I Never Told You special edition: epilogue

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Matt was tired, sweaty, exasperated, confused, and just plain fed up. From now on, there would be no meddling in other people's lives. None. It obviously wasn't worth it. Not as if it was his fault. Kari should've known what would happen if she dangled something like that in front of him. I mean, how long had she known Matt and Tai as friends? Of course he took it to Sora! He wanted Tai to be happy. The guy needed Sora, and for all of his innate courage, Tai was a complete wuss. So the natural thing was to give him a nudge in the right direction. Right? Right?

'Okay, maybe not.' He conceded

Matt was so intent on his thoughts that he almost didn't see them. He ran all the way past the ice cream shop, skidded to a halt, stood on the sidewalk with a bewildered expression on his face for a few moments, and then backtracked. And there they were on the other side of the enormous glass window, digging in to an almost frighteningly large banana split. Kari caught sight of him first, waved cheerfully, and motioned him inside. Against his own better judgment, he went in.

"What's going on, Matt? You've been gone for ages!" She said around a mouthful of ice cream.

Matt stared at her, and as any other person under as much stress as he was at that moment would, could think of nothing to say other than, "Don't you two ever stop eating?!"

"Are you alright, Matt?" TK asked, genuinely concerned.

"No!" He said loudly enough to turn a few heads in their direction, "It's a disaster! I didn't know there could be disasters like this."

Kari started to remind him of what he and Mimi went through to get where they were now, but thought better of it. In any case, she wouldn't have gotten the chance. A very strange expression flickered over Matt's face, and he suddenly made a run for the door, muttering to himself, "What am I doing? I don't have time for this!"

When he was gone, Kari sent TK a nervous look, but he only smiled, "No, don't worry. It'll all work out in the end. Here...do you want the cherry?"

And soon they had forgotten everything except for the bowl of ice cream between them, and each other.

Ten minutes later it was all Matt could do not to jump up and down in frustration as he rode the slowest elevator in the world up to Tai's place. He couldn't believe what a horrible day he was having. Granted, it wasn't half as bad as Tai's...no. No, it was definitely worse. All he could think was, 'Leader-boy's lucky I owe him so much.'

The elevator opened, and he was off.

Looking back, he would eventually laugh at the memory of the next few moments...but it wouldn't be any time soon. He banged on Tai's door, watched it swing open, and somehow, against all odds, found Tai and Sora standing there together, both grinning in a way he'd never seen except when they were talking about the other, having obviously worked it out all on their own. Matt couldn't bring himself to find it half as amusing as they did. He nearly cried.

"Don't tell me." Matt said, dead serious, "I don't want to know."

Tai somehow managed to keep a straight face, but his eyes still gave him away. Besides, Matt knew that smirk. He didn't have to see it, "Look Matt, I appreciate the effort and all, but maybe next time just...don't."

Matt didn't bother to respond; he simply turned on his heel and walked away. He had almost made it to the elevator when he heard Sora add, "Oh and Matt, you might want to give Mimi a call."

Matt put his face in his hands and groaned.

The End

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