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Chapter 34: An Unforgettable Event

It was Saturday, 14th of February, 2004.

The weather was clear.

Instead of celebrating Valentine's Day with their loved ones, the Weasleys, the Longbottoms and their friends went to pay a visit to Harry and Hermione.

They made their way up to the hill and to the graveyard, where Harry and Hermione were buried. The gentle wind blew at their hair and faces as they walked. All of them were wearing black as a mark of respect. All of them had a solemn look on their faces. Some of them were wearing sunglasses, some ladies were wearing black, wide-brim hats and some were carrying lilies or white roses. Fred and George looked like a pair of identical bodyguards with their dark sunglasses and black suits.

Jemima Weasley finally forgave her parents and faced the truth that her favourite adult friend had died. She wore a black dress and held a bouquet of lilies. Her head was down as her mother guided her up the hill.

They reached the hill top, and when they did, their mouths dropped open at the sight of Harry's and Hermione's graves.


Red, lovely roses had somehow grown on his two friends' graves. It was a beautiful, yet odd sight.

"Who planted those roses?" asked Ron in confusion. "Was it you, Neville?"

Neville shook his head.

"Then who did?"


"Um, I heard from Mum that if a pair of star-crossed lovers died and buried together," said Ginny. "Roses will just spring up from their burial place, to show their love for each other."

"So nobody planted them then?" asked Oliver quietly.

"If none of us did, nobody else could have," said Neville reasonably, "I mean, nobody except us knows the relationship between them."

Silence again.

"Come on." said Ron and they walked towards their friends' graves.

Ron stared at the roses and the words on the graves.

The words on Harry's tombstone said:


While the words on Hermione's tombstone were much simpler, since she was not as famous as Harry:


The roses looked more beautiful up close and Ron felt rather pitiful towards Hermione and Harry. Hermione's marriage was awful and Harry spent almost 9 years being single, because of the love he had lost. And when they finally had each other, they died in an tragic accident, unmarried to each other. The roses showed their dreadful fate.

The group placed their flowers on their friends' graves silently.

Jemima placed the lilies gently on Harry's grave. She didn't cry, but she had a depressed look on her face.

"I hope you rest in peace, Harry." she said quietly.

When they were done, they stepped back and Neville came forward.

"Harry, Hermione…" he said, as if his friends were alive and standing right in front of him. "We hope that you two are well, wherever you are. Um, besides paying our respects to you two today, we have one special announcement to tell you."

Neville waved his hand and Hermione's and Krum's divorce document appeared in his hand.

"Hermione," he said, facing the grave at his right. "This is your divorce paper. Krum has finally signed it. You are free at last. I'm going to burn it, so that you could have it at where you are now."

Fred snapped his fingers and a large metal container appeared. He took out his wand, pointed the inside of the container and said, "Incendio!"

Flames appeared in the container and burned brightly. Neville stepped forward and placed the divorce paper in. Flames engulfed it immediately and in just a few seconds, the parchment had turned into nothing but ashes.

"And um, I have asked the Department of Magical Law Enforcement." continued Neville. "Since you and Krum are divorced, and as your lawyer I am allowed to amend the name on your tombstone. I am sure that you don't want the name 'Krum' to be struck on your tombstone forever, so…"

Neville took out his wand, waved it and immediately, the name 'Krum' had been erased from Hermione's tombstone completely, leaving the name "Hermione Jane Granger" behind.

The group applauded at Neville's work. Ron smiled and stepped out from the group. He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out Hermione's diary. It was properly locked by its gold lock and the letters was placed in it neatly.

Holding it, Ron said to Harry and Hermione, "There's something else you two should know. We, um, read your diary, Hermione. That's how we know the relationship between you and Harry. We don't think that it's wrong. In fact, you and Harry are meant for each other. Thanks to it, we are able to find out how much you and Harry love each other. We bought your house as well, so you two don't have to worry about the things you have left behind. We will take care of them."

"As for this diary," he continued, "I'm going to return it to you. We know about the relationship and that's enough. We will keep it as a secret. So… I'm going to burn it now. Maybe you could write in it again now wherever you are."

Ron took a deep breath and sighed. The rest of the group looked at the diary as if it was their dear friend. Ron looked at the fire, then at the diary before he threw it into the container.

The group watched as the fire burned up the diary's pages. A few minutes later, Hermione's secret diary was gone.

At night, after a private meal with Lavender, Ron arrived home. His family members were already in bed.

Ron removed his cloak tiredly and tossed it on his chair. Then he fell back onto his bed without even taking his shoes off. He stared at the ceiling for a while before he turned his head to look at his bedside table.

Pictures of him, Harry and Hermione were all over his table. From the ones that were taken from their schooldays to the current ones that were taken on the last few months of his friends' lives. They couldn't move in some of the pictures.

Ron's eyes roamed over the pictures slowly, studying as much pictures as he could. He sighed. Looks like the only way to see Harry and Hermione moving was to look at the pictures…

Ron stared at the picture of him and Harry before his eyelids went heavy and he fell asleep.

Ron had no idea where he was. A few minutes ago, he swore that he was sleeping on his bed, and now he was standing at some sort of out-door wedding reception. Pretty, purple flowers dotted the field and the weather was perfect. There was nothing except grass and flowers for miles from where the reception was.

Rows and rows of seats were placed on the grass, leaving a long passage in the middle for people to walk on. People were sitting on the seats, chatting excitedly. A man in a cloak and armour was standing at the podium beside Ron, studying a thick book in his hands.

Ron looked around at the guests carefully, to see whether he recognized anyone.

He blinked, rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn't hallucinating and looked at the guests again. He could see Professor Dumbledore, sitting on a seat not too far away from him, wearing purple robes and looking as if he was watching a musical performance. Cedric Diggory was sitting beside him.

Sirius and Harry's parents were sitting on the row behind Dumbledore. All of them were smiling broadly. Sirius caught sight of Ron and waved warmly.

Ron was about to step forward to get to Harry's godfather when someone rested a hand onto his shoulder. The touch was so cold that Ron felt like someone had just placed an ice on his shoulder.

Ron spun around and his mouth dropped open.

Harry Potter was standing right in front of him, grinning. He looked extremely handsome in his black suit with a black tie. He looked so much alive.

"Hello, Ron." he said.

Ron smiled in delight; he thought he would never get to hear his best friend's voice again.

"Harry!" he cried.

He was about to embrace Harry like a brother but the moment he touched Harry, Ron gave a yell and jumped back. Harry was as cold as Nearly Headless Nick.

"Ops." said Harry in embarrassment. "I forgot. Dead people don't have any body temperature."

"Dead people?" asked Ron blankly.

"Have you forgotten, Ron?" asked Harry. "Hermione and I are dead. In a car accident, remember?"

Ron stared at Harry for a moment before he mumbled, "Oh yeah, I forgot, sorry."

"It's okay." said Harry quietly.

"No, Harry, I…"

"Let's just put that matter aside, okay?" asked Harry and smiled brightly. "Today is a happy day!"

"What day is it?" asked Ron in confusion.

Harry grinned. "Hermione and I are getting married!"


"Hm-mm." said Harry, he just couldn't stop smiling. "Thanks to Neville, Hermione is finally free from Krum, so I ask her to marry me straight away!"

"Congrats!" said Ron, feeling happy for his friend.

But then he looked at the reception. "Um, Harry?"


"W-where are we?"

"Oh!" said Harry. "You are in the Elysium Fields, you know, the abode after death of the brave and good in the Underworld. See that guy over there at the podium? That's Hades, Lord of the Underworld. All marriages taken place here are conducted and witnessed by him…"

"So, I am in your world now, huh?" asked Ron.

Harry nodded. "But only for a short while, I afraid. Living humans can't stay here for long, they have to go back to the mortal world after all… Hermione and I have to beg Hades to let you guys come down…"

"Guys?" asked Ron.

"You're not the only living one here, Ron." said Harry and pointed at the guest seats. Ron looked and saw Fred, George, Angelina, Alicia, Neville, Ginny, Katie, Oliver and Lavender were sitting in rows, all wearing formal wear.

"And guess what? You are my best man!" said Harry cheerfully.

"I am?"

Harry nodded and was about to say something when all the guests got up. "The Wedding March" went through the air. Harry stood still and Ron went behind him.

Hermione was standing at the end of the rows, holding her father's arm. Hermione was in a wedding dress that only reached her ankles. Her shoulders were bare and there was a diamond tiara on her head, with a long bridal veil attached to it. Her hair was beautiful and was pinned up with pins made of pearls. She was also holding a bouquet of white roses.

Hermione was a beautiful bride, glowing with happiness.

As Ron marvelled at her beauty, she walked down the passage with her father and when they reached Harry, Mr Granger took Hermione's hand and put it into Harry's.

"Take care of her, Harry, don't abuse her like what her ex-husband did." said Mr Granger.

Harry nodded and said firmly. "I won't. I will cherish her, Mr Granger."

Mr Granger smiled in satisfaction before he left and took a seat beside his wife.

Holding each other's hand, the couple turned and faced Hades.

Hades cleared his throat and said, "We are here to witness the marriage of Mr Harry James Potter and Miss Hermione Jane Granger. If there's anyone who thinks that this couple should not be wed, speak up now.

"Oh come on, Harry and Hermione belongs to each other!" yelled Fred.

"Well said!" said Oliver.

The guests laughed and applauded.

Hades smiled slightly and waited for the applause to die down.

He was silent for a while before he continued. "Do you, Harry James Potter, take Miss Hermione Jane Granger to be your lawful wedded wife and promise to love her as long as you both shall stay in the Elysium Fields?"

"I do." said Harry determinedly.

"Do you, Hermione Jane Granger, take Harry James Potter as your lawful wedded husband and promise to love him as long as you both shall stay in the Elysium Fields?"

"I do." said Hermione.

The rest of the guests were completely silent.

"Very well then, you may exchange the wedding rings."

Ron suddenly realised that he didn't have the rings in his hands. He looked at Harry helplessly.

"They are in your pocket, Ron." said Hermione helpfully.

Ron searched his pocket and sure enough, he found two identical sliver rings in it. He stepped forward and handed the couple their rings. Both Harry and Hermione took one. Hermione pushed the ring through Harry's fourth finger while Harry gently slipped the ring onto hers.

"By the power invested in me, Hades, Lord of the Underworld, I pronounce you man and wife." Hades paused and added, "err, you may kiss the bride."

Harry smiled softly at his new bride before he leaned forward and kissed her deeply on the lips.

As the newly wed couple kissed, Dumbledore suddenly got up and clapped, followed by Sirius and Harry's parents. Soon, everyone at the reception was on their feet and clapping. Fred and George whistled.

"You go, Harry and Hermione!" yelled Oliver and Neville.

Some of the ladies were clapping hard with tears in their eyes.

Harry and Hermione broke their kiss and hugged each other lovingly before they turned their heads and smiled at everyone.

Ron grinned. This was the best wedding ceremony he had ever attended…

"Ron, Ron, it's 12 noon, time to wake up!" Mrs Weasley bellowed from the outside of his bedroom.

Ron opened his eyes. He was back in his own bed at the Burrow. Sunlight shone through the window and onto his bed.

Ron groaned and buried his face in the pillow. Maybe the whole thing really was a dream after all. But everything was so real…

He lifted his face out of the pillow and lay still for a moment, trying to remember what he had dreamt. Harry and Hermione, getting married in the Elysium Fields…

"RONALD WEASLEY! YOU GET UP RIGHT NOW!" yelled his mother.

"All right, all right!" said Ron in response.

Mrs Weasley's footsteps trailed off as she went downstairs.

Ron sat up, scratched his head and looked unintentionally to his right.

He blinked at the pictures that he had looked yesterday. Then he frowned in confusion. Later, his eyes widened and his mouth dropped open.

There was a new addition to the pictures Ron had put on the bedside table, and he was absolutely sure that he didn't put that photograph.

It was a picture of Harry and Hermione, wearing the same clothes that Ron had seen in his so-called dream.

The newly wed couple danced merrily together on the grass in the Elysium Fields. They laughed with each other, showing all the happiness that a married couple could have. Their wedding bands shone brightly under the sun.

Ron studied the picture of his two best friends with amazement. Did he really witness his best friends' wedding? If he did, how did he get back to the Burrow? If he didn't, who manage to take that picture and put it on his bedside table?

Loads of questions came up to Ron's mind. The whole thing was just bizarre… Suddenly he smiled. He didn't care whether it was a dream or not anymore, all he cared about was that Harry and Hermione were finally married and got to spend their afterlife together for eternity.

The End