Lily and Petunia Evans sat in bed, their knees to their chest, covered in blankets. They both listened intently to their mother's soft voice, as she sat on a rocking chair between the sisters' beds. The room was grand for a six and ten year old. Each had a twin bed and still the room had much space to move. The room was decorated in pink and yellow flowers, with a light pink carpet and tons of dolls, clothes, and costume jewelry. Although the two girls were very close, they were very different. While Lily had red hair like her mother, bright green eyes, and a slender figure, Petunia had dark, coarse, thick hair like her father and was not fat, but filled-out. Petunia was to say the least not very graceful, but Lily was charming, unique and always curious. Rose had contemplated her daughters' differences, and decided it was too early to say much about either of them. Although already at ten, Petunia had quite the attitude, and could make quite the face when she didn't get her way. Finally reaching the end of Cinderella, Rose put the book down and began to tuck her daughters into bed. "Mummy is daddy your prince?" Lily asked before Rose could turn off the light. "Yes dear, your mummy loves your daddy very much," she replied. Petunia then gave her opinion of boys in her school, and it wasn't very good. "Do you think I'll ever fall in love?" Lily asked quietly. "I'm sure one day you will, and it will be surprising, wonderful, and magical. Just like Cinderella and her prince," Rose promised. "Now it's time to get your beauty sleep it is almost nine o- clock." Rose kissed her daughters on the forehead and turned off the lights. On hearing them bid each other goodnight she thanked God for such wonderful girls.

A Cinderella Story

10 years later

The Hogwarts Express pulled into Kings Cross station, ready to let the students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry out for the summer holiday. Parents waited throughout Platform 9 3/4, and many muggle-born students' parents waited outside the station in their cars. That is where Lily Evans headed, carrying her cage for her owl and pulling her trunk along with her, through the platform barrier. "Need help with that?" said only the arrogant voice of James Potter. Lily didn't bother to turn around, yet snapped back. "N o James, I am quite capable of sliding a trunk the short distance to my-" Lily stopped short on seeing not her parents car, as usual, but her sister Petunia's. She groaned loudly, causing James to chuckle and put his hand on her shoulder. Before he could comment, she snapped her head to look at him, tossing her dark red hair over her shoulder. "Get your hand off of me James Potter, or I promise your parents won't recognize you after I'm done hexing you." James Potter was one of the only people that that got under her skin, along with his partner in crime Sirius Black. They were both good-looking, but that was shadowed by their egos, rudeness, and arrogance. James Potter only set her off more because he was constantly asking her out to Hogsmede, inviting her to the Astronomy Tower, making comments about how nice her legs were, and being fresh any chance he got. "Did I just hear a threat Miss Evans?" He questioned her playfully. "No," she answered, turning fully to face him and tossing her hair behind her. "Would you like to?" She glared at him, fully making eye contact, which was noticed by James. He smiled in response, quickly bringing his finger up to his cheek, to look like he was really pondering the question. After a few short seconds he looked as though he figured it all out, bringing his finger into the air. "Yes, I would love to hear a threat, this should do it." At that he pulled her into a kiss, hard on the lips, one hand on her head, the other on her waist. Quickly she pushed him away. Knowing what would be next, James caught her hand before she could slap him and she stomped on his foot as hard as she possibly could. She could hear Sirius' loud, obnoxious laughter nearby as he yelled, "rejected" even louder. James contorted his face, making him not so good looking and he quickly swore under his breath. Lily was set off. "When are you going to get it through your thick, big head that I do not want anything at all to do with you. I have never, and I hope I never do have to put up with somebody so arrogant, antagonizing, self- absorbed, shallow or as childish as you." With each insult she pushed him, although quite gently, and then purposely walked back to her trunk and headed towards her sister's car.


James sighed, rolling his ankle and scrunching his toes. Luckily she was too small to really hurt his foot at all. Being captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team and having a charming face, bright blue eyes, and built muscles from throwing the quaffle, usually made it easy to get a girlfriend at Hogwarts. But every relationship was just a fling and too short for any real feelings to develop. He and Lily were good friends until third year, and it only went downhill until then. After making the Quidditch team, he grew closer to the older Gryffindor boys and was either with them or his own mates: Sirius, Remus and their tag-along Peter. Lily was hurt at his neglect and began to claim he was just using every girl he was involved with. To complicate things more, Remus' tendency to become a werewolf every full moon could not be common knowledge. The sometimes-obvious facts that a secret was present between the four of them, made Lily feel hurt that she wasn't included. Before he knew it she was taking house points due to his mischievous pranks, and always being smart, sarcastic, or apathetic when talking to him. He never really meant to abandon their friendship, which he had greatly enjoyed and had treasured. He remembered how funny, smart, mature (even at 13), caring and sweet she was. As she began to age, her red hair turned to a dark, auburn color. She grew it long and it formed larger curls, that shined even when it was dark, or so it seemed. Her almond- shaped emerald green eyes fascinated him, always bright with laughter, curious, or- when talking to James- fired with anger. Whatever it was, she was passionate about so many things. Her olive- skin complexion always appeared blemish- free and creamy looking, dabbed with freckles every so often. Before he knew it, the hard- to- get Lily Evans consumed his thoughts. His infatuation was not kept secret, while he often commented on her curves that appeared in all the right places, or asked her to Hogsmede. Her reactions always amused him, as she was set off by his remarks. It was nice to know she could be so passionate, but he only wished it was toward him in a different form.

Still rolling his ankle, his thoughts were interrupted by his best friends Sirius Black. His hand on James' shoulder he stared after Lily along with him. "Better luck next time Prongs, but anyways I'm starving let's hurry up and get home." Sirius had been staying at the Potter home since their 5th year. Sirius was all right, but he came from a family immersed in the Dark Arts and was upset at Sirius' acceptance into Gryffindor. After a nasty situation, Sirius showed up in James' fireplace begging for a place to stay other than the Black Manor. James' mother, Helen Potter, took him in without a thought. This would be the second full summer he had his best friend stay with him.

James and Sirius unpacked their trunks discussing their plans to have Remus stay over for the full moon. Along with Peter, they had become Animagi in their fifth year to accompany their wolf- friend on the nights of the full moon. Together they became the Marauders, and with the help of James' invisibility cloak the Marauder's map was created. The map helped them sneak out of school, sneak around the school grounds, and into the forest. The invisibility cloak allowed them to break into the restricted section of the Library and find secret passages throughout Hogwarts. It was in the restricted section where they found the books to make this map and become Animagi. James was a stag nicknamed Prongs, while Sirius was nicknamed Padfoot, due to his shaggy, black dog form. They each emptied their robe pockets before throwing them into the hamper, when Sirius found the flyers that were being handed out on the bus. "Oi, James" Sirius called. "Seems like some crazy 5th years are starting a summer pen pal program." Sirius laughed at the thought and began his great advertiser voice. "Send us this survey and a small fee of five galleons to the Matthew Brothers and we will set you up with your soul mate. Unless you want it differently, the letters may remain completely anonymous by sending them through us." Sirius laughed and then hit James on the back. "Here stop thinking of Evans, get a real girlfriend" He threw the flyer in front of James and headed out of the door. "I'm gonna take a shower," he called back. Although he knew Sirius was joking, he was right. James shut the door, grabbed a quill and begun to fill out the survey on the back of the flyer.


Lily recalled today's events as she wrote in her diary. After coming home she decided that she would rather choose the company of James over Vernon Dursley any day. Vernon was her sister Petunia's fiancée and the most unbearable person she had ever met. Petunia on the other hand, waited hand and foot on the big, beefy, hot- tempered man. When Lily entered Petunia's car she was immediately told to send away her owl and try to act normal. "I would hate for him to find out what a freak my sister is," she said coldly. The black owl, Coffee, was send to Marlee's house. Marlee was in Lily's year and was the closest friend she had. "Come home later tonight" she whispered to the intelligent creature, letting her fly into the evening.

After dinner she took her trunk upstairs and fell into her bed in a heap of sobs. She knew her mother had cancer, but seeing the state she was in after treatments and disappointments made her feel horrible to be away all year. Soon Coffee came flying in the window, carrying a letter from Marlee.

Hey Lils, I saw your sister outside waiting for you. Hope she doesn't give you too much grief. Anyway do you want to hang out later next week... owl me sometime and we can meet up in London. You are going to think it's so stupid but you know those flyers that were being sent around for a pen pal? Well I sent the survey in today. I know it's so stupid but it will give me some excitement over the summer. You should do it too! It would be so fun! I can't believe we are going to be 7th years this year! Good luck on getting Head Girl, you KNOW you will get it so Congratulations! Yours truly, Marlee

P.S: I sent your birthday present in so expect a letter soon!

She shook her head, silently commenting how "Marlee" that was to do that stupid pen pal program, wasting five galleons. She turned her thoughts back to her mother, and lay awake in tears till early the next morning.