Title: Harry Potter and the Children of the Future
: Reyn
: M
: The original story idea was my sister's. The characters, settings and other references belong to J.K. Rowling.
: OCs up the hoo-ha, disregards the plot after book 5, NO mpreg, time travel (?), slash, Snape being an insulting bastard
Author's Note
: I...don't even know what to say about this one. I never expected it to be as loved as it is. When you'll start reading it, you'll understand what I mean. And hopefully, if you're able to finish it, you'll see whatever it is everyone else seems to see.

Chapter One: The Arrival

Harry Potter let out a loud yawn as he headed down to the Great Hall for lunch. Even though the day was only half over, he couldn't help but feel tired. He was now in his 7th and final year at Hogwarts, and between Quidditch, studies, N.E.W.T.s, Auroror lessons with Professor McGonagall, and keeping up with what was happening with the Order, he was left feeling rather drained. Harry didn't really mind all this though. Despite all his losses over the previous years, he realized that he was lucky to have made it this far. So instead of sulking about, he decided to push everyone's death aside and live life to its fullest, like they would have wanted him to.

"Oi! Harry, wait up!"

Harry turned to see his best friend, Ron Weasley jogging to catch up with him.

"Honestly Harry! I turn my head to talk to Dean for a minute and you disappear! No wonder the Order had its knickers in a twist over the holidays," Ron complained as they descended down the last flight of stairs.

Harry laughed at this. It was true; over the holidays he had snuck out of the house and past Mundungus who was supposed to be watching him. The result was Harry getting cornered by a couple of muggle gangsters, intent on beating him and stealing whatever he had. That idea was quickly pushed out of the muggles' heads when they suddenly found themselves surrounded by half the Order with a number of hexes flying at them. After that, it was decided to keep Harry at 12 Grimmauld Place (which had been left for Harry in Sirius's will) for the remainder of the summer.

"Sorry Ron. I didn't realize you had stopped. I guess I've been a little out of it with everything I've got going on," Harry said as they entered the Great Hall.

Suddenly a child appeared in front of them with a soft 'pop'. The two boys stopped and stared down at the young girl. The girl turned and looked up at them. Upon seeing Harry and his scar, the girl let out a small 'eep!' and ran off.

"Er …Ron, I think I'm a little more out of it than I thought I was," Harry said as they looked back up. More and more children seemed to be appearing out of nowhere. They all seemed to be Hogwarts students, but none of them were recognizable.

"You and me both, mate!" Ron exclaimed, his eyes as wide as saucers.

Even the teachers up at the head table seemed to be in disarray at what was going on around them. Finally Dumbledore stood and cleared his throat. Instantly, the entire Hall went quiet.

"May the Head Boy and Head Girl please come up here? We apparently have some things to discuss."

Harry looked over to the Gryffindor table and saw Hermione Granger quickly stand and head over to the teacher's table. On the other side of the hall, Draco Malfoy did the same.

However, much to everyone's surprise, two other students approached the table as well. Instantly the Hall was filled with whispers and gossip. Dumbledore looked across the hall. With a wave of his wand the number of tables doubled and food appeared.

"Eat!" was all he said before engaging in conversation with the now four Heads of the student body, along with the four Heads of the Houses.

Harry and Ron simply looked at each other and shrugged and headed over to the Gryffindor table to find a seat before the table was filled.

"Oi, watch it!" a voice cried out as Ron accidentally bumped into someone in his attempt to sit.

"Huh? Oh, sorry abou-"


"Erm …no?" Ron was looking at the boy as if he were mental.

Harry looked over and wondered just how hard Ron had bumped into the boy for him to be calling Ron his father. Amazingly enough, the boy did carry the Weasley trait of red hair and freckles. And he did look something like Ron with the exception that the boy's ginger curls were gelled down.

"You're Ronald Weasley, right?" the boy continued unfazed.

"Yeah…" Ron said skeptically.

"You're my Dad, then!" the boy exclaimed happily.

Ron still looked like he thought the kid was mental. Just as he opened his mouth to voice this opinion, Harry interrupted.

"Excuse me, but who are you?"

The boy turned his attention to Harry and his eyes widened. "Blimey Uncle Harry! Uncle Draco was right! You do have the potential to be the school heart throb if you tried! Even without the celebrity status!"

Now it was Harry's turn to look at the boy as if he were mental.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Ron asked, finally finding his voice. "'Uncle Draco'? You can't mean Draco Malfoy? There's not a bloody chance in Hell I'd make him you're uncle!"

The boy looked at Ron and smiled. "You'd be surprised." He then looked back at Harry. "I take it that it hasn't happened yet?"

"What hasn't happened?" Harry asked, his brain trying to process what was going on.

"Never mind. I'm sure your son will explain it to you later. My name's Mack, by the way. Mack Weasley." Mack offered his hand, which Harry took dumbly.

"I …I have a son?" Harry asked rather skeptically. He instantly began to wonder if his son were legitimate or not. He never really expected to live long enough to have kids, let alone a family, though it would be nice. He certainly would not have time to go courting for a wife with the Order and Voldemort still running around.

"Yeah. His name is Gabriel, Gabe for short. I wonder where he is…" Mack then stood up and began looking around.

"Wait a bloody tick!" Ron suddenly burst out. "If I'm your father, who the hell is your mother!"

"Hermione Weasley, of course. Hey, there's Gabe! But I guess she still goes by Hermione Granger now. Oi! Gabe! Over here!" Mack waved his arms.

"Her …Hermione? I'm married to Hermione?" Ron cried out, his face so pale that even his freckles seemed to disappear.

"Ron, calm down! It seemed bound to happen!" Harry reassured.

"Calm down? CALM DOWN! How can I calm down when I'm supposed to be married to her? I'm not even dating her yet!" Ron wailed.

Mack turned his attention to his father. "You still haven't asked mum out yet? You really should get a move on that!"

Ron simply glared at Mack, but before he could retort, another boy came up to the group.

"Hey Mack! You wouldn't believe …Dad!" the boy exclaimed as he saw Harry.

Harry looked at the boy. Never in his life had he seen anyone more strange looking. He wasn't ugly; mind you, just interesting to look at. The boy's hair was black with blond tips and had that hurricane swept look, similar to Harry's. His skin was extremely pale and his chin was slightly pointed. The feature that made him interesting however, were his eyes. They seemed to be silver with a burst of green in the center.

"Dad? Dad!" Gabe waved his hand in front of Harry's face.

Harry blinked, snapping out of his gaze. "What?"

Mack laughed. "He seems to be taking this whole father business a lot better than you, Dad."

Ron simply scowled. "Oh yeah? Hey…erm…Gabriel is it? Who's your mum?"

Gabe looked at Ron as if he were mental. "There is no mum, Uncle Ron."

"What?" Ron exclaimed. "How can there not be a mother? You look too much like Harry to be adopted! Is she dead then?"

"Uncle Ron, there never was a mum. Don't you remember?" Gabe said slowly.

Mack chuckled. "Gabe, it hasn't happened yet."

Gabe's eyes went wide as he mouthed a silent 'oh.'

"What are you two bloody going on about? How could there have never been a mum?" Ron asked, glancing over at Harry.

"Well," Gabe began to explain, "I have two dads. Where is Father anyways?"

"He's up there talking to Dumbledore," Mack said as he shoveled some food in his mouth.

"Really? Why?" Gabe asked.

"He's Head Boy," Mack said with a shrug.

"…Head Boy?"


"Oh bugger…"

Harry suddenly paled as a feeling of dread washed over him.

"Two dads?" Ron asked disbelievingly. "But that would make Harry gay! He's not gay! Right Harry!"

Harry ignored the question. "Gabe, who exactly is your other father?"

"It's Draco. Draco Malfoy."

Harry suddenly understood what Mack meant by it hasn't happened yet. With that his eyes rolled up in his head and he fainted into his clam chowder.