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Fun Facts About FOI:

1. She is only half an inch taller than GIR and, like GIR, can easily fit atop Zim's head.

2. In the episode "Backseat Drivers From Beyond the Stars", when Purple screams, "HEY! Somebody's makin' donuts!"---that somebody was Foi. They stole her donuts.

3. Foi was born July 12th. Year unknown.

4. Her magical frosted head cupcake's names are as follows: Vanilla, Strawberry (sometimes referred to as 'Pink'), Lemon, Chocolate, Maple, Pineapple, Cherry, and Coconut.



It was the night before Halloween and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a...

"Zim, look!"

"Not now, Foi! I'm tryyyy-ING to repair the stupid sizzly machi--"

"Come on! It'll only take a second! Just look!"


"Puh-weeeeezzzeeee? Please with siasche marzpe and snax-stix on toooop?"



With a fierce snarl, he whirled around. "GAHH! Wait... What the--?"

Foi grinned, "It's his Halloween costume! Cute, huh?"


Before the stupified invader stood none other than...


Well, really just a green painted GIR in his "red-mode", dressed in a too-big invader's uniform and sporting thick, glued-on, black pipe cleaners for antennae.

Yes, it WAS cute. Extremely, horribly, sickeningly cute; and it took all of Zim's self-control to suppress an amused grin.

It took even more self-control when he caught sight of Foi.

Living up to her promise, the tiny Irken girl had either fashoined or ordered (he was assuming 'ordered', due to it's realistic appearance) a huge, strawberry-frosted cupcake costume. "Isn't it neat?" she smiled sweetly, "I got you one too!"

"I will NOT dress up as a CUPCAKE, Foi! Don't even--" "No! A PRESENT! Show 'im, GIR!"

"PREEEEEESSSSEEEENNNNTTT!" With a move that would snap the limbs off of a normal creature, the little robot flipped though the air, wigged out, SPASMED! ...and landed calmly in the same place he had been standing before, pointing. "It's over there."

"Well, go get it! I don't have all day, you two!"

"You have to close your eyyyyyeeeeees!"

"Oh, for Irk's sake..."

GIR waved a hand in front of his master to make sure he wasn't peeking, then , satisfied, scurried away giddily.

Zim, on the other hand, was most decidedly NOT giddy. In any shape or form. He was BUSY...or HAD been, before he was very RUDELY interrupted. And for what? This stupid--


He sighed loudly, feigning delight, "Oh, good--"

"--y..." His sarcasm died in his throat, however, replaced by a gasp of...real delight, "Wha--? My--my sizzly machine! How?"

Foi grinned at her husband's reaction. Boy, if there had ever been a better moment in her short life, she couldn't remember it!

Oh...wait...yeah, she could. It was the day that space pizza voot had crashed into that donut voot and their contents had gone all over the platform outside her room. Those were some of the best donuts she'd ever had! Too bad about those drivers, though. ...Ah, well.

Stinks to be them.

Anyway, Foi beamed as Zim's face lit up as brightly as FoodCourtia at night. He ran his fingers over the glossy new machine. "But, how..."

"We sawded how sad you was, Master, that your sizzly 'chine bust-icated! So we made you a NEW one!" GIR squealed. The invader looked speechless, " 'We' ?"

Foi smiled, "GIR an' me!"


All eyes turned to the ceiling.

"And, um, Computer helped." she added sheepishly.

Zim blinked. "Why?"

"Well, I bribed him with a new upgrade, but--"

" was your idea?"


Zim nodded, "Alright then. Well, I'm gonna' go test my new machine." His voice took on a soft tone. "Foi, GIR?"

They grinned happily, "Yeah?"

"Go throw out the old one, will ya'?"


Zim stood back, watching the watermelon fry to a crisp and dissolve. " works. No explosions, no power-outages, no...HORRIBLENESS. They...did it."

He smiled slowly, a strange feeling welling up inside him that had nothing to do with the six sodas he had just consumed. "She...did it."

But, now what? He couldn't just waltz up there and THANK her--NO! It would go against ALL he believed in. Namely: Independence, revenge, and hatred of everything that wasn't himself.

Well...maybe not...everything...

Maybe not every...ONE.


Foi smiled. She hadn't even expected to get a thank-you. In fact, she had known she wouldn't get one. Zim was Zim, and Zim didn't thank anybody. Ever.


She jumped, turning to see her mate angrily rapping his fingers on the doorframe. "I-It didn't work?" she stuttered.

He glared, "It worked."

"I--Then wha--"

But he shook his head, "Be quiet!"

Foi watched in astonishment as Zim crossed the floor, standing face-to-face with her...close enough

He held out his hand, grabbing her fingers in a tight, formal handshake. "You-fixed-the-machine-I-congradulate-you-on-a-job-well-done-thank-you." he blithered like a talking hamster on speed.

"...What?" Foi asked.



"YES!" Zim spat.

She stood in shock, "Why?"

He blinked, "Does it matter? I just AM!"

" one's ever thanked me before...for anything." She whispered, "So, I guess I really should be thanking you."

Zim raised a brow, "Um... Yes. Yes, you should be." With a nod, he turned to go.

"I'm glad you're my mate, Zim."

He stopped, another thing she hadn't been expecting him to do, and glanced back at her.

Then, suddenly, he smiled. A real, honest-to-goodness SMILE. "I know, Foi. I know you are." he said.


Halloween night was a blast. Foi went in her cupcake costume, GIR in his "Zim" costume, and Zim in...some HORRIBLE, platinum-blonde, GIRL'S wig and a cowboy suit. Why?

I have no idea.

"Trick-or-treat!" The three chorused in unison.

"OH!" Some fat lady with a huge bowl of candy squealed at Foi, "What a sweet, adorable, PINK-FROSTED CUPCAKE! AW! And what a cute little alien!"

Foi and GIR beamed as she dumped the entire candy bowl she was holding into their bags. "Thaaaaannnnk yooooouuuu!" they sang.

"HEY!" Zim squawked, "What about ME?"

The woman looked at him a moment, then recoiled in horror, "AAAUUUUUGGGHHH! SOMEONE GOUGE OUT MY EEEEEEYYYYYYYEEEESSSS!"


Foi, GIR, and a miserable-looking Zim were left staring into darkness. Foi turned to her mate, "Here, um, you can have mine. I can't eat this stuff anyway."

"Neither can I." Zim realized, "Why are we even DOING this?"

GIR glanced at Foi; Foi glanced at GIR, and then they cheered. " 'Cause it's FUN!"

Giggling, they each grabbed one of the invader's hands, hauling him off to the next house, "Wee-hoo!"

For the first time in a long time, Zim didn't yell or complain or tell them to let go. He just shook his head, suppressing a smile.

"HEY!" Someone called.

They whirled around, "Dib!" Foi exclaimed, "You look COOL!" "Thanks, Foi!" he grinned, then cocked his head disdainfully at her mate. "And what are YOU supposed to be, Zim? CHER?"

The Irken puffed out his chest, "My costume is far too magnificent to SHARE with the likes of you."


Foi motioned for Dib to join their trio, "Why don't you come with us, Dib? It'll be so much more fun that way!"

"NO!" Zim yelled, but was promptly ignored.

"Okay, but only because I want to shame Zim when I get more candy than HE does."

"NEVER!" Said Zim hollered, racing to the closest house in a frenzy. To him, war had been declared.

"No, you don't, ALIEN!" 'Dib The Homicidal Maniac' shrieked, charging after him.

'Foi The Strawberry-Frosted Cupcake' and 'GIR The Zim Look-A-Like' stared at each other.

"They sure are happy!" Foi exclaimed obliviously, walking over as Zim and Dib fought viciously over who would ring the doorbell.


Foi solved the problem.

The front door opened a crack. "I'm not giving out any..."


The person stepped out, eyes wide, and Dib's own eyes widened as well...

They were wearing matching outfits.

"Wha--Wha--What are you supposed to be?" The taller one of the two asked in a voice somewhere between fright and horror.

"I'm a...a homicidal maniac." Dib stuttered.

The man shrieked.



"What was that human's PROBLEM?" Zim snapped, disappointed with the strange man's refusal to give them candy.

"The address is '777'." Foi stated.

"Isn't that Heaven's address?" Dib mused.

They pondered a moment longer.

"I'm gonna' go get more CAN-DEH!" GIR suddenly screeched, hopping merrily on to the house across the street. Behind him, Foi yawned.

"Yeah. I'm going home." she smiled, "I can't eat this stuff an' I'm HUNGRY. Have fun!"

"But--but what about my beating the hideous DIB?" her mate gasped.

She blinked, "Well, you don't have to come with me...I want you to have fun. I'll be okay!"

To her shock, Zim shoved his candy bag into GIR's hands, "GIR, beat the Dib for me. I'm going home too."

"Okee-dokee! Let's get it ON, Dibb-eh!" GIR cried in a very ODD, FAR too manly voice.

"EWWW! No WAY! You stink, Zim!" Dib yelled.

But the invader didn't hear his enemy's wail. He was already far down the road, next to his wife. "Doesn't that costume bother you at ALL?"

"No, why?" She asked, admiring several brightly decorated houses.

He scowled, "It just looks...uncomfortable."

"Nah, I'm fine. ...Hey, Zim?"


"Thanks...for everything. You're a really good husband."

He stopped, taking her hand and looking deeply into her eyes...

"I know." he said finally. "I AM AMAZING!"

She giggled, "That's why I love you, Zimmy!"

Zim stood there a moment, his face unreadable. "If I make you siasche marze when we get home...will you promise to never say that again?"



"...How about if I say it once every two years?"



They began walking again, and Foi thought she felt something wrap itself around her fingers. "Zim?"

"Be quiet and hold my hand, Foi."

She grinned, squeezing said hand tightly. "You love me too, don't you?"

"I said be quiet."


Then, holding hands, they made their way home. Husband and wife, invader and outcast...

Cher and Strawberry-Frosted Cupcake.

And they lived happily (and insanely!) ever after...

"Hey, Zim?"


"That really tall, creepy guy back there...he looks strangely familiar, doesn't he?"

"...I suppose."

"I'll go visit him sometime... I'll bring him some FROSTED CUPCAKES! You think he'll let me into his house?"

Or something like that.