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Big Changes

Chapter 1

Before Lily and James died and before Harry was born James had a really good pal named Logos and they promised each other that if something were to happen to the other one they would help each other out in any way possible. So needless to say when Lily and James died leaving behind Harry, Logos went racing after baby Harry. Unfortunately Hagrid got there first and took him away. Logos followed him using his elfish powers and when everything was said and done and when Dumbledore, Minerva and Hagrid had left baby Harry on the doorstep of #3 private drive Logos took action and swooped in, took Harry and disappeared to the elfish realm. He wanted to help Harry as much as he could. He never got married and he didn't have any children of his own so he had no idea how to raise him. He went to a friend of his, Brent, and asked him what to do.

"You see, I saved him from a horrible fate but for one I don't know how to raise him and two I don't know how to help him more," he explained in a hurry.

"Slow down. Okay well raising a child just comes natural. Trust me I have 4 kids and I am doing fine. It is not like kids come with instruction manuals. You will get the hang of it. And the way you can help him is be a good person and when he is old enough to understand tell him what happened to his real parents. If you wanted to you could turn him into and elf," Brent explained.

"How would that help him? And how would I do that?" Logos asked, nervously glancing at the baby in the basket.

"Well it would help him by increasing his magic abilities and skills. Making him more powerful. As for how to do it you give him some of this medicine in his bottle every night for a month and by the end of the month he will be turned," Brent said as he held out the medicine.

"Thank you for everything. I don't know what I would do with out you." Logos took the medicine from Brent and hurried home.