I've told you about my mother and how I miss her so,

I've told you about my dreams with a girl named Cho.

I want a perfect life but it's always a bummer

Every time I return to that Dursley house for the summer.

I wish I could say that I have a home

But I always find myself alone.

My uncle Vernon is remarkably large

But I have to do what he says

Because he's the one in charge.

My Aunt Petunia is so skinny

She treats her son so spoiled

And treats me so badly.

I remember one time

On my 13th birthday

She gave me Dudley's old shoe

As she gave Dudley more presents

As counted twenty two.

Dudley Dursley is my overweight cousin

With all that weight

It's a wonder how he still has good vision.

Every time when his mum isn't looking

He stuffs his face with cookies and other unhealthy cooking.

He waddles like a penguin

So huge he can't walk

So surprising he can still talk.

This house feels like a prison

I just want to get out

I just want to scream,

I just want to shout.

But it's nice to know that I have a roof over my head

And it's nice to sleep on a real bed.

But just once I would like to feel

Like I had finished a whole meal

But I can't change it

What's done is done,

It was me against the world

And the world won.