I Never Told You special edition: part one

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"Hello?" Kari called softly, stepping in to her seemingly empty apartment. Hearing no answer, she dumped her backpack on the couch and wandered toward the room she still shared with Tai, much to their dismay. The door was slightly open, and a thin stream of light was flickering on the carpet. She tiptoed across the living room and peeked inside, and was surprised to see Tai bent over his desk, working on something intently enough to pique her interest.

"He must not have heard me come in." She thought, "I wonder what he's working on..."

Kari backed away from the door slowly, the wheels in her head spinning; and like any other pesky little sister, she began to form a plan. She spotted his backpack on the counter and checked homework off her list of things Tai might be doing. That left the more promising option: something personal. A decidedly evil glint came in to her eyes.

She crept over to the front door, opened it silently, and stuck her arm outside to ring the doorbell. The second the sound rang out in the quiet apartment, she ran and dove behind the couch just in time for Tai to walk out of their room.

As soon as his back was turned, she sprinted as quietly a possible for the desk and started speed reading the first few lines. Her eyes widened, and she had considerable trouble stifling a giddy little laugh, settling for a whispered, "Fantastic!"

Thinking quickly (or not really thinking at all), she yanked out her digital camera, snapped a picture, and made a run for it. She ducked behind the couch just in time, and smiled at Tai's exasperated, "Stupid neighbor kids..."

When Tai was safely back in his room again, she walked over to the front door, opened it loudly, and yelled, "I'm home!"

She ran to the bedroom, barged in, and made a big show of trying to look at the desk, "Hey! What're you doing Tai?"

Tai yelped and shoved the paper under a stack of junk, "Don't you ever knock?!"

"Sorry." Kari said, pretending to be hurt, "I just came to ask you a question...but if you're busy..." She turned to leave.

Tai's expression softened, "What did you want to ask me?"

"Softie." Kari thought, and then said, "When mom gets home can you tell her I went to TK's and I'll be back before dinner?"

"Yeah, sure." Tai said, "Do you guys have some kind of project to work on or something?"

"You could say that." Kari answered with a smile, "Seeya in a few, brother."

"Okay." Tai said, "Bye."

"Bye!" Kari called cheerfully, already on her way, practically bouncing up and down with anticipation. She grabbed her backpack off the couch and ran out the door.

Matt opened the door to a very contented-looking Kari, clutching her camera and breathing heavily. She grinned at him. He raised an eyebrow, "Did you run the whole way here?"

"I've got something important to show TK." She said breathlessly, waving her camera around to emphasize her point.

"Blackmail pictures of Tai?" Matt asked.

Kari laughed, "Better."

Matt opened the door a little wider, "Please come inside."

"Thanks Matt." Kari said, running over to TK's door and knocking impatiently.

TK appeared in the doorway, "Hey Kari." The enormous grin slid back on to her face. He knew that look, "What did you do?"

She ignored his question and walked around him into his room, "Can I use your computer?"

"Um...sure." He glanced at his brother questioningly.

"Better than blackmail pictures." Matt said with a shrug.

Kari plugged her camera into the computer and loaded her pictures to the desktop. She scrolled through tons of beautifully taken shots of the digidestined, their personalities all captured in a way that only Kari could manage. TK glimpsed a picture of himself sprawled out on the Kamiyas' couch staring knowingly into the camera, and smiled. He failed to notice that there were more pictures of him than anyone else...but that's another story for another time.

Kari found what she was looking for at the bottom of the file. She clicked it, and enlarged it to fill the screen, "Ta da!"

TK and Matt both leaned in eagerly, and this is what they saw:

"Dear Sora,

When you know someone long enough, and love them long enough, I think they eventually become a part of you. One day you wake up and realize that they've become your missing half, and that they've filled a void you didn't know was empty. One day I woke up and realized that's how I feel about you. I'm tempted to say that this was meant to be; so much has been predestined in our lives already, but all I know is what you mean to me. Looks like the ball will always be in your court, because I'll never be ready to tell you. I faced everything the Digiworld could throw at me, but I'm too scared to tell the girl of my dreams how I feel about her. Sora, as much as I love you, I know I'll never be more than a friend in your eyes. Some good my crest does me now, huh? The most I can do is wish I could tell you that you're the best thing that has ever happened to me and hope that you already know.

All my love,


When they had both finished the letter there was a long, stunned silence followed by a guffaw from Matt, and TK's excited exclamation of, "Tai wrote this? Kari, you are a genius!"

She laughed, "I know."

TK gave her a look, "No, I mean it. How did you manage this?"

"I used the doorbell." She said with a casual shrug. TK nodded knowingly, and Matt narrowed his eyes. He was about to ask TK exactly what he knew about the doorbell trick when he remembered the matter at hand.

"Kari, Tai would kill you if he knew you had this." They both looked at him expectantly until he added, "So what are we going to do with it?"

TK shook his head, "I won't be held accountable for this, Matt."

Matt glanced at Kari, who shook her head, "Not I."

He sighed, "It looks as though it's left to me."

Matt strode over to the computer and hit the "print" button with a flourish. TK and Kari watched him as if he'd lost his mind. If they'd thought back to some of the other stunts he'd pulled, they probably wouldn't have been surprised. He swiveled around in the computer chair to face Kari, "Does Sora like Tai?"

"Oh, definitely." She said.

"Any chance either of them will say something to the other in the next 10 years or so?" He continued.

"Definitely not." Kari and TK said in unison.

"That's what I thought." Matt said, "You guys stay here; I'm going to visit Sora."

The reality of the situation was becoming clearer and clearer to Kari, and she was beginning to fear for her life, "You wouldn't."

Matt winked at her and walked out the door.

TK looked at Kari, "He would."

a/n: And there you have it! I'm actually nearly finished with this whole fic. I'm working on chapter four right now, and there will probably be an epilogue. All in all it's about 90% done. So check back! I'm moving into my dorm right now, so I'm a bit swamped, but I'll be updating this one pretty quickly. Thanks! Review please!