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Chapter 1 A arrival

Jeremie look hopefully at his computer. "Aelita are you there" he said in his normal tone.

She replied "yes Jeremie how are things in the real world?"

"Fine I'm getting ready for school and I don't want you to meet Jim so talk to you later." He answered

Jim had been trying to find out what him and the others been up to for months. Ulrich and odd ran in his room to find him sitting at his computer. Ulrich broke in the silence

"Is it X.a.n.a.?" He asked in a serious tone

Jeremie shook his head. "No why?"

Odd answered "you missed your first class."

This was news to Jeremie "what!"

Odd said "we volunteered to come and get you because we thought it was X.a.n.a. so what were you doing??"

Jeremie started but couldn't finish "I was working on the"

Odd and Ulrich joined in together "the program for materializing Aelita."

Jeremie was blushing right then he quickly answered "right."

Odd said "come on prince charming your classroom awaits."

Jeremie not finding it funny said sarcastically "very funny odd"

The principal came in and said class "we have a new student for a while. Her name is Sam. She is from America." Everyone fixed their gaze on the new student to be. Yumi kind of looked bug eyed "can't be"

Ulrich asked what "Yumi"

Yumi quickly answered "nothing."

Just then a student walked in with shoulder length blonde hair with one blue streak and blue eyes.

The teacher answered "Hello Samantha you can sit here and is anyone willing to show her around yes um... yumi and odd."

Odd answered plainly not looking up "do I have to."

The teacher gave a strict respond "yes."

Just then the bell rang loud and clear

Odd whispers to himself that he hoped that X.a.n.a. would attack.

He looked up to see Sam standing in front of him

"Hi I'm Sam" the girl said in a cheerful voice

"Odd" he replied

Something caught her attention it was Yumi almost shouting


Everyone seemed confused except them.

Sam replied "Yumi is that you??? It has been so long your not ten anymore."

The boys were really confused




Each boy replied

Yumi carefully explained

"She is my friend she moved to Japan when I was ten and then I moved here." She explained

The two girls walked away happily

Odd said confused "I don't understand girls"

The other two boys agreed "me neither."

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