"Ugh. Tell me again why I am massaging your nasty feet?" Gojyo muttered, kneading his thumb against the arch of Sanzo's left foot.

"Because you lost at cards. Harder, Kappa," the monk replied.

"I wish you'd say that in bed…" That one earned the red-head a hard tug on one antenna. "Ow! I hate that!"

Sanzo smirked, wriggling his toes. "I know."

"It would have been better if I'd won," the red-head grumbled. Sanzo raised an eyebrow.

"Oh? And why's that?" he asked.

Gojyo skated stubby fingernails over the sensitive underside of his foot, causing a pleasant shudder down the priest's spine.

"Because my bet was a kiss." The accompanying grin was almost insufferable. Sanzo rolled his eyes.

"Better for you maybe," he snorted, deliberately shoving his toes into Gojyo's chin.

"You know you like it." The red-head looked like he was considering biting one of those toes. Sanzo made a face at him and crossed his arms.

"Get better at cards if you wanna win, Kappa," came the smug reply. Gojyo eyed the monk with a theatrically suspicious expression, rubbing his chin with a thumb as though he had a beard.

"I think you were cheating," he declared.

"So? You cheat too," Sanzo said. The kappa's large hands had abandoned his foot and were creeping slowly up his thigh. He glared at the offending fingers to let Gojyo know his shenanigans were not unnoticed.

"I also think I better strip-search you for cards." Gojyo was on him with surprising speed, pinning the monk beneath his heavier bulk.

"Get off!" Sanzo protested, but the half-breed easily shoved his hands away and reached into the front of the blonde's pants. His breathe caught, waiting for the inevitable inappropriate caress he knew Gojyo would never be able to resist administering.

But none came. Sanzo squirmed uncomfortably, looking up at the kappa who seemed quite surprised at what he'd found. The priest wondered incredulously if the dumb red-head had somehow forgotten the difference between boys and girls. Gojyo's fingers slid out of his pants slowly, and pinched between forefinger and thumb, came a playing card along with them. The kappa turned it over and showed it to Sanzo.

Ace of spades. Gojyo's grin could have sent mother's flying to cover their children's eyes. Sanzo frowned.

"Does this mean I'm gonna get lucky tonight?" the red-head asked cheerfully.

Sanzo kicked him off the bed.