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All but a dream- well the sneek preview is below...

the truth to Lyoko- The creator of Lyoko comes back and then Lyoko disappears...

The diaries of Lyokoians- Odd thought her life was easy untill he found her diary...

A battle to the finish- X.a.n.a. has taken over Europe three years later but the gang goes in to the future. the question will they get out alive????

Lyoko the next generation- Lyoko was shut off untill Meagan Meliane, Cassie, Todd, Michel, and Cody find it. They unleased X.a.n.a. now they haft to stand up to their parents for help.

If you like teen titians I have wishing away out there but I warn you it is my first fic...

ok now for what you been waiting for.... I what I have been waiting for... A sneek preview it is kind of like a moive trailor... Short but already gives too much away.

Epilogue All but a dream

In this Dream...

"This can't be happening." Jeremie said breathlessly. For the factory stood in crumbles and ruin.

Sam was sobbing her tears overflowing her cheeks, "It's all gone, EVERYTHING."

Where X.A.N.A. rules...


"Odd get out of here." Purple mist surrounded both of them.

"He's not going anywhere."

The purple mist spilt and something like lighting and headed straight for Sam. She could only cry in pain.

Nothing as it seems....

Yumi gasped greedily for air. "Jeremie Lyoko is not destroyed."

Sam wiped the cold sweat off her face. "Bad dream... I think, No this is the world I live in and..." Her eyes turned a deep red like the color of blood.

"No one even the gang doesn't expect a thing."

Where Sam is the key....

"Are you alright Sam?" Odds voice was soothing.

"Yeah." In her mind she didn't know what just happened.

The question is....

Ulrich's gazes melt her heart. "I feel the same way."

His lips met her in a kiss.

Will they get out ... alive.

"Are you odd?"


"You're under arrest."


"Yumi hold on."