AN: Please note, this entire trilogy was completed before Order of the Phoenix came out. My speculation on the Prophecy was independent of JKR's and is for the continuing plot of this series.

Harry Potter and the Trelawney Prophecy

Chapter One

Sorrow's Solace

A small fuzzy object hit Harry Potter in the side of the head, waking him up. Harry sat up and looked around. The object was whizzing around his bedroom, hooting excitedly.

"Pig," muttered Harry. "Be quiet."

As soon as Ron's (Harry's best friend) owl got close, he simply reached out and snatched the tiny owl from the air. An easy feat due to Harry's Quidditch training.

Pig nipped at Harry's fingers as he dropped a small parcel onto Harry's bed. Harry let go of him and watched as he flew to Hedwig's perch for a drink. Hedwig (Harry's own owl) wasn't there.

Harry glanced at his alarm clock. 12:10 am. He sighed until he realized it was 12:10 on July 31. It was his birthday. No wonder Ron had sent Pig. They lived next door to each other now, but it had become tradition that his friends from school sent him birthday wishes just after midnight.

Since Harry had been having an emotionally draining summer, he allowed himself to smile as he picked up Ron's note.


Happy Birthday. This is just a note, we have the presents from my family here for you. You can come over you know. I know Sirius says you're still depressed but we miss you. I miss you. Quidditch in the clearing is dull without you.

Talk to me, Harry. I used to be damned good at being your best friend. Now I'm not so sure.


Harry swallowed the additional guilt like an oversized pill. He had been avoiding the Weasleys and Ron for the passed few weeks. He'd been experiencing so much guilt and confusion that he had felt better just wallowing in his own misery.

Harry got another note and some fudge from Hagrid as well as a note from Hermione. He got nothing from Ginger. He didn't expect anything from her but it still hurt. She was so angry with him because he wouldn't tell her what was wrong. Harry couldn't.

Because of Voldemort's lies, Harry was a hero again. Voldemort and many of his Death Eaters were locked up awaiting execution. It was because of Voldemort's lies that Harry's emotions were in such turmoil again.

Voldemort had told the aurors that Harry had tricked him. That Harry had tricked Voldemort into helping Harry over the power threshold until the aurors made it there (using the maps that Harry had made) to capture them. Harry had gotten a couple of awards. He couldn't remember the ceremonies.

He did remember going to Voldemort at the end of the last semester though, and that is what was tormenting Harry. Voldemort and Harry had been feeding magic off each other, every time Voldemort touched Harry and especially when Voldemort touched Harry's scar. In Harry's case, being young, he reached thresholds - a platform of power that he needed extra power from Voldemort to get him through it. The first, at the end of his 5th year, Harry had gotten so dizzy he felt as if he was sliding into oblivion. The 2nd, just before the summer, is what was causing Harry such grief lately.

After the second threshold Harry had endured 4 days of dizziness and messed up vision, then the pain had hit. Madam Pomfrey had done all she could, including keeping Harry in dreamless sleep, but Harry had known that only Voldemort could help him.

Harry needed an extra dose of Voldemort's power to get him over the threshold.

Harry had been through torture and pain to the extreme but this had been enough to push him to the limit of his endurance. Sirius had finally told him to go to Voldemort and Harry had. Sirius had told Harry that Ron had found the Maps that Harry had made.

Harry remembered begging Voldemort to help him. Telling him that Harry accepted him. Voldemort had asked if Harry knew what he was saying. Harry, passed the realm of his tolerance for pain and knowing that Voldemort was the only one who could help him, had sworn that he did. He begged Voldemort to help him and Harry had called Voldemort father.

"You all heard him," was all Voldemort had said to his Death Eaters.

That is what haunted Harry. He couldn't understand why Voldemort had told the aurors that Harry had tricked him. Couldn't understand why Harry was a hero again. Voldemort could tell when Harry was in pain. Voldemort had to know that Harry wasn't in any condition to try to manipulate him.

Harry couldn't talk to anyone about it, not even Sirius or Ron.

He had to talk to Voldemort first. Voldemort had filed a stay of execution again so that Harry had to talk to him before the execution but Harry was afraid to do that too.

Harry had spent half of the summer in such fear with such guilt, he felt crippled. Sirius wasn't pressuring him, seemed afraid to and his friends seemed to be reading Harry's aloofness.

Only Ginny and Rowan seemed to be the most vocal. Ginny had told him if he didn't tell her what was wrong then he shouldn't talk to her at all. So that being the case, Harry had lost her. Rowan's tears weren't working to cleanse Harry of his guilt and inner pain and thusly she was very irritated. Rowan, being Harry's phoenix, kept trying.

Harry put his birthday notes on his nightstand then Hedwig flew in. She landed on Harry's bed before him and waited while Harry took off the note on her leg. She looked up at him with a sad expression. Harry guessed Hedwig could tell Harry was having a bad summer too.

When he looked down at the parchment, Harry understood. It was from Voldemort.

Happy Birthday, Harry. I am sure you have grown much and I know I have taught you well, but I know you still have questions and are still curious. I know you are confused. Come to me, Harry. We have much to discuss.

Because of the guilt and confusion forced upon him by Voldemort, Harry had been living a damned nightmare this summer. He'd alienated his friends and Sirius and spent most of his time alone.

Two weeks after his birthday, Harry fell asleep slumped over his summer homework at his desk in the office.

Images of his past flashed through his head.

The boy will come to me.

Our connection grows ever stronger.

My Death Eaters have accepted it, even if you haven't.

I am as a part of you as you are a part of me.

The only wizard in the world who I can't kill and can destroy me is Harry Potter, and he is now my son.

Sirius woke him gently.

"Harry?" said Sirius.

Harry looked up. He was sweating and his eyes were burning.

Harry rubbed his hands over his face.

"All right, Harry?" said Sirius.

"No," said Harry. "I have to see Voldemort."

Sirius looked hard into his face.

Harry returned the level stare. "I do, Sirius," said Harry. "I have to see him."


"You know I'm right," Harry insisted. "Please Sirius."

"All right, Harry," said Sirius, but he didn't look happy.

Harry left Sirius at the last gate and continued up the corridor toward Voldemort's cell. His stomach had started to hurt two gates ago. Now he was broaching on full blown nausea. He walked stiffly passed several cells with Death Eaters in them. They whispered, "Master Harry."

Harry ignored them and kept his eyes on the floor. He wasn't sure what he was going to say but he knew he needed to know why Voldemort had done what he had.

The burn slowly increased on his head as he walked. Finally, Harry flinched as he looked into Voldemort's cell. Just like the last time, Voldemort was reclined in a cozy chair eyes closed, looking perfectly at peace.

Harry didn't step away from the bars. He didn't want to be overheard. He was sure this conversation was going to be very strange, very frustrating or very painful.

He felt emotionally drained all ready and he hadn't said a word. Harry stared at the floor trying to think of something to say.

The pain in his head doubled and Harry looked up. Voldemort was standing before him, holding a hand under his chin.

"Hello, Harry," said Voldemort.

Harry opened his mouth but Voldemort touched his face to keep him quiet.

"Listen to me, Harry," said Voldemort. "I know you have questions. I will answer them, but not here."

"What-" started Harry but a guard raced up the corridor at him. Somewhere in the distance, Harry heard Sirius calling his name.

"Harry," said the guard, approaching at top speed. "We have to get out of here. The Dementors are coming."

"The Dementors?" said Harry, confused.

The guard stopped dead, staring over Harry's head. Harry turned around.

Five Dementors loomed over him. Cold enveloped him. He forgot everything Remus had taught him as he heard his mother's screams inside his head.

Harry backed away from them. "No," he whispered. The screams got louder. Harry blacked out.

Harry woke up in his bed in his tent in Voldemort's compound.

What have I done?

An all encompassing guilt hit Harry, recalling his mother's screams.


"Go away, Voldemort," said Harry.

"Harry, eat some chocolate," said Voldemort. "There is some next to your bed."


"Harry, you haven't betrayed them."

That got Harry's attention. He turned his head. "How do you figure that?" said Harry.

"Choices," said Voldemort.

Harry sat up. Voldemort was across the room sitting in the chair he usually used when he was with Harry in this room.

"I don't understand," said Harry.

"Eat some chocolate and I will explain," said Voldemort.

Harry picked up a piece and took a small bite. Warmth spread over him.

"How much do you remember, Harry?" said Voldemort.

"Enough," said Harry.

"I'm surprised you remember any of it," said Voldemort. "In the condition you were in, I'm surprised you were able to come to me without assistance."

"Is that why you told the aurors what you did? Because you thought I wouldn't remember?"
"No, Harry. I told them that because you did not accept me."

"But I remember-"

"Harry," Voldemort interrupted. "Choices. You didn't choose to accept me. You had to.

"You knew I was the only one who could help you. You knew what I wanted to hear. You were suffering to the limit of your endurance. You simply couldn't take anymore and you didn't think I would help you without a concession from you."

Harry stared at him. It was true, but Harry had still said it, sworn it.

"Remember what you told me? For Sirius I will do as he says. For you I will do what I have to do. In your mind, you did what you had to do to end your suffering."

"I still said it, Voldemort," said Harry hoarsely. This was the conversation he was dreading - and it was turning out to be painful.

"But I will not accept it," said Voldemort.

Harry blinked at him.

"You did not choose to join me, Harry," said Voldemort. "And I will not have it any other way. When you finally do accept me, choose to stand with me, we will both know it."

"How?" said Harry curiously.

"The connection will be complete. I will feel your power, and you will feel mine."

Harry was too confused to comment so he took a bite of chocolate.

"So I made you a hero again," said Voldemort. "So the wizarding world would know they haven't lost you yet."

"And what will they think now?" said Harry. "The day I visit you, you escape."

Voldemort waved his hand. "I have taken care of that. The guard who rushed in saw the Dementer subdue you and he heard me order Lucius to bring you so I could punish you for deceiving me."

"Always one step ahead," muttered Harry.

"I have to be, Harry," said Voldemort. "Have some more chocolate and rest, Harry. We will talk again later."

Harry watched Voldemort leave feeling better than he had all summer.

It hadn't been a free will decision. It was the pain that forced Harry to say what he had. Voldemort knew it. Harry laid back in his bed and actually slept.

Harry emerged from the tent. The camp was quiet but he heard voices from the conference tent. Harry moved toward it. According to Voldemort, he was allowed in now but he wasn't sure he wanted to.

"...not too long."

Harry heard. It sounded like Sirius. Harry dismissed it, blaming hunger. He hadn't slept or eaten properly in weeks. He moved to get some food and sat down before the fire to eat.

He had almost finished his plate when he felt the burn.

"Good morning, Harry," said Voldemort. "I saw the flinch. I know I didn't sneak up on you."

Harry shrugged, laid his plate on the table beside his chair and leaned back into the chair in a comfortable slouch.

Harry looked at him across the fire, unsure what to say.

Voldemort studied him. "Harry?"

"What?" said Harry cautiously.

"Do you know how they found us?"

Harry sighed. "I do."

"Tell me," said Voldemort.

Harry leaned forward on his legs. "Do you remember last year, the celebration you had when you broke open Azkaban?"


"I was bored. I found a map of the camp and although the layout was correct, it wasn't finished."

"You don't mean that wasted effort of Wormtail's to create a map like the Marauder's Map, do you?" said Voldemort.

"Yes," said Harry. "It gave me something to do while the celebration went on - to distract me from the pain."

"You got it to work?" said Voldemort.

"Partially," said Harry. "The pain got too annoying and I called Rowan. Then Severus came in. I didn't get it to work fully until the day you took Ginger."

"I'm impressed, Harry," said Voldemort.

"Well, I couldn't get it to disappear," said Harry. "But I was able to identify all the dots."

"There had to be something else," said Voldemort.

Harry couldn't help grinning. "That first time you saw me in my animangus form, I had been flying over the camp. I noted landmarks and sketched another map."

Voldemort grinned back at him. "Very clever, Harry. I'll have to remember that. Harry Potter bored and resourceful is a very real danger to me."

Harry couldn't help his grin from becoming a smile. "I don't suppose you could tell me how to get to Bulgaria?"

"I could," said Voldemort. "But I won't."

Harry watched as Voldemort got up and rounded the fire to stand before Harry. Harry flinched.

"Why not?" said Harry.

Voldemort chuckled. "Always the cynic, my Harry." Then his expression went very serious. "Stay with me, Harry."


Voldemort cut him off. "Visit for a few days."

Harry eyed him suspiciously. "Why?" said Harry.

"You know I enjoy having you here with me," said Voldemort. "And I'd like to see how your powers have grown after the threshold and over the summer."

"More tests?" said Harry with horror as he stood up. "I don't think so."

Voldemort searched his face. Voldemort was close enough to grab him and force him to stay if he wanted to but Harry was betting he wouldn't.

"You know I can make you," said Voldemort.

Harry was right. "I don't think you will," said Harry.

Voldemort reached a hand towards Harry's face. Harry leaned away. Voldemort gripped Harry's wrist instead to keep him from moving away and from apparating. "No, Harry," said Voldemort. "I won't. But I want you to remember that it is an option."

"Threatening me with torture is a great way to make me want to stay and visit with you, Voldemort," said Harry sarcastically.

Voldemort chuckled and touched Harry's face. The combined touch put Harry to his knees.

"No, Harry," said Voldemort. He released Harry's wrist but kept his hand on Harry's face. Harry couldn't move. His gaze was held by Voldemort's red stare. "But you need to know I still have that advantage over you."

Like Harry would forget.

"But I am hoping your curiosity may influence you."

"Oh?" Harry managed to say.

"Yes. I have tests," said Voldemort. "Aren't you curious to see what I have to teach you?"

All my tests teach you something.

Voldemort had a point. He took his hands away from Harry's face and Harry leaned on one hand, pressing the other to his scar. He looked up at Voldemort.

"What do you say, Harry?" said Voldemort. "I went to Azkaban for you again. I didn't have to let the aurors take me. Give me three days."

Harry pushed himself to his feet considering Voldemort's expression. He appeared hopeful. What did Voldemort want to teach Harry? Damn Harry's curiosity.

"All right, Voldemort," said Harry. "Three days."