Harry Potter and the Alien Hive

Chapter 1: The Black Thing

Wingardium Leviosa!

Fifteen wizards spoke all at the same time. Carefully lifting out a black form from a frozen lake.

"Now comes the hard part." Ministry official Drake Francis of the Department of New Discoveries, spoke as the black thing was slowly lowered to the ground. "Trying to figure out what this thing is."

"Looks like some sort of creature." Annette Livingston circled the black thing curiously eyeing it. "Like a giant insect."

"Seems to be." Christine Magellan dared to touch the black thing's shell. "It's not metal, but it's not flesh either."

"Bloody 'ell look a' those teeth." Henry Cook was on his knees looking at what he guessed was it's head.

"Is it alive?" Francis was looking down at the it's tail.

"Hard to tell." Livingston breathed. "Can't tell where its life signs would be present. If it has any at all."

"I say we dump it back to where we found it." Magellan spat walking up alongside Francis next to the black thing's tail, which by this time they had noticed that there was a huge spike at the end of it. "If it is alive. There's no telling what it is capable of and judging by the physical appearances I wouldn't say this thing is exactly nice and cuddly."

"All the more reason not to just throw it back." Francis spoke calmly.

"What?" Magellan's brow furrowed.

"Because we don't want it falling into the hands of You Know Who." Francis said the last part with a small shudder.

"I do?" Magellan paused as the realization came to her. "Oh...Right...."

"We must keep it away from him until we know what we're dealing with."

"But where?" Livingston spoke up.

"Where else?" Francis shrugged, but it was far from casual. "In the place where dwells the Only One He Ever Feared and the Boy Who Lived."

The wind whistled blowing up loose bits of snow, over the explorers and their newly found prize..........or curse.


Well here's the first chapter! You can blame a dream I had after seeing the movie Aliens vs. Predator for this. I've actually been a fan of both the Alien and Predator franchises for a long time, and seeing the movie rekindled my liking for them. However, I am also into Harry Potter right now too and the franchises all merged into the dream I had.

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