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Summary: ((!opps almost forgot! Gets smacked on the head ;;;;)) Time is passing and Robin is getting more and more obsessed to get to Slade. Hes pushing others away, but starfire isn't going to stand for that. She'll help him even if it means her getting hurt.((okay I really super duper suck at summaries))

Dear Diary,

I never actually knew him...he was mysterious in his own ways and shut all of his doors

from us. Once I had thought of all the weaknesses he had. He had plenty, trust me. He

was a leader no less, everyone looked up to him. He had many responsibilities to look up

to. We needed him, and he needed us. If something had happen, he would push us away

trying to solve it for himself, scared of who would get hurt, but you see because of that I

was angry, and happy at the same time. I was happy that he cared for me, but angry that

he could not trust me enough. I was going to be there for him, I was going to break his

shell even if he pushed me away, I would push right back until he understood the feelings

I had for him. They say love will conquer all, but is that always true? He has been differnt

lately as if--Oh, the titans alert is beeping, I have to go. Good bye for now.


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