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Chapter 2: The Good Stuff.
It had been an hour since the pharaoh had started drinking with his buddy Bakura! But now they were out of alcohol.

"We need more... whatever the fuck this stuff is," Atemu stated dumbly, holding the bottle up to eye level.

"Drinky... goddy... stuff!" Bakura stated, in an attempt to be smart.

"Let's go to that place! That... I live in... Where I... do... stuff..." Atemu trailed off, not knowing exactly what he was talking about, but knew it was right. Bakura shrugged and the two skipped off, meaning they tipsily tripped over everything in an attempt to walk to get to the palace. I mean... place that the pharaoh lives and does stuff.

They reached the front gate and stared up at it in wonder. A guard came over, and inspected the two drunks curiously.

"Pharaoh Atemu? Are you drunk..?" the guard asked his eyes almost wide with wonder. He had never seen a drunken pharaoh before.

"No... Of course not. I'm not even of age!" Atemu stated, as if out raged, hiccupping every once in a while.

"Does it matter you're the... the... thing of... the... thing," Bakura took on a confused look. It appears as though thinking and alcohol are not good things to mix when with Bakura.

"That's right!" Atemu nearly shouted. The guard 'shh'ed him. "I'm the... the... P-.. P-..."

"Parle?" Bakura added hopefully. Atemu snapped his fingers together.

"Yes! The Parle!" Atemu pointed at the guard. "Announce that to everyone... NOW!"

"... uh sure, whatever pharaoh..." the Guard mumbled, edging away from them.

"HE'S THE PARLE DAMNIT!" Bakura shouted, raising his fists of anger! FEAR HIS FISTS OF ANGER!

"Right... sure," the guard said, fearing Bakura's fists of anger. Like I said to.

The two spent a few more minutes arguing with the guard before remembering they wanted more "drinks of the gods" so they left the god and continued on their merry way! Merry drunken way!

"Wow, this place is big," Atemu stated in awe.

"Yeah... yeah it is," Bakura whispered in fright.

"What are you doing?" Akunadin asked, coming from around the corner. The two screamed in positively negative fright. They were kinda like positively charged electrons. "Uh, right..."

"We're looking for the good stuff," Atemu stated, holding up the empty bottle of alcohol to Akunadin. Which was basically shoving it in his face and being all like 'bring me gooood stuff!'

"I'll... go get that for you then," Akunadin said shiftily, looking for any excuse to run from the room—erm... hall and away from the pharaoh and the thief king. So he ran.

"THAT'S RIGHT! BRING IT FASTER!" Bakura shouted. This sounded REAL dirty to most who passed.

Perverts got nose bleeds.

The two got bored with standing around, so they headed towards to the throne room. Although they didn't realize it, but they did anyways.

"So uh... what should we do while we wait?" Atemu asked casually as physically possible for him at this moment.

Bakura blinked, then an orange light bulb flashed about his head. A wide smirk spread across his face.

"I know what we can do!" Bakura walked over to the corner of the room and pulled out a piano.

"What are you doing?" our beloved Parle asked. Bakura sat down and began to play... VANESSA CARLTON STYLE! "Gasp!" said the Parle. "How'd you know!" Bakura continued playing but turned around to give Atemu a weird look—who had started singing A thousand Miles. Bakura cringed but continued playing.

A few minutes (and by minutes I mean seconds) into the song, Seto and Mahaado burst into the room.

"GASP!" They said dramatically. "How'd you know!" and joined our fair, horribly singing, Atemu in singing the now horribly butchered song.

"Ahk... my EARS!" Bakura sobbed, boxing his ears as they continued their song. Being the dramatic man Bakura is, he magically put some ketchup to ooze from his hands. "Arg! They bleed!" he whined, forgetting it was ketchup.

"GASP!" said the horrid singers. "WE MUST CALL ISIS!"

"GET OVER HERE WOMAN!" Seto shouted. Isis sweat dropped.

"I'm kinda standing right beside you..." Isis rubbed her ear.

"ISIS! My secret yet not so secret lover, please stop Bakura's ears from bleeding as they are scaring me!" Mahaado exclaimed, hugging Isis. Isis however, looked rather disgusted.

"Yo, let go of me, who said you could touch me?" she frowned. Mahaado looked horrified.

"But, but... ISIS!" Mahaado exclaimed.

"Shut up and Bakura stop being so damned dramatic," Isis demanded.

"Fine," Bakura growled, wiping his hands on the piano. "No need to be so PMS-y!"

"Oh! BURN!" Atemu said, pointing at Isis.

"At least I have a reason to be," Isis twitched.

"OH BURN!" Atemu shouted again. Isis smacked him.


"OH BURN!" Seto laughed.

"Singe..." Mahaado said, much like a... stoner!

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