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WARNING! There is a small instance of fem!slash in this chapter. It may become more prominent as the series progresses.


Pressing forward Harry's penis breached Hermione's entrance. Dumbfounded they both looked down at their soon to be joined bodies and took in the scene. Harry's penis was one quarter of the way in hitting against Hermione's hymen, it was a deep red and exceptionally vieny from Hermione's perpsective. His penis was still a good six inches outiside her body and the base was full of curling black hair. Looking back up, Harry kissed Hermione and continued his trek forward.

"Wait, wait, wait..." Hermione exclaimed, pulling away from Harry. "Pull out and just rub it against me."

Harry gave Hermione a look of total disbelief. He was on the verge of losing his virginity and was stopped. Harry's balls started to draw up towards his body and an ache he was all to familiar with began deep inside.

"I need to come, 'Mione."

"Please just do this for me. Rub your cock along my slit, hit my clit, make me come and you'll come too. Oh gods, Harry I need to come. I need to feed!" Hermione wrapped her legs and pulled Harry against her and sat the pace for their nonpenatrative lovemaking.

Harry's dick slid easily against Hermione's slick folds, each up thrust hitting her bud of pleasure, causing her to quiver and writhe on the bed. Hermione began touching herself, twisting her nipples and pawing at her breasts. One hand reached up and entangled into Harry's hair, pulling backwards slightly the dark haired boy above her moaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

All too soon Hermione was keening her need into the room. Harry's motions began to falter and he gripped the bedding in both hands and gritted out his need through clenched teeth as he stared down at his best friend tweaking herself.

All of a sudden Hermione's eyes opened in a deadly flash. Stronger than Harry she pulled him down and sunk her teeth into him. Not knowing what to do Harry kept pumping. Three pumps later his balls drew up tightly and he dick began to spasm, shooting jets of milky come all over Hermione's snatch and abdomen.

Hermione drank her fill and helped an exhausted Harry onto his side.

Frustrated that she did not climax in the tryst she slid her hand between her legs and begin to manipulater herself. Dipping fingers into her hole while, with the other, she massaged her clit.

Close to completion, Harry saw what she was doing and moved her hand out of the way. He situated himself on the floor and dipped his head down to her crotch, inhaling. Testing the waters he gave a shy lick. When he was not pushed away and Hermione gasped slightly, he continued his ministration.

He put his tongue flat on her clit and rolled it like a way, slowly, then picking up the pace. Interserting a finger into her, careful not to hurt her, he curved it up towards her bellybuttong and fingered her in a come hither motion. Soon he found the spongey material reacting to what he was doing. Between licking her slit and clit and fingering her, Hermione was floating on a bed of exstacy.

Hermione came clenching around Harry's finger. He lapped at the juices that her body brought forth. Licking her once more from slit up he stood up.

Hermione was breathing heavily, a lazy smile adorned her face. After a moment she braced herself on her elbows and took in Harry.

His penis was jutting out from his body once more.

"I can take care of that if you'd like." Hermione spoke.

Harry blushed. Yes, he has almost just had sex for the first time with his friend, but the thought that she knew he was hard for her was still slightly embarassing. "That's okay, 'Mione, I'll just give myself a tug when I get back to the room."

Hermione could see that he was slightly uncomfortable with what had just happened.

"Are you okay with what just happened? Should I find someone else?"

"No, not it's not that. I just...we just...almost had sex. You and I...sex."

"Yes, I know and I am glad now that I had some sort of thought process and stopped."

"Why did you?"

"We were caught up in the moment and I was hungry. We should not lose ourselves because of something like this. We deserve to be with the one we love to give that gift away."

Harry gave Hermione a grateful smile. "Thanks."

Hermione returned the smile. "Any time."

Gather his clothes, Harry left Hermione to a restless nights sleep."


Early in the morning a soft knock awoke Hermione. Righting the covers around her, Hermione gave the okay for the person to enter.

The vibrant red hair of Ginny popped through. Hermione's gave a smile and she entered. "What are you doing here this early?"

"Well, you need to feed right?"

Hermione gave a confused smile, cocking her head slightly, "Well, yes I do, but isn't Ron supposed to be the one doing it?"

"He is, but I went to wake him and it seems he and Harry have already left for this morning."

"Oh, okay."

Ginny finished the distance between the door and the bed, she sat next to Hermione's sitting form. Lifiting her hair she exposed her long white neck.

Hermione immediately when into feeding mode.

She began her descent to the pale neck when Ginny spoke. "It's okay if you need to kiss me or something else."

Hermione startled. "What do you mean?"

"I know that's why Dumbledore chose men for you, because you're straight and all, but I'm not. I'm willing Hermione."

"You mean you're gay?"

"No, bisexual. So, it's okay if you get out of hand, I can take it."

Hermione did not know how to respond to her closest girl friends coming out. "Well, thanks for the offer. I'llbe sure to know by boudaries now with you. But you needn't worry this morning, I'm still satiated from last night."

Ginny let her hair fall and caved in our herself. "Did you and Harry have sex last night?"

Hermione knew the direction this was heading. "No, we didn't. I stopped at literally the last possible second. I didn't think it was fair to have sex with my best friend knowing full well where his heart lies. Knowing where my heart lies."

Ginny sighed in relief and hugged Hermione. "I don't care what happens between the two of you, as long as you keep his cherry for me!"

Both girls laughed at this for a good minute. Then Hermione sombered up. "It's feeding time for the vampire now."

Ginny turned more towards Hermione now, knowing she did not have sex with Harry. Lifting her hair out of the way Hermione came in contact with Ginny's neck. Knowing the red heads sexuality, she decided to play it devious and make this semi-enjoyable for her. She kissed along her neck and jaw and give it a playful nip. Ginny gasped at the unexpected attention and then moaned as Hermione's fangs slid in.

Drinking as much has she had to, she released Ginny. She bore a lazy, but happy look on her face. "That was bloody brilliant."

"Indeed it was. Now, make sure to drink plenty of orange juice and have a cookie!"

Ginny left Hermion's room on wobbly legs, heading for the Great Hall. Hermione meanwhile showered and dressed in her lazy day attire and headed down to meet the clan.


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