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Author's Notes: Characterizations and relationships are based in the manga not anime, thus don't bother to address anime issues. Proceed with caution for spoilers regarding Pip and PipxSeras (I didn't make up that part, it happens). This story is mainly AxS and ExI, there's certain degrees of AxI and PxS in the beginning and the implied IxS (besides hinted threesomes and foursomes) but AlucardxSeras and EnricoxIntegral are the most developed. I dedicate this fic to Lillian Dashwood. I repost after fixing certain grammar issues.

Special Thanks: Lyanna Kane and Kit Durani, lovely beta readers.

Broken Eden

"God created man and woman in the Divine image. In God's image they were created; male and female God created them."

Chapter One

- Adam

Loss was followed by joy, only to come back to the initial feeling. Alucard wasn't accustomed to strong emotions when he wasn't on the battlefield. It was quite irksome.

The sight of his Master's lifeless body filled him with rage. That the Nazis had won over his protection was an insult to his might. The fact that he had had such plans for his brilliant Integral. Ruined forever. Or so he thought. Soon, her cadaver was stirring, cheeks acquiring the parlor of the undead.

Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing greeted him with glowing eyes and a smile of glittering elongated canines.

There was a reason why the seal and the power given to him by the Hellsing family hadn't vanished. He laughed. They both did before hunting together, feasting on the remaining fake vampires, to then return to lay alongside one another as wolves before the fireplace of Carfax Abbey.

Integral was magnificent: so young, yet so inhuman. Just as Alucard had imagined. He could almost hear the Hellsings rolling in their graves. That their own descendant would join the undead without trickery…

London was their Eden and there were no forbidden trees inside it. But Paradise was poisoned by disagreement. They had heated discussions. Alucard wanted to enjoy her in body as in mind, Integral refused him. Always the maiden of steel.

"You have waited for so long that a couple of years more won't make a difference, will it?" Integral said with taunting words. She was denying both his pleasure and her own for a reason that escaped him.

This round had continued for months, always the same debate over and over again - until one day, Alucard had growled those wretched words. "You're mine, Integra. You're the forfeit of what your ancestors took away from me. I raised you. I own you."

Her eyes had narrowed; she'd gnashed her fangs. Integral had smirked wickedly, snapping: "We're equals, Alucard. Both of us have risen of our own account, haven't we? And we are equals only because I grant us to be. I could own you through the sleeping seals. Never forget that."

"I'm stronger and older than you, that puts me in charge." Alucard had grasped her shoulder, trying to pin her to a wall.

"That doesn't make you any better. You have lost the vitality of the young." Integral had phased out of his grip, disappearing from his side. "You need an object lesson about humility, Alucard. Only then, shall I return."

Alucard had beheld her act, confident that she would come back. Thus, he had stood his ground and waited. He didn't expect her to ask for forgiveness. He knew better; they were both arrogant creatures, but at least he expected her to allow him some physicality beyond a hungry kiss. Nothing happened, no sign of her around.

He sent beasts to search for her, demanding her return. What he saw, through their eyes, galled the No Life King very much. The sight of his companion, dallying with that bloody priest. Was she doing this on purpose? Alucard only wondered. Even threats wouldn't work out; Integral had already set her conditions. And he had too much pride to accept them.

In those days, Alucard started to pay attention to his fledgling in an uncharacteristically positive light. Since her human's demise, Seras had matured in all aspects; no longer was she (in his mindset) a worthless idiot, even if she remained too human for his tastes - he despised her compassion.

Two can play this game, Integra, Alucard thought, licking his fangs as he approached Seras. He would carve his childe into a perfect monster, destroying her tainted innocence once and for all. He would not fail again.

Just as Alucard wasn't a gentle creature in anything he did, neither was he the first time they mated, shattering her hymen unapologetically. The way in which she had initially resisted only added to the thrill; he was aware that Seras couldn't go away as Integral had chosen to do. He could enforce his might over her without consequences. They weren't equals, no matter what Seras might believe. She was his, reborn of his blood that had given her immortality. They were therefore bound.

Alucard didn't want a mindless slave, he had no use for them. But he had been a king, and thus it was exhilarating to dominate once more. Seeing her struggle and writhe while he tried to break her was in his plans. As long as Seras didn't give up to the grim circumstances, she would grow stronger with each bruise. She would grow angry and awaken the beast sleeping inside her.

In either case, Seras would lose something, be it her humanity or her spirit. It was only a matter of choice.

Alucard paused, almost on the edge of his climax, positioned inside the panting Seras. His arms displayed superficial scratches where her nails had dug during the act.

Had Adam longed for Lilith as he'd been thrusting inside Eve?

Alucard bet the fool had. Humans were sentimental beings, after all.