Broken Eden

"Better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven"

Chapter Four

- Asmodeous

Enrico Maxwell was torn between despair and desire – or, rather the desperation that such unwanted wants brought him.

It was sinful.

It was forbidden.

It was wrong.

He cursed the day when he had agreed to the false angel's melodious offering, for the religious conflict it had brought him, and also for the thoughts that came along.

Ideas of Integral Hellsing doing unorthodox things to him. He may have been a priest, but Enrico had recently discovered that this did not make his needs as a man vanish. The leader of Iscariot had thought Integral was a remarkable woman in life, for a Protestant sow, but in undeath… she was magnificent. Her awareness had increased beyond his limited, human mind. And the most amazing thing! Holy items didn't faze her; quite the opposite, they seemed to strengthen her.

Could that be? A vampire who was attuned to the sight of God and weakened by evil? That only fed his unhealthy fascination. Each move she made, each word she uttered was an object of study for him. Only that, Enrico tried to convince himself.

And she knew, the blasted woman was fully aware of how she affected him and how to assert her power over him. A soft brush of forearms, a single pat on his shoulder, it was all enough for Enrico to burn in his lust for her.

However, Integral did not allow a closer caress, not a kiss descended to his lips. Their relationship was 'business.' It grated him. Was she mocking him? If she had been Lilith, Hellsing should have been promiscuous. It was the opposite, however, and her virtue remained untouched.

For how much time would he have to endure her torture? His silent secret, for he couldn't even confess to Father Renaldo. Despite everything, Maxwell wasn't remorseful for such thoughts.

Years passed by, flying. There were days and nights that Integral didn't come to him, rather spending her time with her two fellow undead cohorts. Enrico could not help but feel jealousy in addition to relief; he was a castaway of such circles, either good or evil.

But that night, at the end of July, as the cold froze the very core of his body, another chilling sensation took over his spirit. Maxwell knew she was to appear. He had been praying inside a small Irish Chapel, musing about his faults.

Forgive me, Father. For I have sinned, Maxwell thought heartlessly, sketching the sign of the cross and then starting to pray.

In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen…

"Praying to God that you should keep your soul?"

Enrico jumped. He could have sworn that he had heard her voice as if she had been whispering in his ear. But she hadn't. Integral was in front of him, leaning on the altar. Her piercing eyes were scouring something inside him; he shuddered.

"How was the mission in Wales?" Integral bent down, closer to him. Enrico swallowed, forcing his body to stay where it was. That demon would not succeed!

Pater noster, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur Nomen Tuum.

"The targets were exterminated," Enrico replied icily, glaring at the vampire. "That was the last lair of the vampires you considered impure."

"Was it? Such a pity."

"Unless you wanted me to send Anderson against your friends, of course," Enrico offered solicitously.

She grimaced at his words and Enrico could taste a fleeting victory. "Why is the Demon King envious of my companions?" Integral taunted as she renewed her path, closing the distance between them. Their bodies almost touched.

Adveniat regnum Tuum, fiat voluntas Tua, sicut in caelo et in terra.

"Stop whatever it is that you are doing!" Enrico demanded, unable to get away. He did not want to. Had she corrupted his resolution already?

"Why so nervous, Enrico?" Integral asked with a collected tone, pretending that nothing was amiss.

"The impure things were exterminated, Hellsing! Our deal is over. Go back and play with your ilk!"

"Seras and Alucard are busy fruitlessly attempting to conceive a Cain." Integral dismissed his suggestion and captured his hand. With a sharp fingernail, she slashed a small cut on his palm, tasting the flavor of it. "Still virgin, eh? Excellent."

Maxwell was speechless. He merely nodded his response; sex before marriage was sinful. What was she doing now?

Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie, et dimitte nobis debita nostra,

"Get out of here! I'll call Anderson to exorcize you, demon!" Enrico threatened, finding his voice again.

"Then do it," Integral challenged, eyeing him sharply. Enrico opened his mouth then closed it. He could not, his articulations were not cooperating. "There are still many impure beings to purge out of the Protestant lands, Maxwell. And you gave me your word to that you would cooperate… Even though they aren't exactly undead. Do you know what I am speaking of?"

The priest paled, catching the hint. Iscariot, the Catholics. She had set him a clever trap.

Sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris, et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo.

"If you have any objection, speak now or forever keep your silence," Integral husked, tracing his jugular with her cold tongue.

There was no reply. Enrico himself didn't know what to say, how to act. Her overwhelming presence fogged his judgment. "Don't worry, Asmodeous," Integral assured him. Seras and Alucard appeared behind her, both completely nude except for the blood that covered them. They said nothing just remained still, staring at him. "Together, the four of us shall make many children. How about starting with your own agents?"

The last thing Enrico felt before blacking out was the shivery caress of her fangs biting his throat.