U. N. Squadron:

Rouge Mercenaries

Chapter One

He sat behind that desk at Base 88, and stared at the map of the land, and at the first target. The first target was a base in the desert, where the enemy was building an ultimate tank to use against the forces of good. From what the spies had told us, the tank was armed with a four to six missile launcher, and than several smaller rocket launchers. However, the weakness was some sort of crystal which was placed in front of the missile launcher.

'If we aim our vulcan cannons at this crystal, it would hurt the tank immensely, and from what the spies have said, the color of the crystal determines the tank's health,' the man said.

He was a tall man, and he had long shoulder length hair, and had an X on his forehead. The X was said to be a scar he got from a POW camp during one of the past wars. He was the man for intelligence, he knew much about the enemy forces from his great network of spies and agents. If there was something to find, they could get it. If there was information to get, they could get it. They were invincible, and feared, the spies of the mercenary intelligence.

The other thing that was feared about the mercenary company were the pilots, three men, and one girl; Wolf Stiletto, Mickey M---, Greg Banks and finally the girl of the group, Shin Kamaza. It was not widely known that Shin was a girl, she looked a little like a guy, but it was not fully known. She had long blond hair, but no one really saw the other person without his or her pilot suit on. So, when Shin had her helmet on, one of her blue eyes were visible, the other was behind a thick lock of blond hair. Shin, however, was a very talented pilot, and no one really bothered her when it came to gender, or their real name.

The other pilots were different; they were easy to know. The oldest pilot was a man named Greg Banks, who was in his middle thirties. He was a short man, who wore his old green pilot suit. He was a pilot known for his ability to fly even the most damaged pilot. Perhaps this came from the times when the mercenary company wasn't winning all the time. The cost of a new plane is much more than repairing a damaged one. Greg was good at keeping the plane he bought alive and well.

The next pilot was Mickey M---, and he was a pilot of his early thirties. Mickey was a fairly experienced pilot, who wore his new blue pilot suit in his plane. He was a tall pilot with blond hair, and people enjoyed his company well. He was a pilot known to be able to handle many different weapons at once. He could drop bombs while firing his vulcan cannon, and shooting missiles, all at the same time. He was a good man, and he and Greg usually got along very well. Together, they were the oldest pilots of the group.

The next man was the new guy, a few years out of pilot school. His name was Wolf Stiletto, and one may think it an odd name, and strangely, it is his real name. Wolf is the youngest pilot, in his middle twenties, with Shin being a year ahead of him. Wolf wore a gray pilot suit, and his helmet shield was usually down, he did not want the enemy seeing the expression on his face. Wolf was a talented pilot; he having the ability to dodge a great deal of enemy fire, while still completing the mission he was assigned. Mainly he was a very agile in the cockpit. He had made himself a good reputation in the few missions he has flown. And those four people, Greg, Mickey, Shin and Wolf were the fighter pilots of the mercenary company, feared by some enemy pilots, and of course, loathed by the enemy.

'So... we shoot the crystal over and over, and the tank is destroyed?' Mickey asked.

'That is what the spies have made of it,' Intelligence X--- said.

'Well,' Greg asked,' what are we waiting for? Let's get out there!'