Before you read, this story has been DISCONTINUED.

Update: April 2010 - All chapters edited for grammer/spelling mistakes.

It's been five years since I last actually read this, but I decided to go back and edit a few things, and despite how a bit embarrassing it is now to re-read an old fanfic that I personally think is a bit bad, I wanted this to be at least more readable by correcting some sentences, spelling-mistakes and just an overall new coat of paint, only in the same colour.

Notes: Set AFTER the last episode of the NightWalker Anime.

This is slightly AU since I added a Vampire Coven that Shido was once part of with Cain. To put simply - since NightBreeds are hunted now, both Nightbreeds and Vampires came together and formed a coven of who remained hidden to keep themselves safe from humans. There is also an Original Character (for those that absolutely hate them, turn back now) playing a major role.

The NightWalker Anime was left very open for interpretation, Cain's past is never revealed, nor the idea if there are more vampires. So there is no right/wrong way about this story.

With that said, I hope you enjoy this fic!

Nightwalker: Forever and a Day

Chapter 1: Waiting for you.

For a long, long time, Shido sat at his desk in his office, where Yayoi had yet to arrive. Guni was nestled in the cushions on the couch, and Riho was busy in the kitchen. It was barely nighttime, but the drapes were closed, cutting off any rays of sunlight to pour their burning flames on Shido's immortal body.

The lavender – haired vampire sat there motionless, staring at the wall on the other side of the room. Again and again he had tried to force the memory of last night into the back of his head like he had dumped the others, hoping, that in time they would all just die away. But they didn't. They never did.

In the silence, he could smell the air outside, the intoxicating fumes of cars and lorries, and in the office the smell of pine off his desk and the coffee table filled his senses. And the beating of his own heart, the rushing of blood in his ears – all so painfully loud...

He moved for the first time in that hour, burying his face in his hands and squeezing his eyes shut.

"Go... away..."

His lips were feather-soft. As always. His golden curls danced gently against his sharp face as he leaned in close to Shido's face and pressed his lips to Shido's.

Shido didn't pull away, didn't fight. All he could do was stare, and stare.

"I love you, Shido." He had said, before that river of inky black swallowed the centuries-old vampire.

Shido shook his head vigorously, knocking the sides of his head with his fists in frustration.

"Go AWAY!"

In that moment, Guni awoke, startled. She turned to see Shido's forehead plonked on the desk. She stretched her tiny wings and flew in a graceful arch to rest on Shido's shoulder.

"What's up with you tonight?"

Shido shook his head, "Nothing..."

His voice was pitiful, whining.

"Lemme guess... Cain." Guni folded her arms.

Shido's head shot up, "NO!"

Guni flew up, "Yes it is, you've been disturbed by his visit since he left!"

Shido groaned inwardly, It's that obvious...?

"No. It's not. I'm just... tired."

"Your excuse for everything." Guni huffed and made to fly out the crack in the door until it was swung open by Riho, carrying the usual cup of coffee for Shido on a tray. Guni swept up towards the ceiling, hoping to avoid a large door in the face.

"Hi Mr. Shido!" She smiled, walking up to the vampire and setting the mug down. Being polite, Shido forced a smile and said a thank you, picked up the cup and sipped it without another word. Although it was tasteless to the vampire – the warmth was comforting nonetheless.

"Mr. Shido..? Are you alright...?" Riho bent over a little to try and look underneath that purple-blue tinted fringe that had fallen over Shido's eyes. He looked up at her, like she had just appeared out of nowhere.

"...Nothing Riho... I'm fine."

"Oh." Riho's lips formed an 'o' as she said it, "Then, is there anything I can do?"

For a moment, Shido was silent, his head lowered. Then he looked up, a small, gentle smile.

"Yeah... Call Yayoi and tell her to take the night off. Take a break tonight, Riho. It's been a quiet week – I think you deserve some kind of off-time too."

"Huh?" was all she could say until Shido stood up and walked towards the door, sliding it open slowly, as if the task were difficult.

"I'm going to sleep for a while, Riho. Take some messages for me if anyone calls, please..."

And with that, he left Guni and a blinking Riho in the office.

Shido collapsed into the coffin facedown, uncaring about shoes or clothes. All he needed was to sleep this off – that's all...

Just to sleep it off... and they'll all go away. Cain will go away...

He turned on his back slowly, his limbs lying sprawled and his eyes slid closed, letting the drowsiness cloud his brain. Eventually, he drifted off – but not into the peaceful sleep he had hoped for...


The warmth filled his body, that incredible power of the vampires drifting around him like a mist, or a ghost. He felt it brush his skin, his fingertips, caress his cheeks, and he pulled away, tore himself from the possessive flaring power in a panic, so frightened of it after avoiding it for so long. He looked up to see where he was, but his dream was inside nothing more then an empty void. No entrance, no escape.

Just endless dark.

Go away... I don't want to see –any- of you...

Again that power flowed around him, filled him up again, touching him in places he'd rather not mention, and heard every single one of their voices. Including Cain's...

Come back to us.

Shido swung his fists, but the metaphysical cord between him and the coven was nothing more then a psychic image, hence he could do nothing, and he didn't have enough power to try and fight back, to push that wave of seducing power out of himself. For a brief moment, he huddled around himself, pushing everything he could out his mind, for all the images in his head were trying to plead with him, beg with him, whilst slowly possessing him.

Since he had left the coven, over and over again they had invaded his dreams, trying to seduce him back into their group, and it was only when he had travelled as far as New York did they stop. Once or twice they tried to contact him again, but being so far away from the child vampire, a psychic cord between him and the coven was difficult, even for the eldest of vampires.

But now, them hitting on his dreams again struck a small, frail part in him that he had worked so hard in building shields around it. They swatted each shield away like flies, and dove into Shido's mind again. He fell to his knees, onto the non-existent floor and clutched his head, though he was in no pain. A scream burst from his throat as that power washed over him, consumed him, and then it floated around him once more. Something told him to open his eyes, and he did, staring ahead of him at the place he never wanted to come back to.

Their hidden city was as dark and as gothic as it could ever be. A place that resided underground, where no human could ever set foot upon, merely because it was damned impossible to reach, or even find. Their 'city' was a castle built into the rock, the architecture so fine and ingenious that it could make any historical architect gape in jealousy. The air was cool and fresh, but not a breeze could be felt.

He stared, and stared, hands still clutched at his hair. All around him was the coven – the last coven of vampires to exist on this planet.

They all loved Shido very much, they kept saying, they wanted Shido to come back. Cain wanted Shido to come back, as he stood there in the middle of the group.

"Release me." Shido whispered, and it echoed in his mind, sounding so far away he wasn't sure if they heard it.

It was in that moment he saw Cain, stood above him. The golden-haired master vampire offered his hand to Shido, giving him that same, gentle smile that only he had for Shido. His usual smile was a smirk to others, but to Shido, it was a gentle smile. A lover's smile.

"Come back Shido. It's only a matter of time before we take you back. I don't want to take you back by force."

Shido glared up at him, "And you don't call this force? Release me! I have no wish to go back to the city!"

Cain's smile melted quickly, "You don't realize the nature of humans when they're threatened. We may hunt them for food, but in turn they have killed hundreds and hundreds of our own. Shido, they will come for you too, eventually."

"Let them come. At least I won't have to live forever to listen to you."

Cain shook his head slowly, like you would for an arguing, naïve child. And Shido was his child, his, and no lowly human was going to hunt him down and cut him open. Even if Shido hated the coven, even if he hated Cain, he would come to pass this stupid little phase with protecting humans and realise how wrong he had been. Many vampire children did it before, but none had held out as long as Shido had.

But... soon. Soon Shido will understand. They all did.

Cain sighed, "I'm sorry to have to do this to you, my Shido."

"I am not yours! Or anyone's! I don't belong to anything!"

And with that, Shido released his own power, felt it crawl over his back and his arms as he spread it inside himself to push Cain's power out. It was a real squash, like trying to get out of an over-stuffed lift, and he hurled Cain's power out of him, and awoke sweating. His head shot left and right, making sure he was in the office building again. The wafting smell of Riho's coffee brought him back to some semblance of calm.

But that didn't mean they weren't going to leave him alone, because he felt their power trail along his skin again for a second try, until he leapt out of the coffin and grabbed his coat, without a word to Guni or Riho.

He rushed down the flights of stairs, feeling their power grip his skin like a thousand tiny hands, and he only ran faster, and dived into the river of nighttime crowds of the city. Here, it was hard to pinpoint him through so many humans, even if his presence was different from the humans, as they would have to wade through each one to get to him.

Slowly, as he slipped by the people, he felt the power slip away, and he released a breath he didn't realize he had been holding once he was in the womb of the city's bustle.

Shido slowed to a snail's pace and dug his hands into his pockets, bowing his head low to hide in his coat collar.

He wandered the city for most of the night, ignoring the thirst and ignoring everything around him. But a pair of golden eyes were watching him from above the cities lights and buildings.

Shido stopped and looked forward, and felt too tired to know or care where he had wandered. The buzz of humans was becoming too much for his supernatural hearing and he disappeared into a closed park, merely jumping over the fence to get in. By now there was absolutely no sign of the coven's power, and all he wanted now was silence.