cheek against Aldebaran's cock. Misty was on his knees with his ass up in the air, his face and upper body at Aldebaran's lower stomach and thighs. There was a predatory glow in Misty's eyes that scared Aldebaran a bit, but the thought flew out of his mind as soon as Misty swallowed the tip of his cock.

"Misty!" he cried out in surprise. Misty looked as though he was in heaven as he licked and bobbed his head over the thick engorged cock.

"Helicious! (delicious)…shooo helicious (soooo delicious)!" Misty said happily as he allowed Aldebaran to slip deeper inside his mouth. He couldn't stand it much longer and so licked his fingers quickly and then began fingering himself. "Aldebaran…you're amazing!"

Aldebaran closed his eyes tightly as Misty deep throated him. If Misty kept this up, he would faint from being over aroused, something which had never happened before. "M-Misty…don't…"

"Amazing! You just keep getting bigger and bigger!" Misty said after he let Aldebaran's cock slip out of his mouth. He wrapped his fingers around the thick shaft and then slowly started to pump the swollen penis. Aldebaran actually cried out when he flicked his finger over the head.

"Misty…please…" Aldebaran said slowly and softly between heavy breaths.

"It's painful isn't it?" Misty eyed the darkening cock in his hand and then looked at Aldebaran's face. His eyes were squinted and sweat ran down his forehead and onto his cheeks. "Do you have any lube?"

"It's on the bedside table." Misty quickly crawled over Aldebaran, grabbed the bottle of lube and then returned to his suffering partner. Without hesitation, he opened the bottle and poured a copious amount of the liquid over Aldebaran's cock and then covered two of his fingers as well. He fingered himself for a short time before climbing on top of Aldebaran's lap, positioning his ass right above the stiff dick.

"Wait…Misty you…" Aldebaran began before being left speechless. Misty had lowered himself onto his cock, and with some trouble, was attempting to seat himself until all of Aldebaran was inside him. He looked at Misty's face scrunched up in concentration and he smiled. He sat up, pulled Misty into an embrace and then kissed him gently on the lips. "It's alright…you don't have to rush" he whispered in Misty's ear. He kissed away the tears that had begun to well up in Misty's eyes before kissing the blond on the lips again.

"Sorry…" Misty said softly as he wrapped his arms around Aldebaran's neck. He didn't know why he had gotten so tense before, but not that Aldebaran held him gently, his body relaxed and he slowly sank down completely on Aldebaran's lap.

"It's not painful is it?" Aldebaran asked as he stroked Misty's back. Misty shook his head before gently pushing Aldebaran backwards into the bed. He looked at Aldebaran in the eye as he slowly lifted his hips and then brought them back down. Aldebaran let out a little groan, but did not take his eyes away from Misty's. Gradually Misty increased his pace as his body relaxed more and soon enough, Aldebaran could no longer hold back his loud moans. Misty himself was whimpering and moaning loudly, so the pleasure was mutual.

"I'm going to die…I'm going to die…" Misty kept crying repeatedly as he bounced up and down on Aldebaran's lap. "Heaven…I'm going to heaven" he whimpered when Aldebaran thrust his hips upwards.

"I'll accompany you…" Aldebaran groaned out as he grabbed Misty's hips. The blond cried out loudly as Aldebaran reached even deeper in him than before.

"Ahhhn….ahhhh…cumming…I'm going to cum" he moaned out loudly. Aldebaran could tell he was close. He was clamping so tightly onto him. It was too intense. Misty's erotic expression, the tears and spit running down his cheeks and chin, the tightness and warmth of his ass and good heavens, the moaning, sent Aldebaran over the edge before he wished too. He released all of his seeds in Misty's hot tight ass, a funny light feeling washing over his body. Was he going to heaven? Misty followed right after him and came all over Aldebaran's stomach. The blond looked as though he would pass out, for his mouth hanged wide open; his eyes began to roll backwards and his body shook violently.

"La petit morte* (the little death)… c'est magnifique! (it's magnificent!)" he whispered before passing out and falling backwards.

"Misty!" Aldebaran yelled.


Sorrento stared at Misty with wide eyes. "You…you passed out?"

Misty nodded with a beet red face. He was currently perched on Sorrento's lap with a dreamy expression on his face.

"La petit morte you said?" Sorrento asked, obviously still in shock. "Wait…he didn't even pump you while you were riding him and you came that hard?"

Misty giggled and held his cheeks. "Normally I wouldn't cum that easily, but it was really intense. So intense that he didn't even need to touch my cock. Oh and we went back at it when I awoke too. Oh my…we did the 69 position for foreplay then we tried all types of positions. We eventually stopped at around three in the morning."

"Unbelievable!" Sorrento muttered. He felt slightly jealous. While Kannon was undoubtedly a sex God in his own rite, he had yet to make him pass out after cumming. 'I've got to fix that!' he thought to himself.

The bell on the door jingled as someone slowly opened the door. Misty quickly rushed to the front of the store but stopped in his tracks when he saw who had entered his shop. "A-Aldebaran!" he stuttered out in disbelief. Aldebaran stood there in all his glory. Misty didn't know what it was, but Aldebaran was breathtakingly handsome today. Misty couldn't help but turn red. "Can I help you with something?"

Aldebaran shook his head and then looked around at the items in the store. 'Lube, dildos, butt plugs and BSDM items,' is what flashed through his mind. His eyes landed on a mannequin wearing a cat-girl/boy outfit and his head nearly exploded.

"Umm…I came to get something in the mall, so I thought I'd stop by to see how things are going."

"Everything's fine! Business is a bit slow today since it's raining so much, but I'm sure once the sun comes out a bit later things will get a lot better." Misty smiled sweetly at Aldebaran as he made his way over to the giant. "Umm…about last night…"

"You're not hurting anywhere are you?" Aldebaran asked quickly. Misty stared at him for a few seconds before smiling. "You see, I've not done that in a while so I was a bit aggressive. I apologize if I hurt you in anyway."

The word aggressive bounced around in Misty's mind for a bit and he turned crimson. Yes…Aldebaran had turned into a complete beast after the first round. He was not given the chance to dominate the rest of the times, it was all Aldebaran. 'He's got a lot of stamina. We were at it for around four hours and I didn't see any signs of him being tired while we were at it. Kyaa…I just remembered he even had a wicked moment when he was tugging on my hair. Kyaa! His strong back was so sexy and…'


"Oh! I'm sorry! Seems I got a little carried away just now. I'm quite fine," Misty said with a flushed face. He didn't want to ask the question which was at the tip of his tongue, but he knew he had to for his sanity to remain intact. "I'll understand if you don't want to take things too seriously. After all, last night was pretty crazy and…"

Aldebaran was glaring at him. He looked away quickly with an embarrassed look on his face. He knew he shouldn't have said it! Aldebaran moved closer to the blond and took a hold of his hand.

"I didn't want you to get that feeling. I realized you felt that way after you fled this morning without even giving me any notice. It may have come out of no where, but I don't have casual flings." Misty stared at him with wide eyes.

"Aldebaran…are you saying that you…" Misty began to say but stopped when the door of his store opened. The face that peeked inside surprised him. "Shion-sensei?!"

Shion stepped inside followed by Dohko. They looked around at all the items in the shop as Aldebaran did and then tried their best to keep a straight face. "We're not disturbing you are we? I noticed that you had that 'at lunch' sign up." Shion said as he took a step forward. When he realized that it was Aldebaran standing before him, a huge grin spread across his face.

"What are you doing here?" Misty asked out of curiosity. They really were a bit odd. Not many people would want to be caught alive inside his kind of store.

"We heard that you had a store in this mall and thought we should visit you." Dohko said as he looked at some of the outfits on display. He noticed the school girl outfit and he grew excited. "Shion, this would look great on yo- owww!" he cried as he held his head. Shion had slapped him pretty hard on the side of his head.

Sorrento, unable to hide any longer, emerged from the store room with a big grin on his face. He grinned wickedly up at Aldebaran and then smiled at his former teacher/headmaster.

The five of them chatted for a half hour and then Sorrento said he had to run away to meet Kannon. Both Dohko and Shion also decided it was time to leave, but before they could, Aldebaran invited them over for dinner. They both agreed and then left the store. Misty stared at Aldebaran with a small nervous smile on his face. He got the surprise of his life when Aldebaran quickly moved closer to him and then kissed his cheek, before trying to escape from the store.

Misty quickly grabbed him and then tip toed so that he could kiss Aldebaran on the lips. "Thanks for coming to check on me. I'll see you later alright?"

Aldebaran stared dumbly at him but then nodded his head and then left the store. It was a great idea to come into a sex shop, especially if you were a teacher in a high school.

A few blocks away, Shiryu was now returning from Mu's place. His uncle and his lover were not around and his grandfather had not questioned him about his sleepover at Seiya's. He only grinned knowingly at him as he limped to his room.

Before he could even sit down on his bed, his cell phone rang. "Hello?" It was Seiya and he wanted to know if he would speak to Marin on his behalf. Seiya had been grounded when Marin had found out that he had been 'fooling' around with Saga.

"Please Shiryu? I really wanna get out of this house so badly. Every time I see Aiolia or Aiolos I feel like roundhouse kicking them."

"I'll talk to her for you, but you owe me one!"

"Thank you so much!"

Shiryu sighed and then counted to three before Seiya put Marin on the phone. He really had to get creative for Marin was no idiot. Two streets away, Shun and Hyoga kissed and then parted ways.

When Shun had returned home, he found the house to be extremely quiet, too quiet in fact. He quietly slipped into the house and then made his way upstairs. When he reached Ikki's room, he regretted looking inside.

There buck naked was Ikki and Shaka in bed and…they were having a lot of fun. It seemed that they were having so much fun that they forgot to close the door to their bedroom. Shun slid past the door as most ninja-esque as he could before he dived into the safety of his room. He made sure to slam the door loudly so that they would know that he had arrived and surely as he predicted, twenty minutes later and ruffled and flushed Shaka came to greet him.

"Seiya called earlier for you. It seems that he has gotten permission to go to that party with you guys." Shaka said as he stared at Shun. Shun avoided looking at him, but found it hard to not look at the older man in the eye when he was speaking.

"D-did you eat anything as yet?" Shaka asked nervously. Shun was eyeing him strangely.

"Yeah I ate at Hyoga's place" Shun said as he stared at Shaka. His normally neat blond hair was rumpled and flying all over the place. His face was flushed and he actually was out of breath.

"Hey kiddo!" Ikki said as he entered the room. His already bird nest type hair was in an even worst state than usual and his shirt was buttoned incorrectly. "You've got a big party coming up tonight. Are you prepared?"

"Yeah. Apparently the hosts have a special outfit already chosen for me but I still got some stuff just in case it was a lie."

"What kind of party is it?" Shaka asked.

"Apparently their parents are abroad, so they're just having a party for fun. I heard that their parents even gave them the money for it too." Shun climbed into bed. "I think I'll sleep for a few hours before I get ready to go." He said before snoring. Ikki and Shaka took the hint and left the room, and hurriedly returned to their own.


Shun had dressed and waited for Hyoga and Isaac to arrive and then they would head over to the twins home. Seiya and Shiryu had agreed to meet them there. Shun hadn't really wanted Isaac to come along, but Hyoga insisted. Shun couldn't help but feel like something bad would occur but tried to put the odd feeling to the back of his mind.

Hyoga and Isaac arrived and Shun left quickly, knowing that Ikki didn't like Isaac very much. It was a twenty minute walk from his house to the twins' place. Ikki had chosen a great neighborhood for them to live in and close by was the wealthy folk's community.

When they finally got to the place, both Hyoga and Shun's mouth dropped open in disbelief. The twin's home looked like a castle for forty, not four. "May I please have your names young sirs?" asked a butler at the entrance. He searched through the list and then let them through the gate. He gently pulled Shun aside, something which Hyoga didn't like.

"His name is on the list. Didn't you just check that?" Hyoga asked with a tinge of annoyance in his voice.

"The young masters have a special outfit prepared for him. If you would kindly follow me young sir..."

"Y-yes!" Shun stuttered out before following the old butler. A younger one appeared out of no where to handle to guest list. Hyoga and Isaac wondered about waiting for Shun to return.

"Woah…" Hyoga said in awe. Sid and Bud had called this their humble home…well there really wasn't anything humble about it. There were huge fountains and statues in the garden and pathway, the house was huge and there sure as hell was a lot of gold or silver shiny stuff lying around.

"Welcome to our home! We hope that you enjoy yourselves!" the twins echoed. They eyed Isaac, who looked very handsome in his all black attire. "And you might be?" they asked in sync. Shun always thought that was a bit creepy.

"Kraken Isaac, it's a pleasure to meet you." Isaac gave them a very tiny smile and Hyoga was grateful. The last thing he wanted was to have to worry about Isaac acting all rude and sour to his schoolmates. They stared at the golden eyed Russian for a while until their eyes fell on Shun. "S-shun…that outfit…"

Shun turned red when everyone turned to eye him, everyone except Isaac that is. "Ahh…well when we got here, you're butler told me that this was my outfit."

Sid and Bud slapped their hands together and then looked at each in the eye. "He's the perfect little angel," Sid said with a smile. "His outfit is perfectly little too!" Bud chorused with a lecherous grin. What exactly was Shun wearing? He had originally been dressed in a white skin leg corduroy jean with a fitted white t-shirt and ugg boots. He had looked good, but apparently without him knowing, he was chosen to be one of the 'angels' at the twin's party so when he had arrived the butler pulled him away from Hyoga and Isaac and then handed him his outfit.

Standing there looking more embarrassed than ever was Shun, clad in a white short but loose white shirt and a white pair of shorts that were fitted enough that his shapely behind was seen with his white ugg boots and a pair of small angel wings on his back.

"Shun! Hyoga!" someone yelled loudly. The said couple spun around to see Seiya running towards them down the long hallway with an annoyed Shiryu in tow. It was only when Seiya was a few scant meters away from them did they see what he was wearing. He wore a fitted short black overall with a long sleeved red shirt below it, a tail and a pair of horns ever present. While Shun's shorts where indeed shorter than he would like, Seiya's was definitely 'barely there.' When he sprang a hug on Isaac, (who had not even been paying attention) everyone's mouth dropped. Half of his butt cheeks were hanging outside.

"Seiya!" Shun yelled as he ran over to pry his friend from the devil incarnate. Isaac, in trying to remove the annoying unknown brunette from himself, grabbed Seiya's hips in an attempt at trying to gently pulling the 'pest' off only to realize when his hand slipped a little lower that he was grabbing some really nice ass. Seiya flew away from Isaac quickly with a bright red face.

"Pervert!" Seiya yelled as he pointed at the Russian who also wore an extreme blush. He stumbled over to Shun and then latched onto him before kissing him on the cheek. "Shun-chyan! You've got to keep me company tonight!"

"Is he drunk?" Shun mouthed to Shiryu. Shiryu nodded his head and then sighed. He did some weird hand motions and then looked away with a pink face. He had basically told Shun to pull down Seiya's shorts. Shun quickly pulled the cloth to cover's Seiya's behind, though with the cut of the overall, there wasn't much cloth to do that.

"Oh! Shun's a naughty boy!" Seiya said before he giggled and slapped Shun's behind. Syd and Bud stared with their mouths wide open, as did a few other boys who had just arrived. It was the school's two cutest boys in really short clothes clinging to and slapping each others behinds, in angel and devil costumes.

Sid and Bud looked at each other and then did a very tiny 'banzai'. "We're geniuses aren't we?" Bud said to Syd, but the other boy was staring at Shun and Seiya pressed together.

"Oh my god! Sid-bocchama, your nose is bleeding!" cried one of their many maids. She rushed over to the tall youth and wiped away the blood running down from his nostrils.

"Let's go inside," Hyoga said as he narrowed his eyes at Shun a bit. Shun widened his eyes but followed after his lover with a drunk Seiya in tow. Shun and Isaac looked at each other before following after the trio.

When they had found their 'corner' in the large darkened room (disco ball and all), Hyoga turned to Shiryu for some answers while Seiya dragged Shun around with him as he socialized. "Why the hell is Seiya drunk? Wasn't he supposed to get ready at your place?"

"Ah…you see, my uncle had carried him a drink, but he had also been carrying a drink for his lover and Grandfather. Seiya chose the wrong drink and well…now he's drunk." Shiryu said before sighing.

"What the hell kind of drink was your uncle giving to your old grandfather?" Hyoga asked with a raised eyebrow. Shiryu coughed and then looked away. Hyoga turned to Isaac, who looked extremely bored but still had flushed cheeks. "Sorry about earlier. He's my good friend Seiya. This guy here is Shiryu, also one of my close friends."

Isaac stared at Shiryu for a few seconds and then looked away. Shiryu had done the very same thing. Hyoga sighed. Why couldn't they all get along? A waiter passed by with a tray of drinks. Hyoga quickly grabbed a glass for himself and Shun, gulping down his quickly. His eyes widened dramatically when he was finished.

"What's wrong?" Shiryu asked as he took a glass for himself. Isaac also took a glass and then both Shiryu and Isaac took a sip. Both of their eyes shot wide open as well.

"This…this is real champagne!" Hyoga said in disbelief. He had thought that there would be no real alcohol allowed at the party, but he could tell that Syd and Bud's parents probably let them do as they pleased. "We can't let Seiya drink anymore of this stuff Shiryu!"

It was too late. Across the room, they spotted Seiya taking a sip from his glass. He had the same reaction as they did, but instead of letting his surprise stop him from drinking, he took a large gulp of the drink and then gave the waiter back his empty glass and then taking another.

"Oh my god, he's gonna be out of control in thirty minutes if he continues like this." Hyoga said as he looked at his brunette friend. Shun was staring at his glass of champagne as though someone put something strange in it.

Sid and Bud finally made their way to the party room, Sid dressed in black and Bud dressed in white, and stood in the centre near the DJ. "Welcome to everyone! We'd like to thank all you guys for coming to our party tonight! Let the fun and games begin." With that said, the DJ wasted no time in getting the party bubbling hot. Everyone was dancing and jumping around excitedly to the loud music, thoroughly enjoying themselves to the fullest.

"Is that Mime?" Hyoga heard Shiryu say in disbelief. Mime stood a few feet away from them in an outfit similar in nature to Seiya's, though a bit longer and in white. His red hair was bone straight and his face…Hyoga and Shiryu had not realized that he was quite so pretty. Fenrir and Hagen looked as though they were his guards, with their serious facial expressions and their all black attire.

Hyoga had realized something and was a bit worried. There were a lot more guys wearing black than white. Then he looked at the ones who were wearing white. Small build, cute faces and gentle/slightly wild personalities: "Ukes in white, semes in black…this is dangerous." He looked for Shun and Seiya and quickly made his way over to the uke duo. They were surrounded by a lot of guys.

"Shun!" Hyoga yelled trying to get his lover's attention. Shun did not hear him for the music was extremely loud.

"Seiya-chan, won't you dance with me?" a tall awkward looking boy asked from the crowd. Seiya giggled, wiggled and then shook his head. The boy looked dejected as he walked away and it was like that for many more boys who asked the brunette to dance. In fact, Seiya may have been drunk but though he was giggling more than usual, whenever someone approached him with lusty intentions, his eyes had a serious, even scary look to them. He would quickly giggle and then wiggle around to distract them from this, but he refused them nonetheless.

When the DJ started playing some of Lady Gaga's* songs, Seiya went crazy. "Oh my God! I lurve this song!" he yelled excitedly as he skipped towards the dance floor. Shun and Hyoga stared at him as though he was crazy and then followed after him. He had latched onto to Jabu and was basically having his way with him.

"Thank God it's Jabu…they're childhood friends," Hyoga said to Shun. Shun was startled, for he had not realized that Hyoga was standing next to him. "Hey, do you want to dance?" Hyoga asked with a small blush on his cheeks. He was not such a great dancer, but it was the reason he had actually bothered coming to the twins' party. He had never danced with Shun and he really wanted to see how it would be. He figured that since Shun was shy, he wouldn't really want to dance too much with so many people around him.

Oh boy how he was wrong! Shun quickly nodded and conveniently, the DJ started playing his favorite Lady Gaga song, 'Star struck.' It was as though some kind of sultry dancer had stepped onto the dance floor. Shun could dance pretty well and he knew how to move his hips in a way that drove Hyoga crazy. The worst/best thing about it was that the green eyed beauty had not taken his eyes off of Hyoga while he danced. Hyoga stared at him as he danced, unable to take his eyes away from his lover.

"I'm so star struck, baby could you blow my heart up?" Shun looked at him in the eye and sang the chorus of the song, never looking away as he moved his hips sensually in time to the beat of the music.

Unable to hold back any longer, he put his hands on Shun's waist and pulled his lover closer to him. Shun seemed all too happy for the contact, for he quickly spun around so that his back faced Hyoga's front. He pulled Hyoga closer so that their bodies were pressed together and then moved his hips.

Shiryu stared at them with his mouth hanging open, as did many boys. They were quite a picture on the dance floor. From the corner of his eyes, he saw Isaac looking on at them with clear disgust in his eyes. Shiryu felt a little wicked tonight, perhaps because he did not have his own lover to dance with and he had to look at someone else having fun as a couple. He moved closer to Isaac and then smiled at the Russian.

"They're quite the picture of bliss aren't they?" Shiryu asked as he looked at his two friends on the dance floor. Isaac ignored him. "It must feel so nice to be able to dance with your special someone. I'm a little jealous."

"And why are you telling me this?" Isaac asked in an annoyed tone of voice. Shiryu smiled wickedly.

"You're really transparent Kraken-san." Shiryu looked at him from the corner of his eye. "It's really obvious that you're trying to get Hyoga back."

Isaac narrowed his eyes. "And what would make you think that?"

"Because you look at Shun as though you want to crush him," Shiryu said as he looked at his green eyed friend. "There is no one who would look at that guy with eyes like yours."

"That's because he is so kind right? Don't make me fucking piss myself from laughter." Isaac snarled. Shiryu turned his head to look at him. Isaac did the same. "Do you think I'm intimidated by you? You're nothing to me you silly boy."

"I had no intentions of trying to intimidate you, so why did you bring that up? Maybe you are intimidated by me and all of Hyoga's new friends here in Sanctuary." Shiryu smiled when Isaac glared at him.

"Shiryu! Come on Shiryu!" Seiya hollered from on the dance floor. Jabu was limping away, clearly no match for Seiya's wild dancing skills.

"I don't usually like to interfere in other's business…but if you fuck around with my friends, I'll fucking tear your limbs off." Shiryu gave Isaac one final glance and then made his way over to Seiya. Fenrir, who had been close enough to Shiryu and Isaac to hear their conversation, gulped nervously. Shiryu was a quiet person, but for him to say something like that…it clearly was something serious. Fenrir looked at Isaac from the corner of his eye.

"Fenrir?" Mime called softly, getting the wolf-like boy's attention quickly. "You've been standing since you got here. Won't you dance with me?" Fenrir looked at Mime and then looked away quickly.

"Sorry, dancing isn't my thing. Why don't you go ask Sid or Bud?" Mime looked disappointed but nodded his head and made his way over to the twin hosts. Hagen suddenly appeared next to Fenrir with a drink in his hand.

"You're really stupid. He'll get stolen away really quickly if you don't move fast enough," Hagen said before taking a sip of his champagne. Fenrir stared at Mime, who was guided onto the dance floor by both twins and then closed his eyes.

"He'll get stolen away huh?" he whispered to himself as stared at his childhood friend. He looked awkward there caught in the middle of the twin sandwich. "Ah, did Alberich come?"

"No, I think he's trying to avoid having to see Seiya. After all, he did know of Sid and Bud's plans." Hagen said before eyeing some cute little thing in white. "Hey, isn't that the student body president?"

Fenrir narrowed his eyes as he stared at the said person and then nodded his head. "I didn't realize he was that cute. You're hungry right? Go have that tasty little snack."

"It'll be my pleasure to devour him." Hagen saluted Fenrir and then made his way over to the president. Fenrir turned to look at Isaac, but the golden eyed Russian wasn't in sight.

A few hours had passed by and Seiya had tired Shiryu out (though he didn't really dance much) and was now dancing with Shun and Mime. Hyoga had gone to get some drinks (water), so he did not notice that most of the boys had stopped dancing to stare at uke trio lustfully.

"Where did Isaac go?" Hyoga asked Shiryu when he did not spot his childhood friend.

"I don't know where he went to. Look, Hyoga that guy…" Shiryu started to say but Hyoga walked away. He asked a few people and he eventually found himself on the second floor in some dark bedroom.

"Isaac?" he called as he stepped further into the darkness. He could not see well, but he saw the silhouette of someone near the window. "Isaac?"


"Yeah…what are you doing here?" Hyoga asked as he approached his fellow Russian. When he was a foot away, Isaac grabbed him.

"Where did Hyoga go?" Shun asked Seiya and Mime. Mime shrugged his shoulders, but Seiya said nothing. He slowly wobbled over to Shiryu, holding his stomach.

"What's wrong?" Shiryu asked. His eyes grew to the size of saucers when Seiya all but fell over on him. "Seiya! What's wrong?"

"I think I'm gonna be sick," he said with heavy lidded eyes. Shiryu quickly gathered up Seiya and headed to the bathroom. As soon as they got their, Seiya rushed in and then went to town i.e. puked his liver-strings out.

"Are you alright?" Shiryu asked worriedly. Seiya replied with a loud cough and more puking. The raven haired youth leaned against the wall and then sighed. Pretty soon Shun and Mime joined him, Shun going into the bathroom to help clean Seiya up. The brunette started crying uncontrollably, hiccups and gasps and all.

"Are you alright Seiya?" Shun asked worriedly. Seiya latched onto him.

"This really sucks. Really really sucks!" he said before burying his head in Shun's chest. "Everyone else gets to be with their lover but I can't see mine."

"Have you tried contacting Saga-sen…um I mean Saga-san?" he asked while patting the small brunette's head.

"He's not answering my calls or my emails. I think he's really finished with me for good."

"I think he's looking out for you. Didn't Aiolia-san forbid you from seeing him?"

"Yeah, I even got grounded but had to beg Marin to allow me to come tonight."

"Well, I may not know Saga-san well, but I don't think he's one to play around with you like that. I definitely think he's keeping his distance so that he won't cause anymore trouble. Don't worry too much, we'll find a way for you guys to meet." Shun said with a smile.

"Really? You'll help me see him?" Seiya asked with huge puppy eyes. Shun nodded at him and he squeezed him around the waist happily. "Thank you! I really do love you. I think I'll steal you away from Hyoga if things don't work out with Saga."

"No such thing will happen, so don't even think about it." Shun said with a giggle.

"Is Seiya alright?" Sid asked from outside the door. Shun slowly emerged from the bathroom with Seiya latched onto him. Mime handed Seiya a bottle of water.

"This should help you feel a little better," Mime said softly. Fenrir was close by as usual, never having let Mime out of his sight. Seiya took the bottle of water with a soft 'thank you' and then followed Shiryu to a sofa close by.

"Do you think we should leave soon?" Shun asked worriedly. Even though Seiya was feeling a little better, he still looked sick and he was clear that he had a massive headache.

"Yeah, I think you should go look for Hyoga and Isaac. I'll try to get this guy to be livelier. If Marin finds out that he was drinking a lot, he'll be grounded for life." Shiryu said with a small laugh. "Shun…that Isaac guy, I don't like him."

"It's alright, I can handle him." With that said Shun set out in search of his lover. He asked several people and most of them told him that they saw Hyoga heading upstairs. He slowly made his way upstairs, a little weary of venturing outside of the area he barely knew. Sid and Bud had a huge house and when he got up the stairs, there were two corridors which only served to confuse him more. He went with his gut feeling and chose the corridor on the right and surprisingly, he found Hyoga and Isaac in the very first room he encountered. What he saw made his eyes widen and his mouth hang open.

Isaac had Hyoga pushed up against the wall near the window and was looming over him, his face dangerously close to the blonde's own. "Hyoga, I love you. Why won't you come back to Russia with me? We can be together like old times."

"Isaac…I'm flattered that you still feel this way about me, but I'm in love with Shun. I'm not going to leave him for you. I'm sorry." Hyoga turned his face away but Isaac grabbed a hold of his chin and forced him to look his way. "Isaac…I'm sorry but please, let me go."

"You left me high and dry in Russia for no reason to come to Japan. You ended things when there was no reason to, and yet you've moved on so quickly. Do you think it was fair what you did to me? I still haven't got over you!"

"I'm sorry…" Hyoga said softly as he looked away again. Shun was happy that Hyoga was refusing so adamantly but was worried by Isaac's behavior. "Please, just let me go back to Shun…" Hyoga pleaded. Isaac gritted his teeth and then roughly pulled Hyoga closer to himself. He crushed his lips against his former lover's but Hyoga refused to respond.

"Why won't you respond to me?! Is he so much better? I don't understand!" he yelled loudly as he shook Hyoga. Hyoga looked at him as though he grew another head and somehow that helpless expression only made Isaac angrier. He kissed Hyoga roughly again, this time tugging at the blonde's clothes and nipping at his mouth aggressively. Shun had seen enough.

"What do you think you are doing?" he asked sternly as he entered the room. Hyoga pulled away from Isaac hurriedly. Shun looked extremely pissed off. "Is that what you do Isaac? Force someone who isn't interested in you into loving you again? That's not going to cut it."

Hyoga didn't know where this side of Shun came from, but he was happy to see it. However, he remembered what happened with Alberich in the cafeteria and he worried that Shun may fly off the handle again.

"Ah, it's the slut. How sweet of you to join us!" Isaac said as he glared at Shun.

"Don't speak to Shun like that!" Hyoga said angrily.

"Why? A slut is a slut. I can't help but call him out on his true nature." Shun stared at him evenly. Isaac's comments weren't affecting him at all.

"I thought that you were more mature, but you're resorting to kindergarten insults. Sorry, that's not going to cut it." Shun quickly crossed the room and then grabbed Hyoga's hand and pulled him away from Isaac and out of the room. "We're getting out of here Hyoga. Seiya's sick and Shiryu's uncle is already on the way to pick us up." Shun said as he walked quickly down the corridor.

He pulled but Hyoga wasn't moving. Isaac held onto his other hand.

"Let him go Isaac. He doesn't want to be with you!" Shun said sharply. Hyoga had never heard Shun speak in that manner before, so he knew that Shun's anger was growing. Shun may have been a sweet and gentle person, but because they rarely fought Hyoga realized that Shun had one of those 'sleeping volcano' type of personalities.

"I'm not letting him go. I've loved him for so long; I won't lose him to you." Isaac said in return. He tugged on Hyoga's arm.

"Isaac…I'm sorry but I love Shun now. I can't be with you anymore." Hyoga stared at Isaac. "I'm sorry but I won't change my mind. Please accept my decision." Hyoga's pleading expression angered Isaac and the golden eyed Russian shoved his former lover out of the way grab Shun roughly. They were dangerously close to the staircase but none noticed this.

"You…you ruined everything!" Isaac said as he squeezed Shun's hand tightly. Shun cried out and Hyoga grabbed a hold of one of Isaac's hands.

"Isaac stop it!" Hyoga said sternly but Isaac ignored him. Isaac eyed Shun and after a few seconds of struggle, the green eyed youth stared at Isaac quietly as he squeezed his hand. It was done so quickly that Hyoga barely recognized what was done, but Shun stamped on Isaac's toes and then elbowed him in the stomach. Isaac released his hand quickly as he held his stomach in pain.

Hyoga stared at Isaac worriedly but his worry quickly turned into shock as he leapt up to grab Shun roughly. Shun instinctively pulled away but Isaac was stronger than he was.

"Isaac let him go!" Hyoga yelled angrily. He tried to separate the two, but Isaac shoved him aside. Before his very eyes, something that he wished had to never see happened. Shun got one hand free and slapped Isaac across the face and then tried to run away, but Isaac grabbed hold of one of his hands. Shun pulled and pulled but Isaac would not let go. By now with all the noise they had made Shiryu and Seiya were looking at them at the bottom of the stairs, for the sofa had been located near the staircase.

"Hey! Let him go!" Shiryu yelled as he took a step forward and placed one foot on the first stair. Isaac loosened his grip a bit and Shun, noticing this, pulled himself away with all his might. He had not realized that he was standing at the top of the staircase nor did Isaac, so when Shun pulled away with all his might and he started to fall backwards, he tried to step backward to regain his balance but his foot slipped off of the stop stair and twisted.

He didn't stop falling. Hyoga, Isaac, Seiya and Shiryu watched in horror as Shun fell backwards; his right hand sticking out in front of his body hoping someone would grasp it. No one grasped it.

"Shun!!!!!!!" Seiya screamed loudly.

A few miles away, Ikki's cell phone rang nonstop. "God, who is this pest at this hour," he grumbled as he climbed out of bed. It was now one in the morning and he had been sleeping peacefully in bed with Shaka beside him.

"Hello? Look, it's one in the God damn morning, why don't you…" he began to say but suddenly stopped. His eyes widened and Shaka, who had been awakened by the cell phone, sat up worriedly.

"What did you just say?" Ikki asked softly. Ikki's entire face went white and then he mumbled some 'yes' and 'I'll be right there' before ending the conversation. He stared blankly at the space in front of him.

"What's wrong?" Shaka asked worriedly. Ikki turned to look at him with a very worrying expression on his face. "What's wrong?"

"Shun…he's in the hospital."


Shaka's exclamation echoed through the night. A few blocks away, Misty's phone rang. He crawled out of Aldebaran's bed and crawled over to his cell-phone. He sang the new ring tone softly as he opened his phone. "I'm so star struck…"

Baby could you blow my heart up?


*La Petit Morte: French phrase meaning 'the little death.' This 'little death' is referring to the experience of having a mind-blowing orgasm. I've also read that this phrase may also come from the fainting spells some people reach after orgasm. I actually learnt about this in one of my Literature classes. Oh…the corruption! XD

*Lady Gaga is a new-ish artist with really cool songs. I've fallen in love with 'Star struck' 'Disco Stick' and 'The Fame'. Please check her out on youtube or something. She has great music for clubbing.

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