Alternate Feelings

By YoukaiTajaiyaSango

Disclaimer: I don't own ANY of the Inuyasha cast. Wish I did though...

Chapter one: Insomnia and Inuyasha

After we had traveled for the day, we stopped in the woods for the night. I sat up and stared at the stars. I knew it was past time to sleep; everyone else was. I thought I heard something, but I was mistaken. Dumb insomnia. I can't sleep or ANYTHING!

As I cursed sleeplessness endlessly while walking idly through the woods, I came upon a river. I hadn't heard the roaring. I guess I was too deep in thought. I grinned sheepishly and blushed lightly, embarrassed even though no one was there. Or so I thought.

I felt a familiar demonic presence as Inuyasha bounded silently through the trees. I guess he noticed that I had left. When he finally found me, he almost yelled at me in pure anger of me leaving. He had hiraikotsu strapped on his back. If I said so myself, he looked... well, odd.

"Sango! What are you DOING out here, THIS late at night?! No weapon, no katakana, no NOTHING to defend yourself if a demon came about and ate you!" He yelled angrily. Kagome had said that he does have a soft side, but his angry side is a BIT scary. I would HATE to be Naraku or Sesshoumaru. Inuyasha is one enemy. Right now I was his temporary one.

"Inuyasha, do you REALLY want to get your temper up with me?" I asked with a hint of challenge, getting annoyed. All I had done was go walk around! Really, and nothing happened to me! Why... why did he... care so much?

"Inuyasha," I said softer. "Why do you... I mean... Why did you come after me? Why did you care so much?" As soon as I asked the question, I knew the answer.

"You're one of our best fighters, DUH!" He answered, using one of Kagome's sayings from the future. "You're really strong and all, but something woke me up and I didn't see you. So I thought I'd find you. The longer it TOOK me, the ANGRIER I got. So yea."

I knew it. Why was I so... shocked? Surprised, even. We were all just FIGHTERS to him, Kagome the Jewel finder. Miroku, the monk who needs to destroy Naraku. Sango, the youkai tajai-ya, second best fighter. Shippou, the little kistune whom Kagome won't let him throw into the streets. We were just pawns in order for him to get Naraku.

"Y-yes..." My voice quavered, and I didn't know why. My eyes stung as if I were to... cry? I hadn't cried in a long time. Why am I going to NOW? And in front of Inuyasha, Mr. Insensitive. I knew he could smell my tears and see them, his sharp vision and smell could smell within a 50 foot radius.

We returned to camp in silence. I didn't like the way Inuyasha POINTEDLY ignored me. It bugged the sanity out of me and I wanted to whack him for him to notice me at all. Inuyasha the bakayarou. That's what Kagome called him and so will I! Oh... I was so deep in thought, I ran into Inuyasha when he suddenly stopped when we got there. I cursed for not paying attention and prepared to be ignored in the morning. Miroku peeked through his closed eyes and I faked a yawn. I didn't want that lech touching me, not tonight.

I wondered why he actually did care. I mean, hat if he did? Did I like him back? Why was I thinking about this?! I mean, all he had done was go look for me, nothing else. I was so confused. I fell asleep with that kind of thoughts roiling in my head. Was I beginning to go traitor on Kagome?

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