Dear Mother of Mine:

You were my life
you were my world
I miss you so much
your soft gentle touch

I always see you in a dream

The one with the most beautiful theme.

I could just hear you say

"I'll love you in every way"

I wish you were here
I need you once again
you were the light
you were the star that shone so bright

Sing me that song

The one you sang every night

I'll dance along in your arms

Twirling about in the moonlight

But I see you so high

In that great blue sky

A gown so white,

A halo so gold

And Wings of beautiful Pearl

Wait for me by that golden gate

Be there and don't be late

I'll climb up those steps

The steps to heaven

I'll be there a quarter to seven

But until then
I'll love you forever
and I'll never let go
Tuck me into bed
Kiss me goodnight
Take me away in our fantasy Limo.

Harry potter talking about his mother Lily Potter