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Chapter 3 Things change

After Harry had left Madam Malkin's and had his robes he went over and picked up his books and equipment. That boy in Madam Malkins had him thinking. He hated the boy's attitude but he kind of thought he had a cute look. He was confused at this point and didn't know whether he should mention this to his father or not. He decided that he would keep it to himself and that it was nothing. Maybe it was just he not used to being around other wizarding children, being an elf he had grown up with all elf friends. He decided no to worry about it as he headed to the wand shop. When he went inside there was no one in sight. Instead there was shelves full of boxes, it looked more like a library than a wand shop. But how would he know how wand shops look? He had never been in one before.

" Um, hello? I am supposed to get a wand for school," he said, hoping for some kind of response as he looked around.

" I was wondering when you would show up, Mr. Potter." Said an unknown voice from somewhere in the shelves. Then suddenly a man appeared from the stacks and was looking at Harry. He had a box in his hands that was skinny and white. " Shall we try to find you the right wand then?" he asked. He opened the box and handed Harry the wand. Harry took it and looked at it.

" Well, give it a wave then," said Mr. Ollivander. Harry waved it a little and some boxes flew off the shelves. He quickly put it on the desk in front of him.

" No? Okay not a problem, lets try this one then," he said handing Harry another wand. Harry took it and waved it also. It caused a birdcage to tumble off a nearby shelf and the owl flew away in fright. He put this one with the other wand.

After they had tried almost all the wands he was about to give up when Mr. Ollivander came over with another box.

" I wonder . . .," He said taking the lid off the box and looking at the wand. He handed Harry the wand and he took it. As soon as he did he felt a certain warmth emitting from the wand into his hand and it shot sparks into the air in many different colors.

" Very curious, very curious indeed." Muttered Mr. Ollivander.

" What is curious, if you don't mind me asking?"

" The phoenix that supplied the core for your wand gave just one other feather, the wizard that got it did great things, horrible but great things. I suspect that you will be a great wizard someday Mr. Potter. That wand gave you that scar," he said pointing at his forehead. Harry touched his scar and was slightly unnerved for a moment. After a moment of silence Harry paid Mr. Ollivander and thanked him and then left the shop placing the wand carefully back in the box and then in his bag with his other school things. He looked at his watch and saw he had an hour till he had to meet his father back at the pub. He saw a bunch of kids huddled around a shop window and went over to see what they were looking at. There was a broom in the window with Nimbus Two-Thousand written on the side.

" So we meet again I see," said a voice next to him. He looked over and saw the blond haired boy from the robe shop.

" Draco Malfoy," he said extending his hand for Harry to shake. " I of course, already know who you are. You're Harry Potter." Harry nodded his head and shook Draco's hand.

His watch beeped telling him he had half an hour to find the pub where he was to meet his father.

" It was nice to meet you but I must go find the leaky cauldron now," he said leaving. But Draco followed him.

" I know where it is if you want me to help you," he said looking over at Harry.

" Okay, that would be great." He said glad to have met someone that would help him.

" I didn't know Harry Potter was an elf, I thought you were a purebred wizard," Draco said causally making his way through the crowd.

" My parents were both magical and went to Hogwarts. But my adoptive father is an elf. That makes me both wizard and elf. I don't think it is a bad thing, is it?" he asked following him through the crowd. They finally reached the leaky cauldron and Draco turned to him, " I don't think it is a bad thing. On the contrary I think it makes you even more attractive," he said then disappeared back into the crowd leaving Harry stunned.

He didn't have much time to think about it though because right at that moment his father came through the crowd.

" Happy Birthday Harry," he said handing him a snowy owl in a cage.

" Wow, you bought me an owl? So cool, it said on my list I could bring one to school with me, so I can, can't I?" He asked looking at the owl, who was sleeping with her head in her wings.

" Yes you may take her to school with you. That way you can write to me while you are there. You can tie the letter to her leg and she will take the letter to who ever you are writing to." Elfgor said looking down at him and smiling.