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Okay, this is a change for me, but what's life without a little variety. I was looking around and I noticed a few people had the same thought as me for a fic idea. This is follows the movie.

What if Alan did die at the end of the movie?

For those who don't know, I'm used to writing angst, morbid fics, so this may be dark and disturbing to some. This is also my first Thunderbirds fic. I don't know why I never thought of fanfiction when I was little like 10 years ago. I used to have so many ideas.

Anyways, I don't know how long this is going to be, or how it will turn out.

By the way, this is AU if you haven't figured it out yet.


"I don't want to save you, but it's what we do." Alan said as he reached his hand out to grab the one of the Hood's, which had an iron grip on the metal bar. Looking up and over, Alan looked at his dad still behind the bars and saw the pride in his father's eyes staring back at him.

The Hood's eyes flickered from Alan to Jeff. Gripping his life line at the moment tightly, he swung his other arm up to grasp Alan's arm. Feeling the jerk on his arm, Alan redirected his attention to the Hood. Alan looked at the Hood with confusion in his eyes. The Hood grinned slightly at the sight.

"Oh Alan, one never knows how far indignation may go. Not even when it is given the chance to be fixed." The Hood told Alan. Blue eyes widened, realizing to late the spot he had been put in.

Jeff from behind the bars had seen the look of fear appear on his youngest son's face. Parental protection mode switched on, and Jeff put all his force into trying to kick the lock on the door loose. Each kick seemed to gain force as Jeff watched the next few scenes.

At the same moment, the grip on Alan's arm tightened tremendously. A force pushed him up quickly before he felt himself being pulled towards the edge.

"Goodbye Alan."

The Hood gathered his energy and sent Alan sailing over the edge with distance.

From his spot, Jeff ceased his kicking only to have his heart torn out of him as his son flew over the edge, sailing over the spinning teeth of the Mole. He saw the distance and saw that Alan might make it to the ground without being shredded limb from limb. A quiet gasp reached his ears as he saw Alan hit the ground with a sickening thud. Time seemed to freeze for him. Thoughts ran through his mind, trying to figure out his son's fate. He saw his son move a bit. Hope ran through his veins like dam breaking.

Watching Alan roll over onto his back, all hope quickly faded away just like the colour from his face. He was frozen to the spot. Nothing registered to him. Time froze the scene, making him see it over and over again.

"Alan…." He whispered his voice unable to go any louder.

Lady Penelope, who had seen the whole scene from the other side, was immobile as well. Standing with wide eyes and her mouth open slightly (slightly unlady like) she could only stare at the scene in front of her. Throughout Jeff's rampage rage to get out of the cage and help Alan, she had stayed back knowing she was helpless to get involved.

Movement finally coming back to her, she raised a hand to cover her mouth. Turning her head slightly towards Jeff, she was unprepared for the sight.

Jeff's hands loosely clutched the bars as he stared out with tear filled eyes. All colour was drained from him. Penelope's eyes widened at the realization that Jeff had just lost his soul. Before he had lost his heart, but now….his soul. His son.

During that time that they had frozen, Parker had come running into the room alone. One look at Jeff and Lady Penelope, and the slight withering of Alan's body gave him the idea of what had happened. Gulping, he set his mind on freeing Jeff and Penelope from the barrier that prevented Jeff from getting to Alan. A few twists of the lock, he slowly and dreadfully opened the door. Stepping out of the way, he gave Jeff his freedom.

Jeff, whose state of shock was still present, unconsciously made his way over to Alan with slow steps. Coming to stand over Alan he looked down at the figure. Diagonally from Alan's left shoulder all the way down to the ride side of his chest was a deep but clean slash. His shirt was soaked in crimson blood, which had quickly found its way to the floor, and puddle around him. Jeff could see his son's lungs moving up and down through the opening, as he tried to breathe.

Falling to his knees, he was brought back to the present as scared, crystal blue eyes looked up at him. Gently he gathered Alan's broken form in his arms and looked down at him, not caring that tears were falling. Gently he pressed a hand against Alan's chest in desperate hope to save him. Blood had already started to flow up through Alan's throat and leak out of his mouth.

The numbing pain that Alan felt course through his body was beyond hell itself. He couldn't hear, see, or feel anything except for the pain. From the moment he was clipped by one of the teeth he was sent to a painful void.

Through all the pain, he vaguely felt a presence that seemed so familiar yet started to feel alien-like.

As the mist in his eyes slowly started to fade, he felt something warm gather him up. Looking up he slowly searched for the presence, till his eyes fell on his father's face. It was different. Something Alan had never seen. Trying to catch his voice through the waves of pain he tried to call out.

"D-d-dad?" he quietly asked in-between gasps, as he found his breath harder and harder to keep under control. Pain filled coughs racked through his body, which had only caused Jeff to hold his son closer.

"Shh…don't try to speak. I'm here." Jeff reassured softly. Lowering his head to rest on top of Alan's slightly drenched locks, he felt a light pressure against his chest as Alan pressed his head for comfort against him. He tightened his grip as tears spilled endlessly from his eyes.

Across the room, Penelope had quickly made her way over to Tin-Tin who was lying semi-conscious on the ground. She kneeled down next to her trying to distract her from the sight behind her, but also to prevent Tin-Tin from running over if she happened to wake.

The sound of footsteps rapidly hitting the ground brought her attention to the hallway. Rounding the corner, Penelope was met with the sight of the other four sons as well as the small figure of Fermat. They looked around hoping to find their dad, youngest brother and friends.

Looking around the room all their eyes rested upon the two figures. Penelope couldn't describe the look that appeared on the four brothers. There were simply no words to describe the emotions and shocked looks.

John's heart started to beat rapidly at the sight before him. Moving his feet, he quickly ran over to the scene followed closely by Gordon, Scott, and Virgil.

Fermat had slowly come over to Penelope, who enveloped him in comforting hug.

Jeff continued to gently hold Alan, rocking him slightly. He was aware of the presence of his four other sons as they ran to him stopping abruptly, obviously knowing that they couldn't go any further. Turning his head slightly he was met with their faces.

Jeff watched as John fell to his knees and broke into tears as he watched his little brother lie in his father's arms so alone and scared. Scott quickly fell next to John and put his arm around his younger brother letting his own tears fall as well. Virgil and Gordon leaned against each other as they let their anguish fall as well. Closing his eyes he turned his head and lifted it from Alan's head. Looking down, his heart continued to twist as he noticed the tears running down Alan's face.

Raising a hand he cupped Alan's face slowly wiping away the tears. Alan coughed again. Jeff noticed that it was becoming extremely difficult for Alan to breathe. He knew the inevitable was going to happen, but he didn't want to accept that fact at the moment. He had already had this happen once. He didn't want to experience this again especially when it was his youngest son.

"D-dad….I-I…t-tried." Alan whispered. Jeff nodded slowly.

"You did, and you did more then enough. You proved yourself, even when you didn't have to." Jeff said quietly. Alan smiled faintly before his face scrunched up in pain. His breaths began to deepen. Jeff closed his eyes again. He knew that that small smile was the last he would ever see from his son.

"D-dad….I-I…scared…d-d-on't…w-w-wanna….g-go…" Alan's voice was barely above a whisper now. Jeff looked down once again and the last time he would see his son's face containing life. Holding back the sobs that threatened to break through he nodded.

"I know. I know. It's alright to be scared. You…you'll get to see your mom. She'll be able to take care of her little baby….our little Thunderbird." He told Alan painfully. Alan looked up at his father, before moving his gaze quickly yet tiredly to his brothers. Closing his eyes as another vibe pulse through him draining him more and more of his life, he leaned against his father as the last of the draining vibes coursed through him.

Jeff felt Alan go incredibly limp in his arms. He held onto Alan's shell, letting out all that he was trying to hold in. Sobs racked his body as he lost his son.

"No, no, no…please come back Alan….please…" John wailed into his older brother's chest. Scott held John tightly, sobs coming from him as well. He rubbed John's back knowing how much Alan meant to him…to all of them. Raising his eyes he noticed that Virgil and Gordon could no longer stand on their feet. Falling to their knees they crawled over to Scott and John and joined them in their suffering.

"I want him back…I don't want him to go." Gordon cried out. The now five Tracys didn't move from their spot. Even when authorities came they stayed where they were.

In the background the remaining members of the mission, were in their own little world of pain. Fermat was crying over the loss of his best friend; Tin-Tin, who had just regained full conscious, had be too late to see to her friend alive for the last time; Penny, had just seen an extraordinary gifted young man taken away before her eyes, which brought tears to her, and Parker had taken his hat off in respect and silently cried.

In the end, the Hood had still managed to escape only with a death wish and hunt above his head.

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I know there were no like loving moments like 'I love you Dad' or stuff like that, but reality, do you really think if you were dying slowly, painfully and on the spot, you'd be able to say everything you'd want to say with the incredible amount of pain you're in?

Well I hope you all enjoyed this little piece. I don't know if I will write an aftermath, but if you want it, I'll consider it.

I hope you enjoyed this little tragic piece.

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