"That was fun," Penn said. He and Angelus finished looping lengths of small intestine over the arms of the cemetery cross they had hung Sonia from after they were through with using her. She was still wiggling and crying when they started to gut her, but he was pretty sure she was dead now. Both he and his sire were naked in the waning moonlight since this was messy work.

Angelus nodded, glancing skyward as he went for the groundskeeper's spigot to wash up with. "Dawn will be here in an hour or so. We should play with Lilah a bit then take her home. I think we should keep her alive and fighting for awhile." Angelus' eyes gleamed at that idea. "We can always push going to Sunnydale back a day or so until we're done with her."

"You're the boss," Penn said.

"As it should be."

Penn eyed his sire sourly. He knew it always would be Angelus in charge, and part of him didn't mind much. To the vampires' surprise, Lilah wasn't where they had left her inside a crypt, hogtied with her own panty hose and gagged with her bra. Her lean, naked body was inching along the ground one handed since she had managed to wiggle one free. She was trying to get back to the car. "Wow, she is resourceful."

"Told you. Naughty, naughty, Lilah. No leaving before the party's over." Angelus squatted down next to her. She snapped at him, having torn away her gag somewhere along the way. "Told you she'd try to bite it off." Angelus laughed, scooping her up. He took her back to the car and dumped her in the back seat. "Your turn to drive, Penn. I get to have fun in the back seat."

"You'll have to kill me first," Lilah said, struggling.

Angelus laughed. "Death's more universal than life, Lilah. Everyone dies but not everyone lives. You and I are going to do a lot of living, and, if you're pleasing enough, I'll keep you living for days."

Penn nodded, pulling on his clothing, which he had left on the hood of the car. Still nude, Angelus climbed on top of Lilah in the backseat. He unbound her since the way she was still half-trussed didn't leave him easy access to something that didn't have teeth.

"Get off me." Lilah managed one short but strong kick right into Angelus' erection.

The elder vampire bellowed and Lilah leapt out of the car. Penn stumbled after her, trying to pull his pants up. Lilah raced naked through the head stones. There was a flash of lurid green light. Angelus screamed again. Penn felt the magical force even before he was buffeted off his feet. The last thing he saw was Lilah going down as Sonia's spell self-destructed.

Lilah woke up, feeling like she had a hangover. It took a few moments to realize that she was naked and in a cemetery with no memory of anything that had happened since lunch time. It was now nearly any dawn, judging by the prey-pink sky.

Getting to her feet, she saw a half naked man lying not too far from her. She walked past him and around the crypt he was lying beside and spotted Angel's car. She stumbled over to it on sore, bloodied feet. Her body was covered with scratches, and she could feel the bruises on her ankles and wrists. To her shock and horror, Angel was naked and unconscious in the back seat.

"What the hell?"

Lilah didn't waste time trying to figure it out. She didn't see the keys to the car but her dress and shoes were lying on the hood. She pulled them on and was about to look for the keys but saw Angel was waking up. Instead, she grabbed her purse off the floorboards of the car and ran. She'd catch a cab and figure this out when she was at a safe minium distance.

Angel smelled the sun. It was getting close to daybreak. He sat up, his head pounding. He felt oddly energized, like after a good meal. After a moment, he realized he was someplace he didn't remember going. "What am I doing here?" He glanced down, seeing he was naked and his entire groin purple as if he had taken a kick from a horse. It certainly felt that way. "Why am I naked?"

Seeing his clothes on the hood, he got out and dressed. Angel could smell Lilah all over him but had no memory of when he would have met up with her or why. There were other smells in his car, a woman, a man, sex. It only added to the confusion. The man's scent was some how familiar but he couldn't place it as if it had been too long ago for him to find it in his memory. He scanned the cemetery but saw no one.

He didn't have time to puzzle it out. He might not make it home as it was. Angel dug keys out of his pockets and peeled out.

Penn woke, wondering what he was doing in the cemetery, and where had he lost his missing shirt. He barely had time to pull himself into a crypt and hide from the sun. As he lay in his sanctuary, hearing the sounds of the police arriving because of some kind of murder a few hundred yards away, he thought about the best way of finding Angelus. It had been so long since Penn had seen him. He'd need to lure his sire out since the elder vampire seemed to be avoiding him. He knew exactly how.

That night a crossing guard died. Penn carved a cross into her cheek and waited. It was only a matter of time before Angelus came to find him.


Your guy: Penn
One other person you'd like to see: Angelus
This fic starts after which episode/season on which show: Somnambulist/Angel, but really anytime before Penn makes an appearance on the show
One thing you can't stand: fluff (although with the character I don't see that coming up)
Two things you really want: murders and cleverness :)
One favorite quote (not just from either show): Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives. -A. Sachs