Title: Don't Forget me

Rated: PG-13 for Kyo-kun's language.

Disclaimer: I do not in any way, shape or form own Fruits Basket!!

Summary: Hatori and Shigure think they have found out how to break the curse. When Akito finds out, he orders Tohru's memories to be "erased". A year later, Tohru starts to regain her memory, and possibly forgotten feelings as well? But will she be able to regain her memory in time to finally free the Sohmas? R and R. Suck at summaries. Kyoru!


Shigure held the phone to his ear, talking softly into the speaker. "Yes, I believe that is what we have to do. ...Yes, I know. But there is no other choice. She is the only one who would ever be able to accomplish such a task, but we both know what they will think if they found out...Haa-san, are you positive you want to do this? ...Very well, we'll come by tomorrow. Ok, goodnight." He turned off the phone and stood still for a moment, thinking about what had happened in his life, what could happen, and what he planned on doing. "There is no other way," he whispered and looked into the living room where two boys sat, arguing and a girl in the center trying to calm them down.

"No one asked you, you damn rat!" The boy with bright orange hair growled, slamming his fist on the table.

"Stupid cat! Of course this involves me! Any new rule you plan on passing in our school involves me!" The other boy retorted, trying to keep his cool but not holding it in very well.

"Uh...Uh...guys!" The girl in the center went from one boy to the other, trying to stop the fighting.

"Oh yea? Then why don't I pass my fist to your face! Bring it on, Rat-boy!"

"Seriously, don't you ever get tired of getting beaten?"

"Why you-"

"If you are going to fight, do not do it in my house. I am tired of always having to call the house repairs. I already know several life stories of the workers, I don't need to know any more."

All three turned to see Shigure enter the room and sit on the opposite side of the small table. "Oh, and that was Hatori on the phone. He wants us to stop by the main house tomorrow, all of us. Kyo, please just sit down."

"I am! But how can all of us go to Hatori's? I'm not aloud in the gates unless at New Years." Kyo said, sitting down.

"I know, but it is important. Besides, we would only get in trouble if Akito happens to see you."

"Yea, I'd love to go see Hatori again. Oh! I should go make a lunch basket for tomorrow!" The girl quickly sprang onto her feet and raced into the kitchen before any of the boys had a chance to respond.

"That is so like Tohru, always thinking of others."

"Yes, I have to agree with you, Yuki. But I'm afraid that she might just find herself in over her head if she is always like this," Shigure said more to himself than the other two boys.

Kyo shrugged and looked away. "It's her own damn fault if she always treats people like royalty."

"You are extremely rude today!" Yuki said and stood to leave. He heard Kyo growl something but ignored him. Stupid cat, he has no right to live in this house!

He thought as he walked up the steps to his room. With the cat aside, more thoughts began to fill his head. What were Hatori and Shigure planning? It isn't right for them to take such risks as in bringing in the Cat to one of their houses. Yes, they were defiantly up to something.

Next Day

Shigure cracked open the sliding door slightly and peered in. "Hatori? Its us."

"Come on in." Hatori's voice came from the other side of the room.

Shigure opened the door and allowed the three younger people to enter before stepping inside and closing the door. Hatori spun around in his chair and looked at the four of them. He motioned them to sit down as he stood up.

"I guess I will cut straight to the point. Shigure and I believe we have found a way to finally break the curse that has held down our family for so long," Shigure said.

"What?" Kyo and Yuki stood slight on their knees, interested to hear more.

"Really? That's wonderful!" Tohru exclaimed. Her eyes filled with joy and hoped that she would be able to experience such an event.

"But, it isn't as easy as it sound," Shigure added seriously. "In order to break the curse, the spirit of the Rat and Cat will need to apologize and forgive one another. Not just you two boys, but the original spirits. In order to do that, you will have to cross from this world to the spirit world. Where both of you will take your original forms and become possessed by the spirits. All of the other animals will also be there to be 'witnesses' for the event."

"But, then why have I been called here?" Tohru asked, her heart slightly sinking that she couldn't go with them.

"You," Hatori said, looking straight at Tohru, "are going to have to bring both spirits into harmony. We found out that the only way to soothe them would be acceptance and understanding from someone outside of the Sohmas."

Tohru nodded in agreement once he was finished. "Of course I'll do it! Just tell me what to do!" Tohru said with newfound excitement.

No! Impossible! They've found a way to finally get rid of the curse! Akito thought in horror. He stood outside of Hatori's house, listening intently. There has to be a way to stop them...but how? He looked through the crack and saw Kyo. No, they wouldn't listen to me even if I did use him as an excuse. Hm... He looked around the room until his eyes fell onto Tohru, who was laughing and smiling with the others. That's it! He thrusts open the sliding door, startling everyone in the room.

"A-Akito!" Shigure said in wide, eye horror.

Yuki and Kyo slowly moved to the balls of their feet, ready to either run or defend, which ever was necessary. Hatori stumbled around with words, trying to form a sentence of explanation. Tohru just sat, staring at him. She didn't know how to react to such a person, and entrance.

"So nice to see you here and well today. I am very sorry for startling you all," he said in his cool, calm manner. "I happened to be passing by and heard what you four were talking about. I must commend you for achieving such a task as to figure out how to finally break this wretched curse. However, there is one thing you have left out." He turned to Tohru and smiled coldly. "You must first erase her memories."

"What?" Yuki and Shigure yelled out.

Kyo froze in his place, a feeling of doom and hopelessness spreading over his body as he let the information sink further into his mind. He glanced over at Tohru who now showed her own terror in her eyes.

"What are you talking about?" Hatori asked. He never recalled it in the research.

Akito smiled wickedly. "You wouldn't know. It is only passed down from clan leader to clan leader. If there is any suspicions that someone might be able to free us from the curse, as Tohru seems to have done right now, we must test them to see how dedicated they really are. I did so with Kana." He watched Hatori take a step back before continuing. "You see, if the person really is the one who will free us, than they must be put to the ultimate test. They must regain the memory that they have lost on their own. I thought Kana was such a person but it appears I am wrong. Now, it is Tohru's turn. Are you up for it?" he asked, questioning her.

Tohru looked up at Akito. Slowly, she turned her head around the room, looking at each person. In her heart, she didn't want to lose her memory but she knew that it must be done. Tears brimmed her eyes as she slowly nodded her head. "Yes, I will...have my memories erased."

Akito smirked and nodded toward Hatori.

"No! Miss Honda, please re-think about-" Yuki began but was cut off sharply by Akito.

"Silence! She has made her decision," Akito snapped.

Tohru looked at Yuki and managed a small smile. "I'll come back, I promise. Until then, be safe, everyone." She felt a strong hand over her eyes as her vision went dark. Tears ran down her face now as she gave one last nod.

"Good-bye, Honda Tohru."

Then, everyone was gone.