By D.M.. Evans

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Rating - R (STRONG R for graphic violence and non-graphic but obvious rape)

Summary - Penn arrives in L.A. just as someone releases Angelus to murder Lilah.

Spoilers - none set AtS 1 before Hero'

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Author's NoteWritten for the Male Ficathon for crazygirl MaryMy man is PennFicathon requirements at the end Had to start this with someone other than the focus character just to set the stage and then I just couldn't NOT go back to her or it wouldn't have made sense so there are more OC scenes than originally intended. And THANKS to SJ for the editing.


Sonia watched them dining from a distance. She could imagine what they were talking about, laughing over, killing platonic time until they could steal away to one of their condos. She knew what would happen then, the torrid passion they shared. Sonia clenched her teeth. No one had a right to her Lindsey. She had loved him since they were in school in Hastings. He just needed help seeing they were meant for each other.

Sonia tried to prover her love to Lindsey, like the time she had covered her room with flowers and lit candles under the wall covered with pictures of Lindsey. She had lain down with her bottle of champagne, poems singing her love for him and a bottle of pills. Lindsey would have understood their bond that special night, but her roommate came home early and ruined that expression of love.

Sonia never finished law school and when she got out of Beddington Hills Rest Home, she ran down her ex-room mate figuratively then literally for daring to get between her and Lindsey. Now Sonia had another problem, another bitch standing between her and Lindsey. That would never do.

She had spent her time in Beddington well. Her roommate there claimed to be a witch but was locked up for her tendency to do Meth and get crazy. She taught Sonia a lot of things, things that weren't part of any drug delusions. Magic was real. Sonia excelled at surveillance spells. She knew where Lindsey and Lilah lived and played. She knew their business plans. She knew, for instance, that Lindsey was heading up a project to siphon energy from the local brothels and hooker strolls using a form of lust demon who converted the ambient lust into an energy Wolfram and Hart could use. Lilah was working with Lindsey to turn a certain vampire with a soul back into the evil creature he had once been.

Sonia decided to speed things along. She did her research and found a way to suppress the soul. It wouldn't be permanent but she didn't need it to be. All she'd needed was to get the vampire together with Lilah and let the nature of the beast rule. Sonia just had to be sure she was nowhere near the vampire after the spell was cast lest she be food as well or worse, when her suppression spell expired it tended to do so in a spectacular explosive backlash that erased the short term memories of anyone in a hundred yard radius. She couldn't risk forgetting her love for Lindsey. That in mind, Sonia set about to lure Angel to Lilah's so she could cast her spell.

Penn hit the streets as soon as it was dark, a little before even, carefully keeping to the shadows. He had finally gotten a line on where his sire was. He had been searching for Angelus for a very long time. It hurt more than it should have being stood up in Italy, being ignored for decades. Even his own father didn't show that much disinterest in him.

When he heard Angelus was supposed to be in L.A., Penn headed for the west coast. It had been a very long time since he'd been to the City of Angels and it had grown beyond his wildest imagination. The sheer possibilities of the havoc he could wreak made him hard with anticipation. Penn had spent two days just wandering the city getting the feel of it, making small quiet kills as he pondered his next move. Did he rack up some public kills just like he and Angelus used to and see if it drew out his sire or did he continue to look and see if he could find Angelus on his own? Penn needed to find out why he had been tossed aside and why the tales of Angelus were so rarely told any more.

Penn had heard about Wolfram and Hart in a couple of demon dive bars. He knew they were the center of evil doings in town and that Angelus had some sort of dealings with the big dog. It was a logical starting place to look for his sire. He was staring at the building when a woman burst out a small side door that he wouldn't have seen if it hadn't opened in front of him. She had a plastic gun in one hand and her shoes in the other as she sprinted into the parking lot. Her brunette mane flew behind her and Penn considered a moment about going after her but the plastic gun kept him rooted. A grown woman running from a demonic headquarters with a squirt gun probably meant she knew exactly what a vampire was. He decided there would be easier prey. Penn wasn't interested in a face full of holy water.

"Awww, Lilah, don't leave. Things are just getting interesting."

Penn looked back to the building hearing that familiar voice. Angelus sauntered out the same doorway. He couldn't believe his extraordinary luck. The woman Angelus had called Lilah roared out of the parking lot and blazed down the street. Obviously she knew and feared what Angelus was capable of doing to her tender body.

"My God! Angelus! I never thought I'd find you this fast!" Penn jogged over to his sire.

Angelus peered at him as if not recognizing him. "Penn? What are you doing here? I almost didn't recognize you without the full beard." Angelus rubbed his own smooth shaven chin.

Penn ran his fingers over his goatee. "We were supposed to meet in Italy, remember? What happened to you?"

"Nothing I want to talk about." Angelus shuddered. "I was gone for a long time but now I'm back. Do I have you to thank for that?"

"I don't have the first clue as to what you're talking about." Penn slapped his sire on the back, daringly.

Angelus eyed him sourly. "Doesn't matter. You got any cigarettes?"

Penn offered up a pack. "So you up for a little fun?"

"You have no idea how up I am." Angelus smirked around the butt of his cigarette.

"Where do we go from here?" Penn was shocked how easy it was to fall back into an easy rhythm with his sire, as if they hadn't been separated for decades.

"First we need wheels." Angelus cuffed Penn. "Come on, I have them at my place."

Penn followed Angelus to an office building. He wasn't expecting this to be Angelus' place, and the door glass reading 'Angel Investigations' was even more surprising. He started to ask about it but the hot glare from Angelus cut the query off.

"Cordelia," Angelus sing-songed, swaggering inside. "Cordy? You still here? Doyle?"

"Looks like everyone's gone home for the night," Penn said, disappointed.

"Pity. Well, not about Doyle. I'm in no rush to find out what a half demon's blood tastes like. But Cordelia, ummmm." Angelus purred, his eyes closing. "Sweetest thing you'll ever see. Wouldn't know what to sink into her first, cock or fang."

"How about a little of both at the same time?" Penn grinned, with a little hip thrust.

Angelus' trademark smirk reappeared. "That's my boy. But we'll need to find a gag for her. Cordelia never shuts the hell up. I'd rip her tongue out but I might have a use for that later."

Penn chuckled.

Angelus jangled the car keys he had fished out from his desk. "Let's roll."