A/N: I've read a lot of Vampire!Snape fics, you rarely see a Vampire!Hermione one. I thought it would be fun to write this and Dryade's challenge is giving me the perfect opportunity to.

Thanks to GoodWitch for being my beta, and having me over to encourage me to write.

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Hermione could not believe it. She just could not. Professor Severus Snape, Hogwarts' resident bat-like Potions Master, had given them a detention, Ron, and her to be exact. All because they did not know where Harry was at the exact time, Advanced Potions started that Friday.

So here they are, walking alone in the Forbidden Forest on a Friday night, looking for Anica. Once they found this herb, they would have to go back to the dungeons and brew a pain-relieving potion for Madame Pomfrey.

"I don't bloody believe that git actually gave us a detention on a Friday night! Doesn't he know we have Hogsmeade tomorrow?"

"Oh please Ron. Do you really think he cares about keeping us the night before Hogsmeade?"

"No. However, it is the principle of the matter! At least Harry got off the hook. Because of him we're here and he's in there!" exclaimed Ron, pointing back towards the castle.

Hermione slumped down on to the ground and started looking through the various herbs that lay in front of her. She was getting irritated by the way Ron seemed to be pinning the detention on Harry. He did not have a choice in his situation.

"You know, it's not like Harry is enjoying himself. He just had an operation. It is not as if he had a choice to have an appendicitis attack. You know, my gram had an appendicitis attack and if she had not gotten to the hospital when she did, she wou-"

"Well fine! It was not Harry's fault! It is really your fault! If you were able to keep, that mouth of yours shut for five minutes, we wouldn't be here!"

"Professor Snape had no right to belittle us like that! Yes, we happen to be the savior of the wizarding world's best friend, but that does not mean we know where he is at every waking moment of our lives. He deserved what was said to him! I do not regret it, even if it does mean spending my Friday night before Hogsmeade here."

Hermione was now on her feet, turned towards Ron, sweeping her arms in wide gestures.

"Gods Hermione, do you know how unbelievably beautiful you are when you get angry?" said Ron, moving a little closer.

"Ron this isn't the time. I have told you a thousand times over, that I do not return your feelings. Why do you continue your advances?"

"Why not?"

Hermione couldn't help but grin. She knew her best friend loved her and he still to this day liked to mess with her head.

"Ron, you can be such a bloody prat sometimes. Now shut that mouth of yours up and let's get looking for this herb. I do not want to be out here any longer than need be.

They each took up a small section and got to work, both turning up nothing by an hours time in.

"Hermiiioneeeee, can't we please just go and steal some Professor Sprout?"

"No we can't go and steal some Roooon. She has wards set up all around the greenhouses to prevent students from breaking in. She got the right after I stole from Professor Snape's storeroom in second year. Besides, I'm head girl, I can't afford to get caught stealing."

"Come one, when are you going to let your hair down and relax a bit?"

"When the time calls for it and now is not the time."

They both got up and moved deeper into the Forbidden Forest in search of the Anica.

"It's getting late 'Mione, I don't even think Snape would want to be out here this late. Let's just head back up to the castle and tell Snape we couldn't find it.

"Professor Snape," stressed Hermione, "Would not tolerate that kind of behaviour from Gryffindor, especially us. If he senses something is wrong, then he will come in here to look for us. I am more than sure, trusted or not, Headmaster Dumbledore would terminate Professor Snape if anything drastic were to happen to us, or any student."

"Oh, how I would love to see Professor Snape," mimicked Ron, "sacked."

At saying these words, Ron's eyes became glasses as he zoned out in his happy thoughts. He was too gone to notice the air around them change, and only Hermione's shriek brought him back to reality.

Ron whipped around to see what had caused Hermione to scream.

There in front of the two stood a dark creature. One, they had read about in Defense against the Dark Arts in their third year.

A vampire, the walking dead, nosferatu

The vampire was clearly female. It looked like a black haired version of a veela. She wore a crimson cape, torn and frayed around the edges. The hood brought up to cover part of her long, wavy black hair, her eyes a deep blue.

Ron stood rooted to his spot. He looked frantically at the ground as the vampire shifted her gaze towards him. He knew better than to make eye contact with her. He started to back towards the safety of Hogwarts.

"Hermione, let's get out of here now, surely Snape will forgive this...Hermione come on let's go! Hermione?"

He took a few steps towards her and the vampire hissed, her lips retreating over her teeth to reveal her dainty fangs.

He went back to where he originally stood and the vampire spoke for the first time.

"She has been careless child. She can no longer hear your words. She can only hear mine. Isn't that true pure girl?

Hermione agreed with her, her voice void of its usual life. She had looked the vampire in the eyes.

The vampire took a step towards him and he did the only thing he could do at that moment. He fled. He ran as fast as he could back to the castle. There was no him saving Hermione this time, he must get Dumbledore and dare he say it, Snape.

Hermione rolled her eyes. Ron was a character, one that she could not love. However, life's tough. She had left Ron is his night dream and walked a couple paces away still looking for that blasted Anica, when a movement to her left caught her eye.

She scanned the body from legs, to torso and finally upon its face. She encountered the teeth with her eyes and gave a shriek, the movement causing her head to tilt back slightly, just enough to catch its gaze and she was lost.

She was aware that Ron was still there, but she could not hear him, could not move. Only the questions directed towards her she could hear and answer.

She saw the vampire move forward and bare her fangs and she felt that warm presence to her back slowly fading away. Ron was fleeing.

The vampire turned her full attention upon Hermione. She had a small smirk on her face as she treaded slowly towards Hermione.

Hermione did not like the look the vampire was giving her. Slowly in front of her, she saw the facial features begin to distort and morph into something that in no way resembled anything human. Her eyes began to change to a grey, almost white colour, her face becoming slightly wider and the fangs grew to the size of a baby lions. Hermione knew what was about to happen.

The vampire spoke again to Hermione, "You know what I am about to do don't you?"

"You are about to feed."

'Very good pure one, not only am I going to do that, but I am also going to turn you into a bloodsucker of the night as well. I have seen far too many sunless centuries and no longer wish to carry on. I have searched the world over to find someone as pure and strong as you and now it is time for me to leave this plain and go to where ever we vampires go."

Hermione's eyes widened at her words. She did not want to become a vampire. She had too much she wanted to do in life, but the vampire had not given her an option to talk, not even a choice in the matter.

The vampire loomed over Hermione by a good foot. She bent her oddly shaped, head over Hermione's and placed a chaste kiss on her lips before moving her mouth to Hermione's ear.

"I am going to start now. I am going to drain you of your precious blood and start the ritual. You will feel not pain young one."

All Hermione felt was a pinprick in her neck then extreme pleasantness. The vampire held her close, Hermione's blood flowing into her mouth and through her veins, giving her immense pleasure. Never had she tasted anything as pure as this blood.

Hermione could feel her life slipping away and slowly began to slump against the creature. The vampire sensing Hermione was near her end, tore herself away, not wanting to kill her in the heat of the moment.

'Your blood now flows trough my veins,

Your life is now my life.

You are weak before me now,

Soon you will be more powerful than

Any,of us around.

Drink from my wrist child, for you will crave

What I offer you for all eternity'

The vampire took one of her nails, sliced her wrist to the tendons, and held it over Hermione's starved mouth.

She began to suckle on the crimson fluid, cringing at the taste, but before long she was sucking with force, wanting every drop she could.

That is just what the vampire wanted. She did not wish to see the sunrise; she had chosen to be bled.

The vampire was lying next to Hermione on her side, wrist still fully on her mouth. She was dying, but did not care. All her blood was now flowing through this child's veins. She would turn out to be one of the strongest vampires in all eternity.



1. Ron is being chicken and leaves Hermione alone in the Forbidden Forest at night where she is transformed into a vampire. (How and by whom is up to you as is the reason the two Gryffindors have been in the forest wink)

2. Severus helps Hermione deal with the change though she isn't too happy about his interfering.

3. If Severus is a vampire himself or not is up to you.

4. If Dumbledore knows about this or not is up to you.

5. Ron is constantly begging Hermione to transform him too and/or kill someone he doesn't like. Harry is desperately trying to avoid this.

6. Since vampires are quite hormone-driven from time to time, Hermione must have a hot tête-à-tête with a member of the staff other than Severus. (Don't let age or sex stereotypes push you too much.)

7. Neville, though oblivious of Hermione's change, constantly (at least twice) gets himself in situations where Hermione is close to killing him.

8. Must be HG/SS of course.

9. Can be any length and rating though, long stories are preferred. Have fun with it.