Chapter 34


"Ron and Ginny." He said.

"Agreed." She replied.

"That's all then – sorted." Harry said, leaving the desk to join her on the couch. She snuggled into him, and they lay there smiling; contented.

"Did you ask Dumbledore?" Hermione said half-asleep.

"Yeah – said he'd be delighted." They stayed like that until a small eight year old boy appeared at the side of them, not saying anything but looking at them excitedly. Harry was the first to notice, since Hermione had her eyes shut.

"You alright son?" Harry asked, smiling up at his near double image. Jamie nodded, a smile fixed on his face. Hermione opened her eyes and found her son in a Chudley Cannons uniform, and as she opened her mouth to say something, a look of pure horror crossed her sons face-

"But Mum you promised! You promised I could today – Please!" He begged "Dad!" he said, hoping for some back up.

"You did promise 'Mione" Harry said quietly, smiling. She sat up, indignantly-

"I know I did – I wasn't going to say I'd changed my mind-"

"Really?" Jamie said beaming "Promise?"

"I promise-" Hermione began, but was cut off by her son hurtling himself at her and wrapping her up in a hug.

"Thanks" He said happily, making both his parents smile.

"Just - you'll need a coat on." Hermione said resolutely, at which her son drew back and started to protest, but realising it was useless, headed for the closet.

"He really doesn't need a coat honey – the gardens enchanted so it won't be cold-" But Harry was cut off by a loud squeal, and a huge grin from Hermione. Jamie ran back into the room, complete with a newly acquired international standard racing broom and launched himself at his parents.

"Thanks! Thanks! My own broom! My OWN BROOM!!!" he yelled at them, and they laughed back. "Dad can we go now? Please? Please?" Jamie said, loudly.

Harry made to get up, when a crying noise from upstairs interrupted them. Jamie's face fell a little "Sorry – I didn't mean to wake her" he said to his parents.

"S'ok" Harry replied "I'll go"

"No you won't – I will" Hermione insisted smiling, shoving her two boys out to play "Just you make sure he doesn't break any bones Harry Potter!" she said, to which he kissed her, grabbed his son and broom and headed towards the garden.

"It's alright sweetheart – Mummy's coming" she called softly up the stairs. She got into the nursery and picked up her daughter, who stopped crying almost at once. I'm so lucky she thought, beginning to feed her daughter. She sat back in the chair, and absently looked out of the window, and smiled at what she saw.

"Daddy's enchanted the window sweetheart – look we can see your brother getting ready to fly."

She watched from the nursery for hours, half-pleased and half-scared that Jamie seemed to be a natural, just like his father.

"You know this means Quidditch next" Harry said smiling, walking into the nursery and kissing Hermione and his daughter gently.

"Mmmnn" Hermione said, refusing to laugh; the very thought of her son playing Quidditch terrified the life out of her. Harry stood behind her and gently massaged her shoulders, she closed her eyes and relaxed.

"And wait 'til this little one wants to learn how to fly." Harry said teasingly.

"That won't be for another eight years so I won't worry about that too much just yet." She said smiling and Harry wrapped her up in a kiss.


"So it's all good?" Ron said to Harry, who nodded, and gazed lovingly towards Hermione.

"And you're going to ask her to marry you right?" Ron said, much as he had when Mark had told Ginny that he loved her. Harry smiled.

"Yes. We've talked about it and decided to wait 'til the baby's a bit older, so she can take part in the ceremony too."

"Well the ceremony today was good – not too long. Bloody good turn out too." Ron said stuffing food into his mouth. "And er- you know thanks." He added, slapping his hand on Harry's back "Right – better go see to those two kids of yours – Godfather duties and all" They both smiled and Harry retreated to the drinks table for another Butterbeer.

He felt the arms around his waist and turned to kiss Hermione. She was smiling, happier than he'd ever seen her and he silently vowed to keep it like that for the rest of his life.

"Happy?" he enquired, knowing the answer.

"Yes. You?" She countered, although this was also obvious. He smiled and kissed her passionately, forgetting for one minute that they were stood in the middle of their garden, surrounded by hundreds of guests. Luckily Ron interrupted by coughing loudly-

"So sorry to interrupt you guys" he began sarcastically "But the photographer's ready to do the family portrait." They smiled and walked the short distance to where Jamie was stood, Luna passed the baby back to Hermione and the happy family assembled themselves ready for the photo.

"Dad?" Jamie asked "Me and Lily were wondering something."

"What's that then?" Harry asked.

"Can we have a brother and another sister?" the boy said sweetly, smiling into the camera. His parents both smiled, looked at each other and kissed.

"I don't think that should be a problem sweetheart," they said together.

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